ETec TV Universal Remote Codes and Setup Guide

Sometimes, the situation occurs that the remote of your Etec TV is not working correctly or remote is lost, then there you find some difficulty in replacing the remote. In this situation, The best solution to enjoy your Etec TV operations is to help a universal remote with ETec Remote codes. Suppose you are finding difficulty getting the remotes codes for your Etec or how to do the programming of  Etec remotes codes in the article. In that case, we will discuss all the steps that will help you to access the particular digit remote codes for your Etec TV 

or how to make use of these remote codes to program the universal remote and enjoy all the functionality of remote buttons:

The particular 3, 4 or 5 digits Etec remote code is revealed in the below table. Depending on the requirement of digit by your Etec TV, choose the specific digit small code from the below list to make the remote operational. In case the codes for Etec tv are not working, then choose another remote code from the same category and test the ETec TV remote operations.


ETec TV Remote Codes

Etec TV Remote Control Codes

Etec TV Remote Codes:



Remote code

3 digit remote codes


4  digit remote codes


5 digit remote codes

11531, 12397


Cable / Satellite Remote Control Codes:

With a Cable/Satellite provider, The remote control could be programmed. By that, the main working of the TV model is performed.Such as,Channel-,channel+,Power,VOL+,VOL-,ok,select,enter.For programming, the satellite/cable remote for operating the ETEC TV, make sure to implement all the programming instructions given with the provider’s remote and try to make use of these Etec tv remote codes.

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Direct TV or Comcast


Dish Network


AT & T (U-verse)


RCA Universal




How to program the universal remote to Etec TV:

If you have a universal remote and you want to make use of this remote to access the functionality of Etec TV, then you must try the below simple and easy steps:

  1. Firstly, Switch on the Etec TV on which you want to enjoy the universal remote’s functionality.
  2. Now, Make a proper position of the universal remote in front of the Etec TV. After it, press the power button on the remote until you see the light in the LED blinks. Then, release the button.
  3. Click on the power button and let it out. The flashlight in the LED will appear until the appliance turns off. To retrieve it in the future, make use of the Ok button.
  4. During the search procedure, Use channel buttons(CH- or CH+). Now, you will see that the LED light will blink twice periodically to the searching procedure. You can use it alternatively with the help of these two keys.
  5. Now, check the universal remote’s working by using various functions. If it is not working with the remote, repeat step 2 or take the Etec TV manual’s help.


In an automatic mode:

Before doing these steps, make sure that only one appliance is plugged in at one time. The reason behind it is that you cannot program all the appliances simultaneously by making use of this method. So plug only the TV that you want to program and unplug the other devices.

  1. Firstly, Switch on the TV.
  2. Take a single battery out of the remote and click on digit 1 for a few seconds. It is to confirm that there is no set of other code priorly. This step is performed for resetting the remote before program the remote.
  3. So, click on the number and not hold it for more than 1 minute.
  4. You don’t have to enter the code manually. Instead, it will find the Etec remote code automatically from the appliance.
  5. Now the remote is completely reset, and we can put the taken-out battery back in the remote.
  6. Now, click on the TV button from the remote.
  7. Make use of two fingers; by one finger, click on the TV button and press it for a short time. While, with the help of the other finger, Click on the on/off switch and hold it too.
  8. After it, repeat the procedure of clicking and holding. As an effect, you will see that light will appear and disappear again. When you know that light is wholly shown, let out both buttons.
  9. Now, with the help of various switches of the remote, try to test out the remote’s functionality. Such as making use of the reverse button etc.
  10. For saving the setup, click on the stop switch. That’s great; you have successfully programmed your remote.
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The above all etec tv remote codes and programming steps to program the remote to work well with etec TV will help you operate your Etec TV with remote code. You can benefit from these steps if your current remote is not working or, by mistake, you had lost the original remote that comes with Etec TV. However, if you require any further help, you can look at all the codes or instructions revealed in Etec TV’s manual.


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