Sherwood Audio Receiver Remote Control Codes

Sherwood Remote contains various remote control functions by which you can handle the Audio receiver’s multiple operations in a remote manner. With Sherwood receiver codes’ help, you could play images, music, pictures by iPhone,iPod,iPad by a display associated with Sherwood equipment. This remote can control volume, Power on/Off, and overseeing play by skipping N/W. Moreover, for remote controlling operations,3,4 or 5 digit Sherwood audio receiver codes are revealed in the below table:

Sherwood Audio Receiver Remote Codes

Sherwood Audio Receiver Remote Codes



3 digit codes



4 digit codes



5 digit codes




Programming the Sherwood remote control codes:


To program the Sherwood remote audio codes, try to implement the below steps in a sequential manner:

  1. Switch on the TV.
  2. On the remote of Sherwood, click on the “TV” button.
  3. Click on the “Setup” and hold it until the light blinks in the “TV” key. After it, let go of the “Setup” key.
  4. Enter the three-digit code of “9-9-1” with the help of a numeric keypad. The light of the TV key will flash two times.
  5. Take the remote at the proper position in front of the TV and toggle between the “TV” and “Power” key in a slow manner. Do it until the TV switches off after clicking on the “Power” Key. It indicates that you have put the correct code, and it is working correctly.
  6. Now, click on the “Setup” key for saving and locking the code for future reference. The “TV” Key would flash two times.


Sherwood Receiver/Amplifier 5027 Sherwood Receiver/Amplifier 5027

Before press, any other key, always click on the device’s “mode” key, which you wish to control, and switch on the device.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, switch on the remote control, click on the proper mode key(TV, AUX, DVD).
  2. Secondly, click on the “Mode” and “Ok” keys simultaneously without letting out the Mode key.
  3. Thirdly, do release of “Ok” and “Mode” keys simultaneously.
  4. Fourthly, the mode key should blink twice.
  5. Then, use the Sherwood audio remote code(4-digit) by using a numeric keypad on the remote.
  6. The mode key would blink thrice, indicating appropriate entry and returning to the usual operation.
  7. However, if you have put the wrong code, the chosen mode key would blink for a long time for indicating that the Sherwood audio remote code is incorrect. You are initiating over by looping back to 3rd step.
  8. If the remote control time is out before the member finishes the code setup, you have to initiate again.
  9. Position the remote control at the particular appliance and click on the “Power” key for one time.
  10. The gadget has to switch off.
  11. If the device is not switched off, iterate from step 2 to 6th step by keeping trying Sherwood audio receiver codes until you find the correct one.
  12. Initiate steps from 1st to 7th for programming the other devices if required.
  13. Click on the suitable “Mode” key on the remote to have the appropriate device’s functionality. For the Member’s U-verse TV Receiver again, make a click on the AT&T Mode key.


Entering a setup code :

The Sherwood remote could control eight variant components.

  • Firstly, before using video and audio components with remote control, those are given with this particular receiver; the setup code or Sherwood receiver code is to be entered. The setup codes for DVD and CD player are revealed in the remote control operating manual. Moreover, when putting a Sherwood audio code for the system remote control, look for the Sherwood component’s associated setup. For example, tape deck, CD player, DVD player, the three-digit code for Sherwood receiver is 001. Then, put each setup code for the tape deck and CD player performing 3,4, and 5 steps.
  • Secondly, switch on the component which you wish to control. For example, When putting the Sherwood receiver’s code, make sure that the receiver is turned on.


Continue: Sherwood Universal Remote Codes

  • Search for the  Sherwood receiver code or code for your component by looking into the “Set-Up Code Table” in the remote control Operating manual.
  • You have to simultaneously click on the “Mute” and “Device” buttons. You will see that the corresponding Device button and LED flash for 20 seconds.
  • Then, put the three-digit Sherwood audio codes by positioning the remote control at the remote sensor on the component. As a result, your component would be switched off when the appropriate setup code is put in. Then, continue to put the corresponding codes until the device switches off. If the Corresponding Device button and LED lamp turn off, initiate from 3rd step again.
  • Finally, click on the corresponding DEVICE button to store the Sherwood receiver’s code. As a result, the corresponding device button and LED lamp would blink two times.


Handle the operations of components by using the corresponding function buttons on the remote control, for example: Channel up/Down, Volume up/down, and Power button. However, if any button fails to function properly, repeat steps from 1st step for putting the following Sherwood audio receiver codes. 



Moreover, some video and audio components contain separate buttons for Power off/on. Click on the corresponding “Device” button to switch on the features and click on the Power button to turn the appliance off.

  • However, if you fail to have the appropriate Sherwood audio receiver code in the “Set-up Code table” available in the remote control operating manual, make use of the “Auto search method” in the remote control’s operating manual.

Although Sherwood’s audio receiver code is designed to perform with variant modes, some codes would not work with various models.

  • Then, iterate through steps 1 to step 6 for every component.



Try the above Sherwood audio receiver codes for handling Sherwood the receiver’s operations remotely with the help of 3,4, or 5 digit code appropriate for your particular component.However, if one code fails to provide functionality, try another code from the same list until you find the correct code and enjoy playing play images, music, pictures by iPhone,iPod, and iPad.


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