Memorex DVD Remote Control Codes

The remote variable operations of the Memorex DVD player could be handed in a better manner by using the universal remote control. Memorex DVD player Remote codes of 3,4 or 5 digits perform all the remote controlling operations. These codes work well with a wide variety of SAT or cable controllers. Suppose you are having difficulty getting a particular remote code for your DVD appliance. In that case, We provide you this convenience by listing all the remote codes for variant categories of Memorex DVD players.

Memorex DVD Remote Control Codes

Memorex DVD Player Remote Codes

Tips for getting the remote code of your DVD player

  1. Are you facing trouble in finding the remote code of your DVD player? Try these easy steps by yourself and get the remote code to manage operations remotely:
  2. Turn on the DVD player.
  3. Afterward, click on the “AUX,” “DVD,” or “TV” button with the help of a remote.
  4. From the appeared option from the pop-up box. Select the “RCU SETUP” button still; the appliance starts blinking.
  5. With the help of a numeric pad, simultaneously click “9” “9” “0”.You will see that the button of the DVD will start blinking after you press the buttons.
  6. To get the code’s first digit, click on “1” from the numeric keypad and note down the frequency of button blinking. For example, If the button blinks four times, then the first digit code will be 4. Similarly, To get the code’s second digit, click on “2” from the numeric keypad and note down the frequency of button blinking. For example, If the button does not blink, then the first digit code will be 0. Similarly, you can find the 3rd digit of the remote code.
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Program Memorex DVD Universal Remote with Code Search:

If you cannot get a particular code applicable for your DVD player, you can search for the remote code by search mode of the universal remote. This particular code would manage all the operations remotely.

  • Initially, Turn on the DVD player.
  • Afterward, click on the “Setup” Button and hold it.
  • Then, put the three-digit code –”9-9-1″.
  • Now, click on the “Power Button” on the remote. For a long time, click on the “channel up “button till the “turning-off” the TV.

After performing all the above steps, your remote will function in a proper remotely manner. 


Program Memorex DVD Universal Remote with the help of Manual Procedure:

Keycode helps in the programming of a universal remote, and with the help of this keycode, you can easily identify the DVD player’s model.

  1. Turn on the DVD player.
  2. From the number of options of Memorex DVD universal remote, select the “TV” option.
  3. Afterward, from the universal remote, choose the “Setup button” until a light flash appeared on the remote.
  4. Put the “Remote code” available on your DVD player’s instructions booklet.
  5. Make a proper positioning of the remote in front of the TV. Then, click on the Power button and hold it for a long time.
  6. When the TV screen turns off, let out the power button.

In case your TV or DVD player is not working, repeat all the above steps with another code from the reference table’s similar part.


How to Program Memorex DVD Universal Remote without Codes?

The auto search procedure will do scanning of the universal remote codes. Having the appropriate remote code for your DVD player scans one code at a time. Below are few steps that will assist you program the universal remote without codes.

  1. Turns on the TV or any other appliance you want to operate the universal remote.
  2. Now, switch on the remote and click on the “TV”/”CBL”/”DVD” button for a short period.The LED indicator light of the remote will blink.
  3. Position your remote in front of the TV and press “VOL-” or “VOL+” buttons to high or low volume. You will see that the remote will indicates off and on signals. Until the TV turns off, click on the “up” and “down” keys repeatedly.
  4. Test the working of code by tapping on the “Power” button. If the TV turns on, that means your Remote code is working in the right manner.
  5. Lastly, click on the “Device” button to save that remote code for future usage. You will see again, the light of the LED of the TV will start blinking, which shows that the remote code is confirmed.
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Mixed Memorex Player DVD Remote Codes

The general 3,4 or 5 digit remote control codes used for Mixed Memorex DVD player are discussed below. You can use these codes to control the Memorex DVD appliances remotely.

Memorex DVD Codes List:




3 digit Remote Control Codes

709, 658, 656, 760 , 725, 646, 754 , 815, 814, 384, 464, 096,040,222, 629, 163, 114


4 digit Remote Control Codes

0831, 0695, 2095, 2213, 2331, 1717, 1702, 1270, 0446, 3031,1050, 1123, 1118,2375, 1925, 0435,3125, 2755, 0717, 3495, 0858, 0722,2021, 2272, 2058, 2273, 2449, 2436,2480, 2003, 2053. 2424, 0394, 2156, 3384, 3144, 0041, 3479, 0246 ,1413, 1606, 6025, 1913, 6044, 6247, 6086, 6474, 6299, 6506 ,6519, 6514 , 3318, 2470, 2435, 2621, 2547,3391


5 digit Remote Control Codes

22213, 20831, 23153, 22331, 21270, 20695 ,30831, 20868, 32213, 31270, 33153, 32331, 53721, 30695, 54300, 57521, 59214, 51231, 21607, 54933






RCA Remote Codes

3384, 3391

One-For-All Universal Remote Codes

0854, 0797

GE Remote Codes

0446, 0394

Philips Remote Codes

1413, 1913,1606, 0246


Memorex DVD Player Remote Codes: Conclusion

With the help of the above 3,4 or 5 digits remote code, you could manage all your TV or DVD operations remotely using the universal remote code. If one code fails to work in your appliance, you can select the other remote code from the same category. Make sure to save the code in your device’s settings for future usage.


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