Time Warner Cable Remote Codes UR5u-8780l

If you are searching for a Time Warner Cable Box remote codes, this post is for you.  You may need to try more than one code to get the correct code. Also, a mini guide on how to program your remote to your Time warner cable box has been included in the later part of this post. The good thing is that, you only need to do the programming once.

Time Warner Cable Remote Codes UR5u-8780l

Amino     219

Arris      216, 172    

Cincinnati Bell     220

Digital Multimedia Technology     222

Duoson       218

Entone       221

Evolution     215, 189

Motorola       206, 002, 148

Pace           217, 005, 001, 002, 206

Pioneer       105, 063, 076, 001, 034, 103, 051

Samsung       030, 001

Scientific Atlanta/ Cisco     042, 046, 001, 002, 041, 045

Sky       241, 240

Technicolor       365

Windstream       212

How To Program Time Warner Remote To Cable Box

Follow the step below to program your Cable box.

Step 1. Ensure you turn on the Cable box you want to program.

Step 2. Hold your Time warner remote close to your Cable box.

Step 3. Press and hold the ‘CBL’ button on your remote for a couple of seconds. The CBL button is the Component button for programming a Cable Box on your remote. Release the button when the tiny LED light on your Component button turns on.

Step 4. Enter the correct code for your Cable box brand. The remote codes have been listed earlier on this article.

Step 5. Press the Power button. If your device goes off, it means you got the correct code. If not, try the next code. You can also try with the Volume buttons.

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Step 6. Finally save the codes by pressing the Component button again. That is, press the ‘CBL’ button again until the tiny LED button blinks twice to show that your codes has been saved.

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