Vivid DVD Remote Control Codes and Setup Guide

If you want to program the vivid DVD with the help of remote codes and universal remote, we have explained the remote codes of the Vivid DVD player and the setup guide of how to program these vivid DVD remote codes by using various methods. Try to choose a suitable method according to multiple model designs and requirement.


Vivid DVD Player Remote Control Codes

Vivid DVD Player Remote Codes

Programming a universal remote to a Vivid DVD player

However, in order to program the universal remote to a vivid DVD player by using Vivid DVD codes, Implement the below steps:

  • First of all, switch on the device.
  • With the help of remote control, click on the device button-“DVD.”
  • Click on the “Setup” button and hold it until the device button blink twice.
  • Using a numeric keypad on the universal remote, click on “9-9-0” simultaneously. Again the device button would blink twice.

For getting the first digit of vivid DVD code, click on “1” by a numeric keypad and then count the frequency of the device button flash. If it flashes two times, it means that the first digit of the vivid code is 2.If the button does not flash, it means the digit of the code is 0. For obtaining the second digit of the code, click on two on the numeric keypad, then count the frequency of the device button flash. Continue this procedure for obtaining the remaining digits of codes for vivid DVD.

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For obtaining the codes for other devices, repeat these steps with the specific digit remote code mentioned for that series. Some of the applicable vivid DVD remotes code of the various brand, along with a series number is mentioned below:




Smart Control 5


Evolve series


Essence series





Universal Remote Instructions Manual

This option is one of the crucial options to be mentioned. If you have a programming manual handy or the universal remote instructions in your hands, it is one of the quick ways for getting it and then executing. The programming instructions would reveal various groups of vivid DVD codes for variant branded devices, such as OFA 8, Essence series, and Evolve series. Sequentially follow the instructions of code-entering, and the remote would be ready in a short amount of time.


Programming Vivid DVD Universal Remote with Auto-Search

All the universal remote codes for Vivid DVD are used to program Vivid DVD player and are put under scanning procedure in the remote in the auto search method. It would do scanning of one code at a time for searching out the correct vivid DVD remote codes which work with remote for programming the control; implement the below steps:

  • Turn on the Vivid DVD player you wish to operate by the universal remote.
  • Switch on the remote, tap on DVD’s device button for a few seconds. The LED light would reveal that the device is ready for programming.
  • Position the remote in front of the DVD player and press on the “Ch-” and “Ch+” keys. Remote would indicate the off/on signals. Continuously, click on the “up” and “down” key until the device switches off.
  • Do verification of code by tapping on the power key. The device has to be turned on. If it turns on, try to change channels to verify the remote is programmed correctly.
  • Click on the device button to save the vivid DVD remote codes. The device LED would flash twice to confirm the stored code.
  • The remote code and the instructions would help in programming the universal remote.
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Mixed Vivid remote codes for all in one universal remotes:

Various Mixed Vivid remote codes from a single brand of universal remote control are revealed below:




Four digit remote codes

3648, 3611, 2483


Programming Vivid DVD with Manual Method

However, to program Vivid DVD player remote by making use of keycode, we could easily do programming of a universal remote to operate vivid DVD players:

  • Firstly, you have to switch on the DVD player.
  • Then, click on the “TV” button on the “Vivid DVD universal remote.”
  • Now, click on the Universal Remote “setup” button until it reveals flash.
  • Now, put the “keycode” obtained from the programming guide.
  • After implementing this procedure, try to test features by placing them in front of the TV and click on the power button. After letting out the power button, the screen would turn off.


For operating the vivid DVD player with the help of remote codes, try to implement the Vivid DVD player remote codes with the instructions mentioned above. If one remote code fails to work, try to use another vivid DVD code; otherwise, take the help of a manual.


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