Senzu TVs Remote Control Codes and Setup Guide

There are some issues of everyday life that, although small, can be a bit frustrating when we do not even know where to start. For example, when you buy one of those super useful devices that everyone handles with ease, you find it very complicated. We tell you how to program Senzu TVs remote step by step and some Senzu TV Remote Control Codes for setup.

The major thing to know is that this is a minimal known brand with great potential. Senzu TV remote controls are handy as universal controls, being able to control many devices simultaneously, not only the TV.
That is why we have carefully written this guide to help you program your Senzu TV remote control and not die trying.

Senzu TVs Remote Control Codes and Setup Guide

Senzu TV Remote Codes

List of Senzu TV remote control codes

Three-digit Senzu Remote Codes 

  • 205
  • 257
  • 000
  • 201
  • 297

Four-digit Senzu Remote Codes 

  • 0030
  • 0178

Five-digit Senzu Remote Codes 

  • 12493


How to program a Senzu TV Remote Control

Firstly, you should know that most remote controls work and are programmed almost the same way. There are very few variations from one remote control to another, which will depend on how modern it is. In the case of Senzu TV, the remote control is no exception. So we will talk about the three simplest and best-known methods to program it.

There are multiple types of universal remote control: that need the code of each device you want to connect and those that do not need it since they have an automatic scanning system or “auto scan.” Both will serve the same operation, but the difference consists of adding the devices you want to control from the universal remote control.

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Programming a control with auto scan

Since it is the most commonly used today, we will begin by explaining the step-by-step procedure for programming a Senzu TV Remote Control with auto scan. You will not need the code of each TV or device you want to add with a remote of this type. In general, you will have the option to manage a minimum of 6 or more different devices.

To configure it, you must focus your attention on individual buttons: the Code Search or TV button (depending on which one your control has) and the Power button.

Here are the steps to program the Senzu TV Remote Control and enjoy all its functions:


  • Turn on the device you want to configure, as this is the only way the remote will scan the code of the TV or device.
  • With the universal remote control, point it at the device. It would assist if you did this throughout the entire configuration.
  • While pointing at the powered-on device, press the Code Search button until the small light on your controller lights up. If the controller does not have a Code Search button, advance to the next step.
  • Press the button of the gadget you want to connect to (TV, DVD-AUX, etc.). The light on the control will blink and then turn on when connected.
  • Touch the Power button until the device is turned off. What happens is that when you press this button, the control will try different Senzu TVs Remote Control Codes until it finds the one that is compatible with the device. 
  • Once it finds it, both will be turned off. If your control blinks four times, it means that it is not compatible with your device.
  • Set the code. After your controller turns off, tap the Enter button (usually on the lower left). This will set the code on your remote control to be able to control the device. It may happen that after finding the correct code (accidentally), you don’t press Enter and keep trying with the other Senzu Remote Control Codes. If this occurs, you need to start over again until you find the correct code.
  • Test the control. Press the button that communicates to the device you have just configured (e.g., TV if it is a TV) and then turns it on to test the control. 
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Retrieve the device code

If you want to know the Senzu TV remote control code of a particular device to use later, follow the next steps:

  1. Press and hold the Code Search button firmly until the control light comes on.
  2. Touch the corresponding device button.
  3. Press the Code Search button again.
  4. Press the number buttons in order, starting with zero. When the light comes on, it means that the button you touched is the first one.
  5. Start over from zero two more times until you get all three digits.


Configuring a universal control with code

To program a universal control with code, the first thing you will need is the list of Senzu TV Remote Control Codes that comes with the instructions. You will find the codes corresponding to the brand of device you want to link to the control.

In case you don’t have them, we will leave some Senzu TV remote codes below that will surely help you program your control. Then you will have to follow the next steps:


  1. Press and hold the SET button together with the button corresponding to the device to be configured, in this case, TV. Do this until the small LED on the control lights up.
  2. Enter the Senzu TV remote code by pressing the buttons while pointing at the TV. This code can be three, four, or up to five digits.
  3. If you entered the correct code, the remote’s LED light would turn off automatically.
  4. If the code is wrong, the light will blink twice and stay on. If this happens, try again with other Senzu TVs Remote codes.
  5. Test the control. If it does not work for you, repeat steps 1 through 3 until you find the correct code.
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Tip 1: if, during the configuration process, you want to cancel the operation, press the SET button.

Tip 2: if no key is pressed within 10 seconds, the operation will restart automatically


Code search method 9-1-1

If you can’t find the Senzu TV Remote Control Code that works with either of the above two methods, you can try setting up your Senzu universal remote with a search mode called “991” and try your luck, see if you get the right code. This manual code forces most universal remotes to go into search mode.


  1. Firstly, you need to do is to turn on the device to start the search.
  2. To begin the process, press and hold the SET button.
  3. At this point, you must press the “9-9-1” keys (three digits) in that order, slowly.
  4. While holding down the Power button, simultaneously press the CH+ button until the TV turns off.


This procedure may take some time, duration, and patience, so don’t despair if it doesn’t work the first time, as it is essential and useful in finding your Senzu TV Remote Control Code. 

Once you have successfully done the above procedure, your remote should work correctly for all functions.



As you can now see, it is not complicated to program a Senzu TVs remote control with remote codes. It is a control that can be used by any member of the family, no matter how tech-savvy they are. We hope that this simple setup guide has been handy and allows you to configure and enjoy your Senzu TV remote control so you can program all the multimedia equipment you have at home without complications. 

In our blog, we love to help and give technological tips about remote controls, not only Senzu TV Remote Control Codes. Therefore, you may also be interested in this post on how to program a universal remote control to a TV without codes, in case no code from the shortlist we have provided in this article works for your Senzu TVs remote control. 


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