Quasar Remote Control Codes and Setup Guide

The Quasar Universal Remote is one of RCA’s best universal remote controls, just as the variant universal remotes. Quasar remote replaces the requirement for variant remotes and fits best in your need and remotely does variant operations. This remote is utilized with DVD players, VCR, TV, and stereos. One of this remote’s top unique features is that this remote is used by doing programming priorly. Afterwards, shift from one component to another to control what you are listening to and watching. It follows the universal remote code for Sony to work with remote codes and manage all the tasks remotely. Moreover, the various 3,4 or 5 digit Quasar TV remotes codes are revealed below. If one code fails to operate on your remote, try another code from the same list and handle all the operations by switching various remote functions. However, Quasar TV Universal Remote Codes are listed below.

quasar tv remote codes

Quasar TV Remote Codes


Quasar TV Universal Remote Codes:




3 digit code



4  digit code




5  digit code




The Quasar VSQS1490 universal remote code can handle variant device’s operations. You can do remote control programming for operating video and audio equipment of extensive brands such as VCR, DVD player, and TV or Network satellite receiver.


Few things that must keep in mind:

After clicking the power button after positioning the remote in front of the device, if it turns off, that means it is already programmed. But, if it fails to do that, you have to do the Quasar remote programming. Sometimes the problem lies in batteries, so you have to check the battery, and these should not be exhausted.

Make use of the Quasar remote control mode button for setting the remote to the appropriate mode for the appliance. For varying the way, click on the particular device button you want to control. If the light blinks in the mode button for few seconds, that means you have to turn the mode to that particular required mode.

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Relying upon how you do the Quasar remote setting, The remote control might make use of IR signals, UHF radio signals, or both for receiver controlling. Despite this, Only IR signals are utilized for controlling other appliances.IR signals can go up to 7 meters or 20 feet distance or travel 40 feet. But, these signals cannot go beyond solid objects or walls. You have to position the remote in front of the appliance you wish to manage, controlling with no item blocking the signal path.


You could do programming of Quasar Universal Remote by keeping all the instructions in mind of programming the remote by using Quasar TV codes table or scanning for Equipment Codes procedure.

While programming the remote control for operating the appliance combination, for example, TV/VCR or TV/DVD, do programming of the remote control in one mode and afterwards. Do procedure iteration in another mode. For instance, for programming the remote control for managing the operations of TV/DVD by Quasar TV remote codes, If you are using 765 code of 3 bit. Then try to make use of the same TV and DVD code separately. You have to set the remote in TV mode to use and manage the TV’s operations. Similarly, for using it as a DVD player, activate the DVD mode.


Manual programming of Quasar TV remote codes:

For programming the Quasar TV remote codes in a manual manner, follow these steps:


Step 1

Firstly, you have to switch on the appliance you want to program manually by Quasar TV codes. Afterwards, click on the “Code Search” switch and keep holding it on the Quasar remote.

Step 2

Now click the button for an appropriate device you want to handle with the help of codes for Quasar remote, for example, VCR, TV, DVD, and then release the button, but you have to hold the button of “Code Search.”

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Step 3

Then, let out the “Code Search” button and click on the button of “Power” on the Quasar remote in a slow manner. You have to do it until the newly programmed components do the proper operation. Click on the “Enter” button and release it. Do programming of the remaining parts similarly.

Step 4

Click on the button of the component such as VCR, TV, DVD as you had done programming for starting making use of that particular device. Once you click on the specific button for that particular device, click on the power button to test its functionality. If it turns on, that means it is programmed. Now, try to test the functionality of other keypad buttons, for example, channel +/- for changing the channel or using other buttons to control the other operations.


How to do Programming of a Quasar Universal Remote without Code

You could do programming of your Quasar remote and use various functions of DVD player, VCR, stereo and television from Quasar’s remote. You don’t have to take different remotes for operating multiple devices. One remote would be sufficient for managing all the operations. Reprogramming and programming could be performed in few minutes from any particular location at home.


Step 1

Switch on the device you want to program with the Quasar remote’s help. Now, click on the “Code Search” switch of the remote and hold it. Then, let out the button as the red indicator of the remote start lighting.

Step 2

Now click on the “Mode” switch on the remote device you want to program—for example, VCR, DVD, or TV.

Step 3

To program a television, Click on the “channel” switch or “play”(for other appliances) for a continuous period until the device appropriately reacts. It might need a few or a hundred button clicks until the appliance responds.

Now, click on the “mute” switch of the remote for testing purposes. If the voice is muted, the new code has been stored to the remote and instantly can be used.

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If You Have Digital Cable without Antenna or Cable Box 


  1. First of all, Ensure that HDTV power is a turn-off.
  2. Make a proper connection of the Coaxial RF cable from the digital cable or antenna to the TV port on the HDTV’s back.
  3. Switch on the HDTV.
  4. Have a proper follow-up of the instructions appearing on the screen.


The following table contains the common problems and the solutions to these problems.

Sometimes, some minor problem occurs when your remote could not work appropriately. Here, below are some common problems that could face while managing the operations by Quasar remote and with the appropriate solution by which you can enjoy that switch’s function.


1. No program symbol or Weak signal on screen:

The tuner signal of the TV should not below 65%. If you see an error of weak signal or no program signal, make a change in antenna direction and channel rescanning. If you are making use of cable services, try to reach the company’s call centre and make a query about local cable signal strength.

2.Blocking of Tv channels 

Inside the OSD, do testing of the setting of the auto-lock function.

3. Tv/Screen turns off or on slowly 

Sometimes, TV needs a few more seconds than the regular TVs for switching on and showing the image.

4.Availability of no sound 

You should make proper use of the 3.5 mm mini-jack cable and check its connection between VGA STEREO I/P of TV and sound O/P.

5. Fails to have 1360×768 on pc VGA

You have to check that the TV is revealed as plug and play monitor. Besides it, update the drivers of the video card. If it fails to function, you have to upgrade the video card to the latest one.



Quasar tv codes would help you handle various electronic devices such as DVD or TV remotely with the universal remote code’s help. Both manual and automatic programming of Quasar universal remote codes are revealed above. If you still doubt programming the Quasar remote, you can take help from the manual.


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