Dryer Not Spinning? – Multiple Methods To Fix [2022]

When you reach into your dryer to remove clothes and realize they’re still soaking wet, or your dryer won’t spin or refuses to tumble despite being “on,” you may need to have it serviced. You may occasionally experience problems with your dryer not spinning. The reason why a dryer stopped spinning can be attributed to numerous factors and solutions.


The reasons why your dryer won’t spin

You may find that your dryer is not spinning due to a number of factors. Here are a few possible causes:

  • Make sure your dryer is plugged in properly first if it isn’t. In addition, you should check for blown fuses or circuit breakers if you suspect a power issue. 

  • Your dryer won’t spin or run a dry cycle if the door switch is faulty (the drum light won’t turn off if it’s faulty).

  • If it’s hard to move the drum manually, it may have a seized drum. If you have difficulty rotating the drum, it may be seized. 

  • Thermal fuses act as safety mechanisms for the dryer’s heating chamber. Moreover, the main power supply will be disrupted if the thermal fuse blows (it typically does so when the temperature rises too high).

  • A dryer belt can snap over time as a result of wear and tear. Your drum must rotate for your clothes to dry, and this appliance cannot operate without a belt.

  • During tumble drying, the dryer motor turns the belt to turn the tumbler. Moreover, a broken motor will prevent the dryer drum from turning.

  • Without free spinning drum rollers, the motor becomes overloaded and the dryer shuts down. By removing the dryer belt and turning the drum by hand, you can determine if these rollers are worn out. In the event that the drum is having difficulties spinning, check the rollers for wear and tear. You should also inspect the drum roller axles while you are looking at the drum rollers. Additionally, drum support rollers that wobble and are no longer in good condition will need to be replaced.

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The most common causes of a dryer not spinning

You can get your dryer spinning again by following these steps:


1. The reset button should be pressed

It is possible to reset a dryer via its reset button if it is not working correctly.


2. The best way to replace faulty parts in a dryer

If a switch or dryer belt is malfunctioning, they should be replaced immediately. If an item is broken, it may be possible to purchase a replacement piece at a store or online.

Depending on your model number, some parts might be available only from the manufacturer. If a part needs to be purchased from the company, make sure you know that. However, it is possible that a part purchased from a home improvement store isn’t compatible with your device and that it can only be used with a piece purchased directly from the manufacturer.


3. Replacement of the dryer belt is necessary

Determine whether the belt needs to be replaced or if it is in good condition. Hire a technician if you’re not confident you can replace the dryer belt on your own. In addition, a new dryer belt will cost about $20 and professional help will cost about $200.


Here are some tips on how to fix your dryer that is not spinning

The following steps will help you remove a worn or broken dryer belt yourself if it still isn’t spinning.


A materials list

  • The putty knife

  • An electric screwdriver

  • Stainless steel scissor

  • Hand protection (gloves)


An easy-to-follow guide if your Dryer stopped spinning

  1. Disable the power – Before you do anything, make sure the machine doesn’t have power. In the case of a gas-powered dryer, turn off the gas supply.

  2. Remove your dryer’s back panel and use a continuity test to see if it has a blown thermal fuse. Moreover, you should check your dryer for overheating before replacing the thermal fuse. You might blow the thermal fuse again if you don’t check for this.

  3. If your dryer won’t spin make sure the dryer belt is in good condition by lifting the lid. A worn or visibly torn cover will need to be replaced.

  4. Remove the front panel’s mounting screws after disconnecting the dryer’s electrical connection.

  5. Depending on the type of dryer, it might be possible to remove the old belt without removing the drum. However, the drum and motor should be carefully removed if this is not possible. If the old belt can’t be removed, cut the belt away.

  6. It may be necessary to thread the new drive belt through or around the idler pulley, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. Once the belt is threaded over the drive motor’s pulley, it is ready to be used. Make sure the rubber surface of the new belt touches the drum of the dryer.

  7. Putting the drum back in place after the new belt is installed is the next step. Items should be reinstalled in the same order as they were taken apart. Additionally, replacing all parts and plugging the machine back in should be the next step. If the gas has previously been disabled, remember to turn it on.

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Professional assistance when needed

In some cases, it may be best to have your dryer repaired by a professional instead of trying to fix it yourself. A few examples of when professional assistance is needed:


You don’t have a clear path forward

Whenever you’re unsure about what’s wrong with your dryer or don’t feel confident fixing it yourself, call a technician. In addition, you might end up having to buy a new dryer or spend more on repairs if you attempt a DIY project in uncertain circumstances.


There’s no way of knowing how safe you are

You should contact a professional if your dryer has a huge electrical or heating issue or something else that makes you worried about performing the correct maintenance. Moreover, getting badly burned or electrocuted is something you never want to happen to you.


Dryer Stopped Spinning? You can save time and money by using the service.

If you don’t have time to do it yourself, find a trusted professional to repair your dryer that won’t spin. Moreover, consider asking friends and family for recommendations, reading trusted third-party reviews, and contacting a technician.


Dryer Stopped Spinning? It doesn’t seem like the dryer is causing the problem.

Your appliance may not be working for reasons unrelated to the device. Can you tell me if your electricity outage is so severe that an electrician is required to attend to the problem? Would a plumber be able to help you with a water issue? In addition, call a professional if you’re experiencing problems beyond your appliance.


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