Verizon Router Showing Red Globe – 5 Methods To Fix 2022

When you install your new Verizon router, one of the first things you will notice is the solid white light it emits. However, sometimes Verizon fios router can stop working and show a solid red globe light; we got the solutions mentioned below that can easily make your internet run again.

In the meantime, this white light shines, your internet connection is strong, and you have no connectivity issues.

One day, you experience a connection issue. A solid red globe light has replaced the white light on your Verizon router.



There is a problem with your router detecting the DSL signal.

Having insufficient internet connectivity disrupts your entire routine and your mood and productivity.

In today’s world, where almost everything is digitized, frequent connectivity issues are annoying and costly. But there is a solution. We have you covered. 

This article highlights the most common factors and causes of the solid, slow flashing and fast flashing red light on your Verizon fios router.

As well as some valuable tips for fixing connectivity issues and turning on the bright white light that indicates all is well, we have some helpful information for you.


Why Does My Verizon Router Have A Red Globe?

Red Globe Light Behavior



No Internet Connection

Slow Flashing

Problem with the gateway. It needs to be repaired.

Fast Flashing

Overheating. Turn off and cool down the router.

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Solid Red Globe:

A solid red globe indicates that you have no internet connection.


Slow Flashing Red Globe:

If the red globe on your router is not too deep in color but constantly flashes slowly, you need to fix your gateway.


Fast Flashing Red Globe:

The red globe on your Verizon router will flash rapidly if it has overheated. It needs to be turned off and placed somewhere cooler.


Why Is It Important To Turn Verizon Router Red Globe White?

Your Verizon router red globe is telling you that there is a problem with your internet connection. All of your Internet-connected devices will either work slowly or not work if this happens.

Because so much of what you do now relies on the Internet, it’s important to fix it as quickly as possible to prevent major disruptions.


Ways To Troubleshoot Red Globe On Verizon Router:

Here are some quick ways to resolve your connectivity issue:

1. Fix Loose Connections:

A loose connection can sometimes cause solid red globes on Verizon routers.

Check to see if the solid red globe has turned white on your Verizon router after tightening up your connections physically.

When everything seems in order, it’s sometimes worth unplugging all the cables, waiting for 30 to 40 seconds, and then plugging them back in.


2. Navigate To Check Service Outage:


The problem might be the total outage of the network. Use your data to check out Verizon’s website if possible.

If there is a network outage in your area, you will be notified. It will also give details about what Verizon is doing and when the outage will be fixed.

You don’t need to worry. You don’t have to spend hours on the Verizon website. When the problem is fixed, the red globe will turn white.


3. Try Rebooting Your Verizon Router:

  • Often, resetting and rebooting your router can resolve the issue.
  • Unplug your router for 30 seconds.
  • It can take up to 5 minutes for the settings to take effect, so don’t be too quick to assume it didn’t work.

When the globe is still red after five minutes, it’s time to move on to the next fix.


4. Try Resetting Verizon Router Factory Settings:

Reset your Verizon router to its factory settings. This will delete all your connected devices and reset the router to its original settings.

You don’t need to worry. After you configure your username and password again, you can quickly reconnect.

There’s a chance that the red globe on your Verizon router will now disappear, and you’ll have full internet access again if nothing else works.


5. Contact Verizon:

If none of the above suggestions work and your Verizon fios router still displays a solid red globe, you will need to contact Verizon Customer Service by calling 800-837-4966.



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