Guide to Setup Your Video Projector with Remote Codes

In a world where almost every electronic product comes with remote control, your video projector is no exception. Remote controls allow users to complete control over their video projector features without getting closer to them physically. When it comes to the projector’s setup, anyone can do it at the home, office, or academic context as remote controls come with easy-to-use applications. Besides, it’s imperative to keep taking care of your video projector whenever needed; however, you might face the consequences of damaging both the projector and its components if you fail to do. This guide will help you how to set up your projector with a universal projector remote control (UPRC) associated with video projectors ir remote codes. However, before getting hopped on using your video projector, you need to take care of a couple of things that are highly recommended. 

video projectors ir codes

Video Projector IR Remote Codes

Points to Remember Before Getting Started Using the Projector

The following points will help you understand how good installation program video projectors remote controls are needed when using the video projector. 

  • Place Your Video Projector Properly

Placing the projector in the correct position is the main aspect of the remote control setup. Since most video projectors include various integrated InfraRed (IR) receivers that you can find in the front of the projector, objects can prevent the IR light that comes from the remote. So the recommendation is you should ensure that the line of sight is maintained between the remote control and projector. This is how you can assure the IR receivers capture IR light coming from the remote. 

Nevertheless, you must ensure that your projector is positioned in a safer place; any accident can be encountered while using it. Always keep in mind that placing the projector must be done on a stable surface – you may refer to a projector mount or table for that. 

  • Ensure Remote Control Works Well

Make sure that the remote control in your hand is working perfectly. Check IR transmitter – a piece of plastic glass can be found on the top of your remote if it’s broken; otherwise, the video projector IR codes that are needed to be checked from the remote will not work and also ensure that it is not being blocked by dust or other debris. Furthermore, it is needed to check the batteries if they are placed correctly; if not, you must do it anyhow. 

  • Check the Remote from Different Locations

Once you’re done with the positioning of your video projector and checking the functionality of the remote control device, go ahead and test the remote control device from a different location. By doing so, you will be able to find blind spots between the projector and remote. Again, the expert recommendation is to prefer a comfortable spot to use your remote control. 

That’s it! Now, we’re moving on to understand various video projectors ir remote codes according to the brand names, depending upon which brand you have purchased. 

Universal Remote Codes for Video Projectors List

Depending upon the brand names listed below, use the associated video projector ir remote codes

Brand Name

Video Projector Codes


1231, 4344


1232, 1213


4411, 1132


1122, 1211, 1224, 1333, 1411, 2123








1134, 4232, 4233


1242, 2241, 2441, 4234


1122, 1411, 1413, 2242, 2341, 3324, 3414


1111, 1233, 2131, 2132, 2331, 2332, 3132, 3133


1333, 1411, 2123, 2124


1211, 1224, 1333, 1411, 2123, 2124


1132, 4411


1122, 1234, 1411, 1412, 1413, 2133, 2134, 3134, 3141, 3441, 4114, 4121, 4122, 4123


1121, 1213, 1313




video projector remote codes

IR Remote Codes for Video Projectors List: Continued

Depending upon your video projector brand, use the below mentioned video projector ir remote codes


1142, 1241, 1414, 2144, 2234, 4133, 4134


1242, 2241, 2441, 4234


1143, 1144


1112, 1344, 4414




1114, 1243, 1321, 1331, 2113, 2114, 3312, 3313, 3411, 3412, 3413, 3434, 4112, 4113, 4341












1313, 1324, 1433, 4312, 4313


1131, 2112, 2314, 3223, 3224, 4144, 4211




1214, 1224, 1244, 1322, 1421, 1422, 2123, 2124, 2142, 3423, 4241, 4242


1311, 1444, 2111, 1443, 1323, 2213, 2214, 3444, 3443, 4124, 4131


1341, 1342, 1343


1113, 1312, 1424, 3332, 3333, 4212


1221, 1313, 1324, 1433, 4312, 4313


1341, 1342, 1343


1122, 1411, 1413, 2341, 3324, 3414, 3421




1222, 1314, 1442, 4224, 4324

Now, it’s time to move on to get understood the guidelines to operate Universal projector Remote Control. Let’s get started!  

Manual Setup Guidelines to Operate Universal Projector Remote Control

The Universal Projector Remote control (UPRC) uses a pair of AA batteries. 

  • Remove the back cover by pressing down and sliding in the direction of the arrow. 
  • Insert the batteries into the back with the orientation that can be found in the battery compartment. 
  • Cover the battery compartment after inserting batteries. 

Set Up Your Projector by Entering Video Projectors IR Remote Codes

To see if an entered video projectors remote code controls your projector, complete the following step-by-step points. Some brands do possess more than one code, which works for different models.

  • Press simultaneously both the Up and Down arrows for 3 seconds. 
  • While both keys are pressed, the LED will turn off but will turn solid red after three seconds.
  • When you enter the code, the status light will turn off. Make sure you don’t go for entering the next digit until the status of the light is on. 
  • The status light will glow off once you enter the code. On waiting more than 30 seconds, if you press any other key or enter an invalid code, you can be witnessed to get the status light to blink quickly three times.

Test your chosen code to make sure it is working. Try the next code if it is not working. All keys may not be supported for all models. Unused keys could be customized. 

Setup Guidelines for Entering Learning Mode on Remote Control

If you wish to enter the learning mode, place the two remote controls end pointing towards one another about one inch apart. Proceed with the following steps: 

  • Press and hold both the Left and Right arrows simultaneously for 3 seconds to enter learning mode. The LED status will turn off when both keys are pressed but will turn solid red after three seconds. 
  • Repeat the following steps till you complete customizing.
  • Tap the key to customize your Universal Projector Remote. The status LED will flash.
  • Press and hold the key on the other remote control you want the Universal Projector Remote to learn.
  • The status LED would flash once when the learning process succeeded. If the process were unsuccessful, the status LED would flash three times.
  • Wait 30 seconds to exit learning mode once you are done customizing. 

How to Search for a Compatible Code from an Entire Database?

If you have tried all of the codes for your projector and cannot find a match with any of the video projectors ir remote codes, you can also search the whole database quickly to use a compatible code.

  • Turn the projector on, and you should wait for at least a few seconds to warm it up.
  • Press simultaneously both the Up and Down arrows for 3 seconds.
  • The LED will turn off once both the keys are pressed for a few seconds, but it will turn solid red after three seconds.  
  • To enter Automatic Code Search mode, press the Menu key. The LED will go off one second and turn on again.
  • Press the Zoom + key to search through codes to proceed over ascending order. 
  • Press the Zoom – key to search through the code in case of descending.
  • Every time the Zoom + or Zoom – the key is pressed, the IR code corresponding to the Menu key will be transmitted for one second. 
  • Press the Select key to the store – the current code if the projector brings up the menu screen. 

If no key is pressed for 30 seconds, or a key other than Zoom + or Zoom – is pressed, the LED will flash eight times, and searching will be canceled.

What If I Need to Apply Factory Reset?

The Remote Control can be reset to factory default settings. All user-programmed video projectors codes and learned codes will be erased. Here’s what you need to do: 

  • Press both the Up and Down arrows altogether for 3 seconds. 
  • The LED status will turn off while both keys are pressed but will turn solid red after a while.  
  • Press the Off key 
  • Press the Reset key after waiting for a couple of seconds. 

Factory default settings will be set, and LED will go off to show a successful factory reset indication. 

Some of the Remote Control Layout You Should Know

Note that not all brands support all keys. Unused keys may be customized through learning mode. 

  • Power: Turn the projector on. Some popular brands use this key for both power on and off. 
  • Off: Some projectors do offer a dedicated key to turn the projector off. 
  • 1, 2, 3, 4: These keys are for entering codes for some models of projectors. 
  • Input: This switches for various input options like VGA, HDMI, Composite, etc. 
  • Menu: Brings up the projector menu. 
  • Select: Used to denote the highlighted item and to enter various setup modes. 
  • Back: Allows you to back to the menu. 
  • Up, Down, Left, Right: Used for the navigational purposes of menus and to enter various setup modes.
  • Hide: Turns the screen black. 
  • Aspect: Switch between 4:3 and 16:9 modes. 
  • Volume +, Volume -: Turn the Volume up or down of the projector. 
  • Mute: Turn the sound of the projector to zero Volume. 
  • Freeze: Freezes the image on the screen. 
  • Reset: Send reset command to the projector – usually used to exit setup. 
  • Auto: Auto setup projector picture. 
  • Keystone +, Keystone -: Correct the projected image to a trapezoid instead of a rectangular display. 
  • Zoom +, Zoom -: Zoom in and out for a portion of the screen. Some models use the Volume +, Volume – to move left and right. 

Functionality and Features of Various Remote Controls

Without remote controls, using video projectors might not be the same we see today. These hand-picked remote controls allow the stage personality – whether it’s speaker or conveyer to spread information easily and effectively without worrying over memorize them. Even they enable the user to change slides or play a video clip by just pressing a button.  

To understand how the program video projectors work, we need to know their functionality and features more deeply.  

IR Remote Controls

Infrared (IR) remote controls are usually plastic controllers that included various buttons. How they work is the transmission occurs from them in the form of IR light towards the IR receiver of the projectors. You cannot see the IR light through your naked eyes as it travels at a slower wavelength than the visible light. 

IR Receivers

InfraRed receivers are for receiving IR light from an IR transmitter. So what happens is the components translate the inputs roaming with the IR beam into commands. Most projectors consist of a pair of IR receivers – one in the back and another in the front, allowing users to operate the projector from any direction. 

Screen Mirroring

One of the versatile features is screen Mirroring that helps you run any media from the device directly into the video projector using your home or office network. To work flawlessly, you must use compatible apps to ensure both the media streaming device and the video projector are connected to the same web network. 

Remote Control Apps

For better convenience, remote control apps are the best way to operate the projector. However, some projecting devices might not allow certain apps. If you’re able to do so, this can be very convenient to integrate your smartphone into your projector for better convenience. 

Final Thought

In this article, we have mentioned universal video projectors ir remote codes and some of the valuable aspects that both projector and the remote control take into account. So, make sure you have followed all the guidelines we have provided and enjoy video streaming on the projector. Good luck! 


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