Stereo Audio Receivers Remote Control Codes

If you have bought a universal remote control and you are looking for the remote codes for Stereo audio receiver, For your ease, we have listed the codes for Onkyo, Oregon, Optimjus, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, PolkAudio, Samsung, Proscan, RCA which would control the receiver and do the programming of it or a tuner. Sometimes, one code would not function on a remote or stereo device, then try another number. Finally, you will get the Stereo receiver code for which you are searching. Moreover, audio receivers codes and stereo audio receivers codes for various devices are mentioned below.

Stereo Audio Receivers Remote Control Codes

Stereo Audio Receivers Remote Codes


Audio Receivers Codes List:



Audio Receivers Codes













Polk Audio

0189, 2270, 1289




1295, 1500, 1304, 1868


Direct Code Entry


The easiest procedure for programming the universal remote is to put the code that will identify the product or stereo device you want to control. Codes are accessible on a webpage or code-sheet under the proper category of the brand or device type. Below are the steps revealed for direct code entry:

  1. Switch on the device, which you wish to control with Stereo audio remote control codes.
  2. Click on the suitable “Device” button and hold it on the Universal Remote Control. You will see the Led of the power, and the device button will blink. Some remotes need to pressing a setup button before click on the device button.
  3. After holding the device button on the universal remote, Put the code for a specific brand or appliance. If you have more than one option for a brand, initiate with the first option. After putting the code, The remote power button would switch off.
  4. After putting the code, hold on to the device switch. If the control’s power button indicates light and constantly shows light, the appropriate code is entered.
  5. If the light blinks the power button many times, that means it is an incorrect code, and you have to try another code. Repeat these steps for another code too.
  6. After doing these programming steps, Test the basic functionality of the universal remote. Such as turning down or up the volume level or channels or other basic functions.
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Auto Code Search

If you fail to obtain the appropriate remote code for the Stereo device, use the Auto Code Search method for a particular device or brand you want to control. The Universal remote would go through the complete code list of the database and test the variant codes. Have a proper follow up of the below steps:

  1. Switch on the device or TV that you want to operate or control by Stereo universal remote codes.
  2. Click on the device button associated with the particular stereo device and release it. You can use any appliance with a particular label button, but you have to write it. 
  3. Again, Click on the device and power button simultaneously. The power button would switch off and again come back and release these buttons.
  4. Click on the Play button of the remote and release it. Now, you have to wait for a few seconds. Check whether is the device switch off which you wish to control. If yes, It means that you have put the correct code. But If the appliance is still turn on, click on the play button and keep patiently wait for the turning off procedure. Perform it until the appliance switch off.
  5. Now, Click on the “Reverse” button and release it after 2 seconds until again the appliance switch on. Finally, When it does, It means you are successful in finding the correct code.
  6. Click on the “Stop” button for saving the code.
  7. Now, test the various operations of the remote and check it’s working.
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Manual Code Search

Despite getting the remote scanning by all the brands and automatically obtaining code. You want to do the programming of the remote manually by checking one code at a particular time. It is a time-consuming procedure as manually you have to test each code. Below 

are the steps for initiating this searching method:

  1. Switch on the device or TV that you want to operate or control by Stereo audio receivers universal remote codes.
  2. Click on the device and power button of the remote simultaneously. The power button would come on and again come back and release these buttons.
  3. Positioning the remote at the stereo device, Click on the remote power button and pause for only 2 seconds.
  4. If the particular device switches off, that means the remote got the appropriate code for the stereo device. Click on the stop button for saving the code.
  5. If your stereo device is not switched off, click on the power switch for testing the other code by the remote in the database. Do it until you have the code.


RCA Home Theater Universal Remote Codes: (RCA Stereo Audio Receiver Codes)

With a universal remote control, If you are attempting to control the RCA home theatre, below are the remote codes for handling the operations of RCA. If one code doesn’t work, keep trying another code until you find a suitable code. Moreover RCA Stereo Receiver Codes are mentioned below:


Most common remote codes for RCA Home Theater:


The most common remote code, either 4 bit or 5 bit for RCA home theatre, are described below: (RCA Stereo Audio Receiver Codes)


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Stereo Audio Receivers Codes

Audio 4 digit codes


5 digit remote codes

64257, 18192, 31254, 51472, 51216, 18704, 18448, 51728, 19216, 18960



To hold the 5 digit Stereo audio receivers codes would reveal the signal to iterate, and it ought to switch the level of volume to down. If one could fail to work on a particular stereo device, you can use another code from the same list. But, If you still have any issues searching for the appropriate code for your remote for controlling the RCA home theatre or Stereo Audio receiver, you can take the help of a manual.


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