How to program DirecTV RC7x remote?

The latest DirectTV RC71, RC72, RC1B, RC73 Genie RF Remote Controls factory setting is done to the Infrared Mode; It can perform with the previous model receivers. However guide on resetting DirecTV remote is mentioned below. Moreover, in order to program, reprogram or reset the DirecTV RC7x remote, implement the below steps:

program DirecTV RC7x remote

Manual code entry

For manual code entry of DirecTV RC7x remote, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Click simultaneously on the “Select” and “Mute” buttons and hold them until the green light blinks two times.

Step 2:Afterwards, put your 5 digit code for a specific brand that you are using. After putting the prior digit, hold on for 1 to 2 seconds until the green light starts blinking. In a similar manner, but the rest 4 digits. If the code is compatible with the remote, the green light will blink 2 times.

Step 3:Position the remote in front of the TV and click on “Mute” or “VOL -/+.” If your TV or another gadget will not support it, try to use another code for the same brand until you find a suitable one.


Activating RF

For pairing the DirectTV remote control for doing setting of the top box, implement the below steps:

Step 1: Firstly, Click on “Select” and “Mute” simultaneously and hold them until the green light indicates light two times.

Step 2: Put in the three digits 9 6 1.

Step 3: Click on and let out the “Channel up” button.

Step 4: Now, put the last RID number digits present at the back of the Set-Top Box.

Step 5: Lastly, click on and let out the “Enter key.” The green light will blink two times.


Deactivating RF

For deactivating the RF transmitter on the DIRECTV remote control, try the below steps:

Step 1: Click on the “Select” and “Mute” buttons simultaneously until the light appears in green light two times.

Step 2: Put in the digits 9 6 1.

Step 3: Click on and let out the “Channel Down” button. Light appears in green light for 4 times.


Restoring factory default settings

Moreover, in order to restore factory settings and reprogram DirecTV remote and for resetting all the remote control functions to the setting of factory default, implement the below steps to reset DirecTV remote:

Step 1: Click on the “Select” and “Mute” buttons simultaneously until the light appears in green light two times.

Step 2: Using the numeric keypad, put in the digits: 9 8 1.The green light would blink for 4 times.


Program remote for HD receiver or an HD DVR 

  • Click on the “Menu” button of your remote.
  • Afterwards, choose the options in the below manner:
  • Firstly click on the “setting” option, then select the “remote control” option and choose “program remote “afterwards.
  • Select an appropriate device(TV, DVD, audio) which you want to program. If your device or TV doesn’t appear in the list, use the code lookup tool for getting the 5 digit code.
  • After it, make a proper follow-up of on-screen prompts for fulfilling the programming.


Program remote for a Standard SD or DVR receiver

  • Click on the “menu” button of the remote.
  • Afterwards, choose the options in such a manner:
  • Firstly, choose parental favs & setup and then choose “system setup.” Afterwards, Choose “remote control or remote” and then select “program remote.”
  • Make an appropriate choice of the device(TV, DVD, audio) for which you want to do programming. If the listed device or Tv is not present in the list, use the “code lookup” tool for searching the 5 digit code.
  • After it, make a proper follow-up of on-screen prompts for fulfilling the programming.


Changing the input source of TV

  1. At the remote top, choose the mode switch option to “TV.”
  2. Afterwards, click both the “select” and “mute” buttons and hold them for some time. Then, stop as the remote’s green light will blink 2 times.
  3. Now, by making use of the keypad, but the options of “9 6 0” on the remote. the Green light will blink 2 times
  4. At the remote top, choose the mode switch option to “DIRECTV logo.”


Resetting your DIRECTV remote

Follow the steps below to reset and reprogram DirecTV remote:

  • When the DirectTV remote doesn’t work, the issue resolve by a simple reboot. Resetting of the DirectTV remote control can be done in the below manner.
  • Try to find out the reset button. It is the small red switch present inside some models or access card door on the receiver side. If there is no button, migrate to 3rd step.
  • Now, push the switch and pause for 15 seconds. Move further to the next step.
  • From the wall outlet, Do unplug the receiver—pause the time period of 15 seconds. Afterwards, plug it back in.
  • Now, resetting DirecTV remote procedure is finished, make use of the remote for testing.


If that doesn’t work, make use of the following steps:

However, if resetting the DirecTV remote doesn’t work and in order to program or reprogram your DirecTV remote follow the instructions below:

  • Try to avoid the things that eradicate the remote’s infrared light from reaching the receiver’s sensor. You should know that the glass door on your entertainment centre could reveal interference.
  • Using the lint-free cloth or microfiber, remove all the nacho cheese streaks or greasy fingerprints from the emitter of the remote and the receiver’s sensor.
  • Keep the remote and receiver away from sunlight. Making turn down of the brightness on the TV. A bright light could interfere with the signal of the remote.


Program a Genie remote with a DIRECTV Ready TV

When a connection of A DIRECTV Ready TV is made to Genie DVR, It will permit you to see the DirecTV with no need for the Genie Mini or extra Genie. The below steps will reveal how to do a pairing of DIRECTV Ready TV by making use of Genie remote:

  • Position the remote in front of the Genie DVR
  • Click on the Enter and mute button simultaneously and hold it for some time when the green light of the remote will show light.
  • A message will appear up on the TV screen revealing:” Applying IR/RF Setup.”
  • Switch on the DIRECTV Ready TV.
  • Keep holding the select and mute button. Let the green light indicator light two times.
  • Put in the code of the manufacturer for DIRECTV Ready TV. Some of the codes are revealed below:


  1. Samsung TV Code: 54000
  2. Sony TV Code: 54001
  3. Toshiba TV Code: 54002


Pairing your reset receiver & remote.

Moreover, in order to pair and reprogram the remote you need to follow the instructions below in order to reset DirecTV remote:

  • Firstly, just move to the receiver and on the front panel, click on the guide button. If it performs in a good manner, initiate the following steps. If not, It ensures that it is switched on and does receiver troubleshooting.
  • The remote makes use of light for sending the signal towards the receiver. If anything, do receiver blocking, which could impact how the remote gives the response.
  • Let ensure that path is not blocked between the emitter and sensor of the receiver. The sensor is on the receiver’s front, and the emitter is on the remote’s top.
  • Do cleaning of the remote control emitter and the receiver’s sensor with a lint-free and soft cloth. Do wiping of the remote top and use that cloth for wiping the receiver’s front panel.
  • Finally, switch down the TV brightness.


Try your remote pairing.

  • Firstly, click on the “Menu” button of the remote.
  • Then, go to the setting options of “remote control.”
  • Choose an IR/RF Setup.
  • If the current setting is of RF mode, then vary it to the IR setting.
  • Choose to continue.
  • Make use of the “Exit” switch.
  • Finally, the remote is paired, and you can easily switch between RF or IR.


Resetting the receiver of DIRECTV

Majorly, DirecTV receivers contain a red switch or on the receiver’s side inside the access card. Moreover, for restarting it, Again click on the red button.

However, if you cannot find the red button, do unplug the receiver’s power cord from the electrical outlet—just a pause of the 15 seconds and again plugin back.


Program a VCR DVD stereo, second DirecTV receiver, or second TV

If you are doing work with stereo, you have to set up under the a/v one input. Indeed, you are going to slide the switch over to AV. You have to make use of code for Pioneer push. When you push up the “volume up” button and jump over to the TV, you have to push select and wait until flash appears two times. By making use of 9 9 3 2, flashes would do volume up. You have to check whether it is flashing for 4 times.

If on clicking the “volume” button. However, if it moves to the “AV” button and you desire to lock it back to the TV, it would switch to the selector. Afterwards, move back to the TV mute and again choose greens light and press 9 9 3, and you have to pause until flash blink for two times. However, the approach is similar if you wish to do it for volume or AV1 or AV2 or TV.



Just try the above steps if you want to program the DirecTV RC7x remote or want to reset it. If you are still facing any problem in implementing these steps, try to take help from the manual of DirecTV RC7x remote or go to the official site of DirecTV remote.


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