Huayu Universal Remote Codes And Setup Guide

A universal remote should be good enough for anyone to use the most sophisticated and advanced devices easily and efficiently. However, most of the time, universal remote controls are a jumbled mess of confusing buttons, menus, and options, the majority of which you might not need or use. A universal remote works with all of your devices. As a result, you won’t have to worry about having multiple remotes to control different electronics. As a result, we will concentrate our attention on the Huayu brand and Huayu universal remote codes. However, you can find list of Huayu remote codes and guide on how to program Huayu remote control below.

Huayu TVs, for example, allow users to see cable programming as well as visual and audio information from devices like DVD players and VCRs. If you don’t have the remote, you can use a universal Remote as a replacement to operate Huayu TV. You can utilize Huayu TV remote codes to program a remote to operate your TV. This is an easy operation as long as the universal remote codes of your TV are known.

You must first understand how you can program your universal remote control to work with your Huayu TV by using a code. This article will walk you through the process of configuring a Huayu TV using a universal remote control. Check out those codes first before programming the Huayu universal remote!

Huayu Universal Remote Codes And Setup Guide

Huayu Remote Codes

Huayu TV Universal Remote Codes To Access Your TV

The list below contains all Huayu remote codes that can be used on any Huayu TV. These codes are compatible with any universal remote that requires a three or four-digit code, and using them on your Huayu TV is simple. The Huayu universal TV remote codes must only be tried once.

3 Digit Huayu TV Remote Codes: 

011, 017, 029, 032, 034, 075, 076, 077, 078, 054, 067, 069, 071, 079, 080, 081, 107, 113, 117

4 Digit Huayu TV Remote Codes:

0028, 0026, 0028

By using these remote control codes for Huayu, we shall effectively set up a universal remote. Furthermore, the remote codes also identify your electronic device and all of its specifications.

  • First and foremost, you should turn the device on (the device you want to program the Huayu universal remote).
  • Select the ‘TV’ option on your Huayu universal remote.
  • Press and hold the ‘SETUP’ button on the Universal Remote until a light blinks, indicating that the remote is in “LEARNING MODE.”
  • Enter the Huayu Universal Remote Codes, which you can find in the instruction booklet at this point. Additionally, once you’ve completed this approach, point your remote at the TV and press and hold the ‘POWER’ button.
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As a result, you’re finished! If your device is still not working, repeat the procedure using a different code from the Huayu remote codes list similarly.

If you don’t get a response when you press the Remote’s buttons, try the following items before calling the service. 

  • Check the Batteries: It is important to check the batteries if they are inserted correctly. Immediately replace them with the new ones if there is any leakage. 
  • Check the Device: You must check the device’s power cord connected to the power outlet. 

After you’ve completed all of the checks, you can use the remote control with the codes for Huayu remote provided in this guide. However, there are alternative options, such as the code search method. You can use this to find the Huayu TV codes needed to operate your television.

How to Program Universal Huayu Remote: Code Search Method

Assume you can’t find the Huayu remote control codes that work for the device you want. In that case, set your universal remote to ‘CODE SEARCH’ mode to find the correct one. For example, a code found in the manual causes the remote to enter the ‘CODE SEARCH’ mode. Importantly, follow the instructions outlined below.

  • To begin, switch on the device.
  • Secondly, press and hold down the ‘SETUP’ button. 
  • Enter one of the Huayu Universal Remote codes, such as ‘991’, the three-digit Huayu remote code. 
  • Additionally, press the ‘On/Off’ button on the remote, then hold down the ‘CHANNEL+’ button until the TV turns down.
  • Nonetheless, the preceding technique may require some additional time. Yet, it is critical to search for your proper remote code among the Huayu TV Universal remote control codes.

Furthermore, once you’ve completed the preceding methods, your remote should be operational in all capacities.

How to Program Huayu Universal Remote: Auto-Search Method 

The Huayu universal remote control codes are corrected while utilizing the Auto-Search method. Furthermore, it checks one code to get the correct remote code that works with your Remote. As a result, programming the remote for Huayu becomes much easier. 

Follow the steps outlined below. 

  • First, turn on the device, i.e., the “TV” you want the universal remote to control. Turn on the remote and press the device button (TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL) for 3 seconds. A flash of light indicates that your device can now be configured.
  • Point your remote toward the device. Then, press the “CH+” and “CH-” keys. The Remote will then display on/off indications.
  • Now, continually press the “up” or “down” remote until the gadget turns off.
  • Then press on “POWER” to check the code. The device must be turned on. If it does start, try changing the channel to ensure that the remote is properly configured.
  • Next, verify the code by clicking on ‘POWER.’ The device must be turned on. If it does start, try changing the channel to ensure that the remote is properly configured.
  • Finally, press the ‘DEVICE’ button to register the respective code. As a result, the device’s LED will squint more than once. This step will indicate that you were successful in storing the code.
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How to Program Huayu Remote Control: Brand Code Search

You may be able to reduce your search to a single brand by following a similar process to Auto Code Search. This is useful if the brand offers more than one code. The steps are as follows: 

  • Turn on the device you want to operate (TV, VCR, DVD, DVR, satellite receiver, or cable box).
  • Look for the Brand Code(s) on the list that came with your Universal Remote Control.
  • Press and hold the DEVICE button you want to program. Hold down that button until the LED for that button lights and remains lit. 
  • While holding the device button, press and hold the POWER button; the power button should light up. 
  • Turn off the power and device buttons. The device button should be left turned on (if not, repeat the steps).
  • Enter the first CODE of the brand you’re looking for into the universal remote’s keypad. The LED light on that device button should now remain lit.
  • Keep pressing and releasing the Power button until the gadget you’re attempting to control turns off. If the device turns down, the Universal Remote has found the right code.
  • To save the code, press the STOP button on your universal remote (the LED light will turn off).
  • Test the device by pressing several buttons to determine if your Universal Remote can now operate it.
  • If your device does not switch off and the LED light blinks four times, it implies you have used up all of the codes for that brand and must use a different programming method.

How to Setup Your Huayu Remote Manually?

The final technique you have is to perform a manual setup. If you can physically set up a remote for Huayu, your device will work flawlessly! Here’s how. 

  • First, locate the remote you want to configure with your universal remote and press the ‘SETUP’ or ‘MAGIC’ button.  
  • Input the Huayu TV Universal remote control codes, which are listed further down. You can also refer to the manual Programming section of your Huayu instruction manual.
  • Please choose any of the functions that you want to program now. Please pick ‘VOL+’ to accomplish this. 
  • Following that, press and hold the universal Remote near the first remote controller.
  • As a result, one of the lights will “flicker,” indicating that the functions have been saved correctly.
  • Finally, the ‘VOL+’ button on your universal Remote has been committed and programmed.
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That’s all there is to it. Your TV should now function flawlessly with the universal Huayu TV remote control; if it does not, try repeating the operation with a different code from this guide.

Program Your Huayu Universal Remote via IR Learning:

If supported, the IR learning method needs you to point your universal remote and the remote of the device you want to operate at each other. This allows IR control light beams from the original device remote to be transferred to the Universal Remote.

  • Press the appropriate device button: TV, etc.
  • Turn on the universal Remote’s learning mode. If your remote lacks a Learn button, check the user handbook to determine which button performs this function—not all Universal Remotes have this option. 
  • Press a button on the universal remote (for example, volume up), then the corresponding function button (volume up) on the device’s Remote.
  • Repeat these steps for each function on your universal remote that you want to duplicate (for example, volume down, channel up, channel down, input select, and so on).

This is time-consuming and tedious, especially if you wish to operate multiple devices. If you don’t have access to the remote control codes, or if other techniques fail, you may be able to use the IR learning process as a last resort, assuming your Universal Remote supports this programming option.

The Bottom Line: Huayu Remote Control Codes

We believe that you can program a device using a Huayu universal remote. Finally, you may quickly set up a Huayu remote using universal codes. You can do the same for nearly any brand. Please remember, though, to check the connections beneath and determine the brand and type of your controller. You can also go over the remote programming directions that we have thoroughly explained and provided throughout this article.

In the meanwhile, please carefully read the recommendations that we have outlined above. As a result, learning how to program Huayu remote control codes will be simple. All the best! 


However, if you still did not find the code that would work with your universal remote, here is an instructional method on How to program a Universal Remote to a TV without codes?  


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