LG Dryer Error Codes D80, D90, and D95 – Troubleshooting [2022]

With a variety of industry-leading safety features, LG dryers are high-quality appliances with a variety of high-end features. Their main safety feature displays specific error codes when something goes wrong with their dryer or ventilation system. There are, however, times when you will encounter LG dryer error codes D80, D90, and D95.

We will describe 3 LG dryer error codes in this article: D80, D90, and D95.

In order to understand what these LG dryer error codes mean, let’s start by explaining what they mean.

There are a number of modern LG dryer models covered in this guide, including:

  • DLE0442W
  • DLEX3001W
  • DLEX2901V
  • DLEX3360R
  • DLG5988B
  • DLEX2801R
  • DLE3777W
  • DLG5988S
  • DLG5988W
  • DLG5988SM
  • DLG5932S
  • DLEX3360V
  • DLEX2801L
  • DLEX3360W
  • DLEX3470W
  • DLEX3550V
  • DLEX3550W
  • DLEX3470V
  • DLE2701V
  • DLEX3001P
  • DLEX2801W


What are the meanings of LG dryer error codes D80, D90, and D95?

A buildup of lint has blocked the airflow through your ventilation system, resulting in LG dryer error codes D80, D90, or D95. Numbers following the “D” indicate how obstructed it is. Whenever these error codes appear, your LG dryer will shut off in order to prevent overheating.

In the United States, overheating is the leading cause of house fires, so LG dryer error codes should be dealt with carefully.


Identifying and troubleshooting LG Dryer Error D80

An 80% blockage in the ventilation system causes an LG dryer to display the D80 error code. You won’t be able to get enough air out of your dryer if your air exhaust is not able to push out enough air. If the ventilation system is clogged with lint, it may be the exhaust hose or another part.

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The LG dryer D80 error code can be resolved in the following way:

  1. Make sure all of the lint is removed before reinstalling the lint filter.

  2. To disconnect the exhaust hose, go to the back of the dryer (it is located on the back side of the dryer). If the drain is blocked, remove any loose debris or lint once disconnected.

  3. Make sure the wall duct is free of blockages, and remove any that you find.

  4. Removing any blockages from an outside vent is necessary if you find any.

  5. You should have discovered and removed the blockage by now, and the error code should no longer exist. You can remove the error code D80 by turning your LG dryer on and off.


What to do if LG Dryer Error Code D90 occurs

When your LG dryer displays the D90 error code, your ventilation system is 90% restricted. As a result, the hot air cannot circulate through your vents and out of your dryer.

You can fix LG Dryer error code D90 by following these steps:

  1. Make sure all the lint is removed from the lint filter before reinstalling it.

  2. Check the exhaust hose for debris/lint upon disconnecting the dryer, and if so, remove it.

  3. Make sure the wall duct is free of blockages, and remove any that you find.

  4. Removing any blockages from an outside vent is necessary if you find any.

  5. If you’ve discovered and removed the blockage by now, the error code should no longer appear. Your dryer can be turned off and on to clear the LG dryer error code D90 if necessary.

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When LG Dryer Error Code D95 occurs, what should you do?

A D95 error code indicates that the exhaust system on your LG dryer is 95% obstructed. However, you will not be able to circulate hot air from your dryer through your vent if this happens.

You can fix the LG Dryer error code D95 by following these steps:

  1. Lint filter needs to be cleaned.

  2. Once the lint filter has been cleaned, check the exhaust hose at the back of the dryer. In the event that you find a blockage in the hose, you should remove loose debris from it. Moreover, any debris can be quickly removed by using a vacuum cleaner.

  3. If any blockages are found, remove them from the wall duct once you’ve checked the hose.

  4. When you haven’t yet found any blockages in the outside vent, check for them and remove them.

  5. At this point, hopefully you have found and removed the blockage. The LG dryer error code D95 should no longer appear, and you should be able to remove it by turning the dryer on and off.


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