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Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is the appropriate method of streaming movies or TV shows or even enjoys various concerts. The TV would not act so smartly if you don’t know how to do the Amazon Fire Stick remote control pairing. By possessing knowledge of how to do a pairing of your Amazon Fire Stick remote, you would have the capability for switching back to binge-watching the favourite episodes in a short duration. Moreover, programming Amazon Firestick replacement remote to use it as Amazon FireStick Universal Remote for Amazon Fire TV is mentioned below.

firestick replacement remote


How to Pair Your Amazon Fire Stick Remote

For pairing the Amazon Fire Stick remote, click on the home button for only a few seconds. The remote’s top light will initiate blinking. The flashing three blue lights or the on-screen message would reveal the successful pairing effort. Automatically, The Amazon fire stick will pair with Fire TV. But, for this, switch on the television and initiate streaming. Despite this, sometimes the remote would drop the connection with the FireTV. For this specific reason, we have to pair it manually.

  • The Power outlet does unplug the fire stick for just 60 seconds.
  • From the remote, please Take off the batteries and place them back at their proper position. If you possess specific batteries set, you have to replace them at the original batteries position.
  • It is further, Plugging back the fire stick into the power outlet. 
  • As the device turns on, click on the home button and hold it on the remote for initiating the mode of pairing. The home button has an identity of the house icon.
  • Let patiently wait until the light initiate blinking. This light will vary from the device top to a quick blink from the slow one. For Alexa voice remotes(2nd-generation Alexa), amber light would quickly blink as the remote initiate discovery mode.
  • If you notice the menu screen, the remote will pair. For Alexa remotes, the remote’s light would flash thrice as a pair connection is made.
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How to Pair a Replacement or Additional Remote to Fire TV

For pairing the additional or second remote to Fire TV, follow these steps. First, click on the setting option, then choose the controller & Bluetooth devices. Afterwards, select Amazon Fire TV Remotes and choose Add New Remote. For a few seconds, press the home button and select the remote’s name from the screen. However, to use amazon FireStick universal remote guide is mentioned below.


  1. On the Fire Stick remote, Click on the home button.
  2. Further, go to the “Setting” menu at the screen’s top. You could perform it by clicking on the up button on the remote until you notice highlighted Home. Now, click on the right directional button until the setting becomes a highlight. Lastly, choose the switch in the circle centre on the remote for selection’s confirmation.
  3. Next, select Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.
  4. Then select Amazon Fire TV Remotes.
  5. Further, Choose the option of Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.
  6. Now, make a selection of “add new remote”.Your Amazon Fire TV would look for the discoverable remotes and show them in a list.
  7. Then press and hold the Home button on your new remote for at least five seconds. Once your Fire Stick recognizes your new remote, it will appear on the screen.
  8. Now, click on the Home button and hold it for few seconds. As the Firestick identify the new remote, it will immediately show on the screen.
  9. Further, click on the select button on the old remote. This button is present at the circle’s middle position.
  10. Lastly, you would notice the new remote would list on the screen.


How to Utilize Your Phone as a Fire Stick Remote

For making use of your phone as a Fire Stick remote:

  1. Do download and install of Amazon Fire TV app.
  2. Open the app and click on the Fire TV device.
  3. Just turn in with credentials of Amazon and put in the PIN which you notice on phone or TV. The Amazon Fire TV app would be a better choice.
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The app could be download from a fire tablet, Amazon fire phone, iOS device or Android device.


  1. For using the phone as a Fire Stick remote, do download and install of Amazon Fire TV app. This app could be found on the Apple app store or Google play store for iOS devices or iPhones.Do app downloading from the AMZN Mobile LLC.
  2. Open the app and choose Fire TV device. The app would show the devices list at the app screen bottom.
  3. Login with the help of the password and username of Amazon.
  4. Put in the four-digit PIN on your TV to the particular app.
  5. Now, you can use the phone to control the TV screen. Once pairing is done, you would notice the remote buttons on a smartphone screen. You could continue making the device as a remote or making use of it for pairing to pair by having a follow-up on the previous section’s steps with the help of an app.

amazon fire stick universal remote


Firestick Remote Not Working?

If your Firestick remote is not functioning correctly with the compatible device, make use of the below tips:

  1. Firstly, unplug the device from the outlet for just 60 seconds and again plugin. A rapid Fire TV or fire stick restarting would initiate the remote’s working.
  2. Take off the batteries from the remote back and again put it back.
  3. Into the remote, Put in the new batteries and again try.


Pairing Firestick Remote Guide


  1. For Switching on the Firestick/TV, plug and unplug back in the appliance.
  2. Click on the Home button from the home screen and hold for a few seconds.
  3. A message would show in the screen’s bottom right corner, which would reveal that pairing is done.
  4. If it fails to do, click the home button and hold it for 20 seconds.
  5. Iterate these steps until the pairing of the remote is done. You can iterate ten times.
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Pairing Old Firestick Remote (Replacement Remote for FireStick)

Often, users find their provided firestick remote not working correctly with their device. Luckily, Amazon has made nearly all the remote compatible versions with all the Fire TV Stick variances. This means if you have an old firestick remote laying around, you can likely pair it with the Firestick that is not functioning correctly. In addition, Amazon FireStick universal remote can also be used as replacement remote.

Sometimes, The problem occurs when the client finds the particular firestick remote not functioning correctly. Then, try to use the below guide for pairing a second or old firestick remote to your TV.


  1. Open the “Setting” button from the main screen.
  2. Making the selection of Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.
  3. Choose the option of Amazon Fire TV Remotes to pair with universal remote.
  4. Making a selection of “Add New Remote”.
  5. For a few seconds, click on the home button to do the particular remote pairing.
  6. When a particular remote is searched, press the “select” button from the original remote.
  7. The previous FireStick remote will pair for utilization.


For pairing Firestick with Bluetooth Keyboard, make use of the below steps:


  1. You should ensure that Bluetooth’s option is on if you are making use of a Bluetooth remote.
  2. Move to the option of “Setting” and choose “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices”.
  3. Choose the option of “Other Bluetooth devices”.
  4. Choose the option of “Add Bluetooth devices”.
  5. Now, the fire TV would scan the compatible remote. When you got what you are looking for, choose the remote, and it is ready for utilization.



One of the best points relating to the Amazon Fire TV Stick is that you could pair it with a compatible 3rd party universal remote. You can quickly put seven remote control on the fire stick. If you have crossed the particular limit, you would have to do un-pairing of them. However, from the above guide you will successfully program and learn to use replacement remote for amazon FireStick universal remote.


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