Setup Guide to Program NC+ Codes for All Remotes

One of the simplest ways to program a Universal Remote Control is to identify the device you want to control by entering a code. Before we start talking about NC+ remote codes from a single brand universal remote control, we must ensure the following things are followed carefully to program NC+ Universal Remote Codes.

nc+ universal remote codes

Program NC+ Universal Remote Codes

Before you start the process, ensure you:

  • Insert batteries and check if they are properly done in the remote.
  • Can point the Universal Remote at the device during programming.

Now, we move into discussing programming the various codes for universal remote control. 


NC+ Codes for Various Devices Using One for All Remote

The NC+ remote codes categorize various devices that can be operated with. With the universal remote control or one for all remote, the codes for different devices can be accessed easily. Here’s the list of codes that you may find helpful while programming on a universal remote control.

  • First, NC+ Cable Codes for a particular brand of universal remote control: 3799 5510 1409 0853.
  • Second, NC+ SAT codes for a particular brand of universal remote control: 2743 1409 3799 5510 0853 2593 1076.
  • Third, NC+ Cable codes for One for all universal remote controls: 3799 5510 1409 0853.


Methods to Operate NC+ Codes for Devices Using a Universal Remote Control

The following methods will help you access and program the device using NC remote codes


Method 1: Direct Entry Code

To program a Universal Remote, press a code on the remote that detects the device you want to control. To start, follow the steps below:

  • Turn the device on as it is the first thing you must do. 
  • Press and hold the button – DEVICE on the remote control. In other remotes, you may need to press the Setup button before moving onto the device button. The power buttons and the LEDs will flicker with the light. 

Tip: Even though the buttons are labeled for a certain device, you can have the right to use them. You need to understand the button links to the device you want to control once the programming is done. 

  • Using the remote to use the device, ENTER THE CODE accessible for the device. If a brand possesses multiple codes, try with any one of them. The power button will turn off the remote as you provide the code. 
  • Once you’re done entering the code, keep pressing the DEVICE button. If the power button of the control lights up and stays on, the code you’ve entered is correct. 
  • If the code you’ve put in is incorrect, the power button will keep flickering. Each time you do entering the code wrong, the power button shows the same thing. So keep repeating until one works. 
  • Once the programming is done successfully, check if all the basic functions of the remote works. For a cable box, you first try turning it off and on. 


Method 2: Auto Search Code

Auto Code Search is best when you don’t need to operate certain NC universal remote codes for the brand or type of device. Your universal remote will search the entire list of codes from its database and test many codes at a time. 

Here is an example of reasonable steps:

  • Turn on the device you wish to access first. 
  • Press and release the DEVICE key on your remote linked with the device you want to control, for example, Cable Box. You must have remembered that you can access any device with any of the labeled buttons.
  • Again, press the Device Button, along with the POWER button simultaneously. The power button will turn off and then back on. 
  • Release both buttons.
  • Press and release the PLAY button or key on the remote. Once you’re done, wait a few seconds and check if the device turns off. If that works, then you should realize that the remote has found the correct code. Press the play button again and wait for the turn-off process if your device is still on; repeat this until your device turns off.
  • Next, press and release the REVERSE button on your remote and do the process until your device turns back on. Once it is done, the remote will be on working with the right code.
  • Press the STOP button. 
  • Test other functions on the remote and check if they work perfectly for your device. 


Method 3: Brand Code Search

Using a Brand Code Search similar to the Auto Code Search, you can narrow down your search to just a single brand; this works perfectly if the brand offers more than one code. 

Here are the steps:

  • Turn on the device you want to control (satellite receiver or cable box).
  • Locate the Brand Code(s) we have provided in this guide for your device using your Universal Remote Control.
  • Press and hold the DEVICE button. When the LED turns on and stays on, keep holding down that button.
  • Press and hold the POWER button while holding the device button; the power button must light up.
  • Release the power and device button. Note that the device button should remain turned on – repeat the same step if not. 
  • Using the keypad of the universal remote, enter the first CODE of the brand of the device. The LED light for that device button should then stay on.
  • Press and release the Power button again and again until the device you wish to control turns off. The Universal Remote has found the correct code if the device turns off. 
  • Press the STOP button on your remote to save the code; the LED light will turn off. 
  • Use other buttons to check if your Univeral Remote Control can now operate the device.
  • If your device fails to turn off and the LED light blinks four times, this means you have used the codes many times for that brand, and you need to use another programming method.


The Bottom Line

A Universal Remote is a great way to clear that space on your coffee table. So with this guide, we have successfully concluded how you can program NC remote codes and other important aspects required to access the device using your universal remote control. 

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