LTE Calls Turned Off? – Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide [2022]

For both work and personal calls, I use a Verizon connection with my iPhone, which is my primary phone for both work and personal use. The cell coverage was poor in an area where I stopped for work, but I still had two bars. As a result, sometimes LTE calls will be turned off, so what can be done to resolve this issue?

When I clicked on the Call button in the phone app, a message appeared on the screen.

Verizon said my phone was unable to make LTE calls, but did not explain why.

To fix the LTE calls turned off issue, I went online and checked if I had internet access.

In Verizon’s support website and its user forums, I found that LTE calls turned off is a fairly common issue among users.

The information that I gathered helped me to resolve the LTE calls turned off issue with the phone and successfully place a call.

In order for you to be able to fix your phone if Verizon blocks LTE calls on it when you get home, I decided to write a guide after I got home.

Check your phone settings to see if LTE is enabled if Verizon has turned off LTE for your account and you cannot make calls. Also, if that doesn’t work, restart your phone or go somewhere with a better signal.

Find out why you might have received this warning and what you can do to reactivate LTE on your phone.


What is the reason Verizon has turned off my LTE calls?

Verizon’s services are subject to certain terms and conditions like paying the dues on time and not using the connection illegally, just like every service provider in every industry.

In the event that you violate their terms and conditions, they may refuse to provide you with service.

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As long as you pay your dues and stay on the right side of the law, this won’t happen to you.

You might be experiencing a bug in Verizon’s network if you don’t fall into any of the conditions I discussed previously.

There have been times when my phone lost signal from Verizon’s towers when I was in an area without good Verizon coverage.

Your Personal hotspot may also be unavailable, but resolving the main issue will also solve the hotspot issue.

Here are a few fixes you can try in seconds to solve the LTE calls turned off problem.


Moving to a better-signal area might be a good idea

As soon as I moved to an area with better coverage, the message stopped appearing.

Try this with your phone in a more populated area or somewhere where people are more likely to be present.

Mobile network signals might be interfered with by large radio towers, which can cause your phone to lose signal.

Using the Field Test utility on your iPhone, you can check the strength of the signal at your nearest tower.

How to use Field Test:

  1. Make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi.

  2. Launch the Phone app.

  3. The number to dial is 3001#12345

  4. Now that you have your phone number, you can call it.

You can continue with these steps if you have an iOS 11-13 device:

  1. The Field Test screen will allow you to select LTE.

  2. The Serving Cell Meas > RSRP0 option should be selected.

  3. Signal strength is measured in dBm; the lower the number, the better.

If you are using iOS 14 or higher, follow these steps instead:

  1. When you dial the number, you will be taken directly to the main dashboard.

  2. Your nearest cell tower’s signal strength can be seen here.

  3. Ensure the dBm readings are low; the lower the number, the better.

See if the signal strength improves when you move around, and move to a location with a better reception.

You should be able to make calls again once this has been completed.


Make sure you can use the data

People reported that they were still able to use data and only their calling features were disabled when they received this message.

In the event that you cannot access the internet with mobile data, you might have a problem with Verizon’s systems rather than your account.

Verizon support can help you resolve the problem if needed.

The rest of the fixes in this guide can still be tried even if your data connection does not work.


LTE should be enabled

In iOS, you can disable LTE features with a setting tweak. If you disable LTE this way, your phone may display a message that LTE has been disabled.

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Re-enabling LTE is as simple as:

  1. The Settings app should be open.

  2. Select Cellular > Cellular Data from the menu.

  3. On LTE, toggle the switch.

You can check if services are unblocked by opening the Phone app after turning on LTE.


Make sure your account is up to date with dues

You might have to pay off any unpaid dues on your lines as soon as possible if they have been unpaid for too long.

It is possible for Verizon to terminate your service if you fail to pay Verizon’s service fees.

They usually send you alerts when your account has dues, but if you do not receive them, check your account.

You can find a split-up bill in Verizon’s Billing section that details how much each line costs.

The issue can be resolved by paying your dues and restarting your phone.


Reset the network settings

When your iPhone is turned on for the first time, you can reset the network settings to their default values.

The phone won’t be disconnected from the network, but the network settings on it will be reset.

For a network reset, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Settings from the menu.

  2. Select General > About from the menu.

  3. Choose Reset from the menu.

  4. In order to reset the network settings, choose Reset Network Settings.

Try calling Verizon again after resetting the settings and see if you have been unblocked.


Fix the LTE calls turned off issue by installing the SIM card again

A SIM card can sometimes be removed and reinserted in order to gain access to Verizon’s LTE network.

As a result, Verizon will soft reconfigure your connection and authentication data, which may fix the LTE calls turned off problem.

First of all, you want to identify on your phone where the SIM card slot can be found.

  • All iPhone 13 and 12 models have a slot on the left side.

  • Each iPhone model, from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 8 and SE, has a slot on the right side.

The SIM card should be removed and inserted as follows:

  1. Paper clips or SIM ejector tools can be used to open the tray by pushing them into the small hole on the side.

  2. The tray should be pulled out.

  3. The SIM card should be taken out.

  4. Place the SIM back on the tray after waiting at least 1 minute. You can use the notch on the card to determine the correct orientation.

  5. Ensure that the tray of the phone is brought back to its initial position immediately.

Your Verizon phone may have been re-enabled if you try making a call again.

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To fix the LTE calls turned off issue, restart the phone

By restarting your phone’s software and hardware, you have been able to fix similar SIM issues like LTE calls being turned off.

Restarting your phone takes only a few seconds, so it’s well worth trying.


How to restart an iPhone X, 11, or 12

  1. Hold down the Volume + and side buttons at the same time.

  2. The phone can be turned off by sliding the slider.

  3. The phone will not turn on unless you keep pressing the power button for a brief period of time.


How to restart an iPhone SE (2nd gen), 6, 7 or 8

  1. Hold down the side button for a few seconds.

  2. The phone can be turned off by sliding the slider.

  3. You can turn your phone back on by holding down the right power button for a few seconds.


Here’s how you can restart your iPhone SE (1st gen), 5 or earlier

  1. Several seconds should be held down after pressing the top button.

  2. To turn off the phone, slide the slider to the left.

  3. The phone will turn on when you hold down the power button.

Once the phone has restarted, call Verizon to see if they have reinstated your service.


Get in touch with Verizon

If none of these troubleshooting steps work for you or you need help with any of the steps I’ve discussed, please contact Verizon customer service.

Verizon Stores or Authorized Retailers can fix your device or SIM card if they can’t do it over the phone.


Final Thoughts

Verizon’s support page for this error states that they cannot change any settings on your phone or account.

The company still has the ability to control your account access despite this.

Once they discover that you aren’t paying, or pirating or torrenting using their data connection, they’ll shut you off.

Besides calling or using your data connection, you can also send SMS messages if you get the LTE calls turned off error.

There is a possibility that you need to add more credit to your account if you receive the error message “Message Not Sent Invalid Destination Address”.



Is there a way to turn on LTE calls again?

Open the Settings menu on an iPhone to turn back LTE calls.

Make sure that LTE is turned on in the Cellular Data section under Cellular.


Is there any effect on your iPhone when you turn off LTE?

If you turn off the LTE on your iPhone, the phone will use slower connections types such as 3G or 2G, depending on whether it is covered by the carrier.


When connected to Wi-Fi, why does LTE appear?

Whenever you have Wi-Fi connected, LTE should appear as an indicator.

Using Wi-Fi instead of mobile data means that you’ve already connected to Wi-Fi, and you don’t see any Wi-Fi warnings.

You should be able to see LTE when you are connected to Wi-Fi.


What does LTE mean when it comes to data usage?

Your phone is connected to your carrier’s LTE network when it displays the LTE symbol on its top bar.

You won’t be able to access the internet through your phone data connection as long as you’re using Wi-Fi.


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