Sherwood TV Remote Codes and Setup Guide

Sherwood Remote provides various remote control functions by that you could handle the variant operations of  Sherwood TV remotely. With the help of Sherwood TV Remote codes’, you could play music, pictures, and images using the universal remote control on your Sherwood TV and enjoy all the functionality. With Sherwood remote codes, you can control channels, power on/off and volume up/down, and manage to play by skip network. For programming the Sherwood remote audio codes, you have to implement the below steps in a sequence order:

sherwood tv remote codes

Sherwood TV remote codes

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. On the Sherwood remote, Tap on the “TV” button.
  3. Then choose the “setup” button and hold it until the flash appears in the “TV” button. Then release the control of “Setup.”
  4. Enter the particular-digit code with the help of a numeric keypad. The TV button flash would blink twice.
  5. Put the remote at an appropriate TV position and let toggle between the “Power” and “TV” key slowly. You have to perform it until the TV turns off after tapping on the “Power” button. It would reveal that you have placed the correct remote code of  Sherwood Tv. It is working correctly.
  6. After that, click on the “setup” button to save and lock the code for further work. The TV button should blink twice.


Using the Universal Remote Control

To program the Sherwood Tv with the help of universal remote control codes, try the below steps:

  1. Make a selection of “TV” mode by pressing on the “TV” button of the remote control. The button would flash once.
  2. Now, you have to press the button for few seconds until the light appears on the button.
  3. Now, put the 3-digit Sherwood Tv remote code from the list, and you will see the device would turn off. When a particular digit of the number is set, the button will flash. After putting the complete three-digit code, the switch would blink two times.
  4. When a correct 3-digit code is put in, the device would switch off.
  5. Click on the OK button, and the mode button would flash three times. That means now you have done the setup of the code.
  6. If the device does not switch off, repeat the steps from 3 to 5.


Direct Code Entry

The most efficient and most straightforward method for programming the Sherwood TV Remote is to put a remote code that would identify the device you wish to control. Remote codes might be revealed by a “code sheet” on the web page where a specific digit would list the remote code.

  1. Switch on the Sherwood Tv, which you want to control remotely.
  2. Now click on the appropriate device button and hold it on the universal remote control. The LED of the TV would reveal light, and the power button would indicate light too.
  3. On the remote, with the help of the “device” key, put the code Sherwood remote code. Firstly, use 1st remote code from the list of codes; if it is not working, then choose another one until you find the correct code. As you put the code, the power key on the remote would switch off.
  4. After putting in the code, hold the device button.If the power button of the control light for a long time, then means you have put the correct codes for the Sherwood remote.
  5. If the power key flashes many times, it means the code is incorrect. Whenever you are unsuccessful, then do a repetition of code.
  6. After programming, if the universal remote control the basic operations of TV such as changing the channels of TV, volume up and down, source I/P and power off/on.


Auto Code Search

This method of Auto Code Search could be utilized when you do not have the availability of specific Sherwood universal remote codes. The universal remote would go through the entire code lists and test variant codes at a particular time. Try to make use of the below steps:

  1. First of all, switch on the Sherwood TV which you wish to control.
  2. Click on the device button and let it out.
  3. Now again, click on the TV button with the Power button in a simultaneous manner. The power button would switch off. Then, again come back and let out both control after some time.
  4. Now, click on the remote’s “Play” button and wait for some time. Notice if the TV turns off or not. Suppose it switches off, which means that you have put the correct code. If not, click on the “play” button and wait for the turning off process. Perform it until the device switches off.
  5. Now click on the “REVERSE” key of the remote and let out it for 2 seconds Until the TV again power on. When it is performed, The remote will search for the correct code successfully.
  6. Click on the “Stop” button to save the code.
  7. Test the various functions of the  Sherwood TV and check whether all the parts are working correctly.



Try to implement the above steps and Sherwood TV remote codes for remotely controlling the Sherwood TV. Make use of various mentioned 3,4, or 5 digit codes for Sherwood remote. If one code doesn’t work for Sherwood TV, choose another code from the same list until you find the correct remote code for your TV. If still, you face any problem, take the help of the Sherwood TV manual.


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