Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating? – Complete Troubleshooting [2022]

Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating: Troubleshooting Guide

There are a variety of dryers available from Whirlpool, including electric, gas, front-loaders, and top-loaders. Your dryer may be heating slowly due to lint blockage if it is heating slowly. However, the Whirlpool dryer should be tested with a multimeter if it is not heating and replaced if it is faulty. Find out why your Whirlpool dryer producing no heat in this troubleshooting guide.

The following Whirlpool dryer models are affected by this troubleshooting guide for dryer not heating:

  • YWED4815EW1
  • YWED4916FW0
  • YWED4915EW1
  • 1LE4930XKW0
  • WED4916FW0
  • WED4915EW1
  • 7MWED1900EW0
  • 1CWED4900DW0
  • 1LE5700XKW0
  • 1LE4900XKW0
  • YWED4616FW0
  • 1LE7800XKW0
  • WED4810EW1
  • 1LE5920XKW0
  • WED4616FW0
  • WED4950HW0
  • 7MWED1800EM0
  • WED5000DW2
  • 1LG5701XKW0
  • 7EWED1510YM0



1. Due to a tripped circuit breaker, the Whirlpool dryer is not heating

Circuit breakers or fuse boxes should be checked first when the dryer stops heating. Moreover, electric dryers have two breakers, one for the power element and one for the heating element. It is possible for the breaker responsible for heating to trip, resulting in the Whirlpool dryer running but not heating.

  1. Firstly, fuse or circuit breakers may have tripped on your electrical panel.

  2. Secondly, replace any blown fuses and reset any circuit breakers that have tripped.

  3. Finally, check the dryer’s breakers with a multimeter to ensure each circuit delivers 120 volts (110 volts on some models) the dryer requires.

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2. The Whirlpool dryer is not heating due to a lack of gas in the system

Whirlpool gas dryers must be connected properly and the gas must be turned on.


3. Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating Due To Blocked Lint Screen

Cleaning out your Whirlpool dryer’s lint screen may solve your not heating problem if it is still heating but heating slowly. Indeed, as a result of clogged lint screens, moisture in the air stays in the dryer drum for longer periods of time, resulting in a longer drying time as a result of a longer drying time. In addition, make sure to empty your lint screen regularly if it becomes clogged with lint. Moreover, your dryer can also become clogged because of a clogged lint screen.

  1. Put soap and warm water in the sink to clean the lint screen.

  2. Vacuum the lint screen slot while it’s drying with a vacuum attachment.

  3. Immediately restore the lint screen to its initial position.



A blocked ventilation system will result in slower drying of your clothes, just as a clogged lint trap does. Moreover, your Whirlpool dryer is also more likely to be damaged by lint and produce no heat. In order to determine if the ventilation system is working, check the outside vent for warm, consistent airflow. However, your dryer’s heating performance will improve with proper ventilation, and a lint blockage is less likely to cause a fire.

  1. The dryer should be turned off as soon as possible if you have a gas dryer and it should be disconnected from the power source.

  2. Unclip or unscrew the ventilation hose from the rear of the dryer by removing the metal tape. Then, access to the ventilation area may be improved by removing the panel surrounding it.

  3. Ventilation hoses and areas should be cleaned.

  4. Vacuum attachments, leaf blowers, or ventilation cleaning kits can be used to clean the ventilation duct.

  5. Finally, attach the ventilation hose to the dryer again, making sure it’s not scrunched up to allow air to flow freely.

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One of the most common causes of Whirlpool dryer not heating is a malfunctioning heating element. However, a coil of wire is enclosed in a metal chamber as the heating element. Additionally, a broken coil will result in the heating element not heating and having to be replaced.

  1. Don’t forget to unplug the dryer.

  2. Locate your dryer’s heating element by consulting its manual. Model-specific access panels may need to be removed.

  3. Look for signs of burns or coil breaks on the heating element. The heating element must be replaced if the coil is broken. 

  4. The heating element must be replaced if it fails the multimeter test.


6. Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating Due To Thermal Fuse Blown

Thermal fuses are another common cause of Whirlpool dryer not heating if the heating element is working. Your dryer is protected from catching fire by a thermal fuse. Upon reaching a certain temperature, the thermal fuse in newer models trips, and the dryer stops working. It is possible for older dryer to continue to operate but without producing heat. Be sure to determine what caused the thermal fuse to blow and fix it if it is at fault.

  1. Switch off your gas dryer and disconnect the electricity if you have one.

  2. A thermal fuse can be found in the manual of your dryer. Either the top, the front, or the rear access panel will have to be removed, depending on the model.

  3. Remove the access panel to find the thermal fuse on the dryer’s heat source or in the blower housing.

  4. Thermal fuses can be checked for integrity by using a multimeter.

  5. Thermal fuses should be replaced if they are defective.

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Troubleshooting Whirlpool dryer that spin but don’t heat up is something that needs to be done. There are two or more solenoid coils on the gas valve of a gas dryer. Gas flows into the burner assembly through the coils. However, in the case of a defective solenoid, the dryer will not be able to heat up. Indeed, a multimeter can be used to test the coils of a gas dryer to determine if they are defective, just like the coils of an electric dryer. Moreover, check the igniter for glow and extinguish, which indicates a faulty gas valve solenoid, or whether it doesn’t ignite the gas.

  1. If your dryer is attached to a power supply, you have to unplug it.

  2. Secondly, turning off the gas supply to the dryer is a good idea.

  3. Thirdly, the gas valve solenoid should be located in the dryer’s manual. The appropriate access panel should be removed.

  4. Then, from the solenoid of the gas valve, remove the coils.

  5. Make sure the coils are connected by using a multimeter.

  6. Coils that are defective should be replaced.



In addition to the causes listed above, a fault with the following parts may also be the cause of your Whirlpool dryer not heating. However, a multimeter should be used to test each part and replace it if it is found to be defective. In addition, before accessing the parts of the dryer, turn off the gas and disconnect the power source.

  • Thermostat for cycling

  • Thermostats with high limits

  • Gas dryer igniter

  • Gas dryer flame sensor

  • The timer


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