Blink Camera Blinking Red? – Multiple Instant And Easy Fixes

My old Ring Doorbell was recently replaced by a new Blink Doorbell since I wanted to try something new and not be restricted to Ring’s ecosystem. However, I would like to know how you would fix the Blink camera blinking or flashing red light.

Several weeks after setting it up and using it, the camera feed would go off at random times.

I went over to the blink camera to see if any of the lights were blinking as soon as this happened. I could not see the live feed on my phone because a red light was blinking around the Blink camera.


How To Fix Blink Camera blinking or flashing Red light?

Since I was unsure what this red light blinking or flashing on the Blink camera meant, I had to find out what it meant. My first step was to read the support material that came with the camera.

Furthermore, I consulted a few popular forums and Blink camera support pages online to find out what the red light blinking meant.

In the end, I was satisfied with the information I was able to gather online and tried to fix my blink camera blinking or flashing red light.

In the event that your blink camera is not working at all, you should check out our other guide to help you resolve the issue.

You can fix your blinking red light Blink camera in less than an hour once you read this article.

As a result of following this guide, you should be able to fix your blink camera that is flashing or blinking red within seconds.

As you might have noticed, your Blink Camera is blinking or flashing red as it is trying to reconnect to your home Wi-Fi network after losing its connection. If you want to stop the light from flashing, you can reset the Sync Module.

See why this might be happening with your Blink camera and how to re-connect it to your Wi-Fi network.


What is the reason for your Blink Camera blinking red?

As soon as your Blink camera attempts to connect to your home network, it will display a red blinking or flashing light.

In all Blink cameras that need Wi-Fi connections, the blinking or flashing red light usually means that the connection is lost.

If you see this during regular use, it is likely that something is wrong with your Blink camera or your internet connection.

Here are a few methods that seem to work for me and others I’ve spoken to online and we’ll address issues with the Blink camera itself.


You may need to check your Internet connection if Blink camera is blinking red light.

In order to use its cloud features like uploading recordings, the Blink camera requires an internet connection. The device may attempt to reconnect to your Wi-Fi if this connection drops out.

Check that all the lights on your Wi-Fi router are turned on and that they are all on before you leave.

Check to make sure the Blink Camera lights aren’t blinking in any warning colors, such as amber, orange, or red.

In this case, you should contact your ISP or restart your router to see if that is going to fix the problem.


The Blink Camera needs to be reconnected to the Wi-Fi network in order to work.

You can reconnect your Blink camera to your Wi-Fi network again if you are having trouble with your Wi-Fi and your internet looks fine.

Blink has an option for changing Wi-Fi networks in its app, so we will use that.

You can connect your Blink camera to your Wi-Fi network by following these instructions.

  1. Before proceeding, make sure that the Sync Module and your phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Blink should now be launched.
  3. The Settings panel is located at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select the name of your system under System Settings.
  5. Sync Module can be accessed by tapping it.
  6. Select Change Wi-Fi Network from the menu.
  7. Using something non-metallic and pointy, press the Reset button on the Sync Module.
  8. Tap Discover Device when the lights on the Sync Module blink blue and turn solid green.
  9. When the Join prompt appears, tap it.
  10. From the list, choose the Wi-Fi network at your home.
  11. Tap Join again after entering your password.
  12. Sync Module added! will appear when the device connects to the Wi-Fi network.

After reconnecting the camera to your Wi-Fi, check if the red light is blinking again.


Make sure your Blink Camera battery is charged.

With battery information readily accessible on the Blink app, it is once again handy.

Your Blink Camera’s battery life can be checked here.

  1. The Blink App will be launched.
  2. Set up the camera by going to its settings.
  3. Make sure the Battery entry is OK under Monitoring.

You will also be able to see how long the battery will last if the battery is being overused.

If the battery life of the camera is less than OK, replace the battery.

It is recommended that you use Lithium AA batteries instead of Alkaline or rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries.


You should check your Blink cameras for motion detection.

When their infrared cameras detect motion, some Blink cameras blink as well.

Be sure there is nothing moving around in the camera’s field of view, such as a pet.

Face the camera towards the area where you want to detect motion, and avoid the areas where you normally expect to see movement.


Your Blink camera needs to be reset.

In the event that none of the fixes I’ve discussed stop the red light from blinking or flashing, you can reset the Blink camera to factory defaults.

As soon as the camera is reset, it will be removed from the Sync Module and your account, so be prepared to set everything up again.

You can reset your Blink camera by following these steps.

  1. Hold down the reset button on the side of the Sync Module until the light turns red. Reach for the button with something non-metallic and pointy.
  2. You can alternate between blue and green by releasing the button.
  3. All cameras will be removed from the Sync Module once it enters setup mode.
  4. Like setting up the cameras for the first time, adding them back in again is similar.

Locate the reset button on the side of cameras without a Sync Module.

To successfully reset the camera, hold down the button until the lights blink.


If you still see the camera blinking red, please contact support.

Feel free to contact Blink Support if none of the troubleshooting steps I have discussed above do not resolve the issue.

They can fix whatever problem you’re having with your Blink cameras once they know what model you have.



You can go through the entire setup process again if you want to start from scratch with all your cameras. In spite of this, this guide will assist you in fixing the Blink camera blinking red light issue.

The Blink camera can be used without a subscription, but free users have reported issues staying connected to their Wi-Fi.

Get a Blink subscription for a month and check the camera to see if it happens again.


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