588 Area Code – Do Texts and Calls Pose a Risk?

Are There Any Concerns With The 588 Area Code Text Message?

In order to plan for a reunion, several of my old classmates and batchmates have started a group chat on Verizon message+. Recently, I began receiving texts from the 588 area code and I was concerned.

Among my friends, some live and work abroad, and others live here as well.

There was, however, one contact whose mobile number began with the 588 area code whose identity was unknown.

I wasn’t able to participate in the chat like before when I saw the message, so I assumed it was my school friend’s international number. Nonetheless, I wondered whether receiving text messages from the 588 area code is risky?

Lately, I have also received service messages from 588 area code numbers, which worried me, as I assumed they were spam.

After contacting Verizon’s customer care, I was referred to their technical team as a last resort. The brief conversation we had helped me realize there was nothing to worry about.

The 588 area code is assigned to Verizon users without Messaging+, so it is not a concern to receive a text message from it.

This code may also be used by Verizon to send personalized messages and links to customers.

The 588 area code does not always send trustworthy messages. You can distinguish area code messages from spam by knowing what to look out for.

Understanding how area code formatted messages work is explained in the following information.


Getting a message from someone who does not use Messages+

If a customer does not use the Message+ app, Verizon assigns them a 588 area code. 

Senders with phone numbers starting with area code 588 may not be able to send you messages through the Message+ app.

Those who do not use the Message+ app will also receive this code if they are part of group chats.

Due to Verizon’s use of this specific code for personal communications, this number was assigned.


The text message should be restored

You may not be able to access group messages if you receive text messages from the 588 area code.

This is a minor issue, however, so the message can be restored easily. Below is a step-by-step guide to completing it.

  • Install Message+ from the App Store on your smartphone.
  • In the upper left corner, tap the stacked lines to complete the task.
  • Upon clicking the menu button, a list will appear.
  • From the list, select “Restore Messages” to restore the incoming message.
  • The group message will be available once the message has been restored.


Consider using an alternative text messaging app

I recommend trying a different text messaging app if your group texts continue to be problematic.

The alternative app that you chose to use can also be enabled with Message+ instead of the default app.


Getting a text message from Mexico

The sender’s mobile number usually includes the country code at the beginning.

The sender’s mobile number should begin with +52 instead of the area code (588) when he or she is from Mexico.

If you receive international texts differently from what is described above, it is because Verizon uses PCS.


588 Area Code Suspicious Calls

There is also a possibility that you may receive calls from area code 588, which is extremely unusual.

You should decline the call if you are unsure of the caller’s identity, as there is a possibility that it is a scam.

It is also possible to block the number in order to protect yourself from scammers.


The area code 588 appears to be sending suspicious text messages

Verizon should be notified if you receive suspicious text messages from an unknown number or area code 588.

Find out how to handle spam and suspicious texts in this article.


Suspicious Text Messages from area code 588: Block the Sender

Verizon’s customer service team can be informed of spam texts as an effective way to counter them.

Verizon mobile users can report spam by following these steps.

  • You should not reply to or open any links in your message if it’s still on your device.
  • Shortcode 7726 should be used to forward the text message.
  • As soon as Verizon receives your forwarded message, it will ask for the “From” address.
  • Upon providing the “From” address of the spam text in your message body, a “Thank You” notification will be sent.
  • The investigation will now be launched by Verizon.

The message+ app differs from the messages app in a few ways, so here’s how you can report the spam text if you’re using the message+ app.

  • You should not click on any of the links in the message. Keep your finger on the message and don’t click any of the links.
  • From the new menu option on the display, select “Report Spam”.
  • Verizon will investigate and delete a message from your device after you report it as spam.

Your Verizon online account can also be used to block text messages if you own or manage the account.


How to Block Suspicious Text Messages on iPhone

You can block the sender of the suspicious message using an iPhone by following these steps.

  • To add a name or number to a conversation in Messages, tap on it at the top.
  • If you scroll down and tap “Block this caller”, you can block his number.

View and manage blocked contacts and phone numbers by navigating to settings, then Messages, then “Blocked Contacts”.


Contact Support

Please contact Verizon’s support team if you continue to receive text messages with area codes.

To resolve this issue, you can also visit Verizon’s retail store in your area and speak with an agent.


Final thoughts on the 588 area code

Mobile numbers with Verizon’s Personal Communications Service begin with the area code 588.

This service uses a non-geographic area code 5XX, which makes it interesting.

It is also possible to send out instant texts regarding your purchases, telecom plans, etc., using PCS.

In addition, businesses can also provide customer support by using toll-free numbers starting with the 588 area code.


Questions and Answers

Do you know if you’re being texted by a scammer?

Checking the mobile number is one way to identify a scammer. Overly long mobile numbers are usually scams. In addition to fake job offers, fake refunds, etc., there are several other common scams.

Are texts capable of stealing details about you?

By clicking on links or installing unauthorized apps in a text message, you can have your information stolen.

Messages vs. Messages+: what’s the difference?

Messages+ is different from messages because it includes additional features like archiving messages and sending texts internationally.

How much does Message+ cost?

Message+ is a free app that you can download. The data plan you choose will determine what charges you’ll be charged when sending and receiving messages using Verizon Message +.


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