LG TV Black Screen Of Death – Instant Fix [2022]

The smart TV does not load any pictures when you turn it on and it turns black as soon as you turn it on. Basically, it is the LG TV black screen of death problem. There is a possibility that this problem could be caused by both hardware as well as software issues simultaneously.

Whenever you try to watch or turn on your smart TV, you may encounter a ‘LG black screen of death. In that case, your LG TV has sound and no picture. Additionally, many LG TV users are experiencing the same problem.

In the following article, I would like to explore some possible reasons as to why it may be happening and what you can do in the event that it does happen.


What is the reason LG TVs have sound but no picture?

LG is a popular manufacturer of televisions and other large electronic devices. Many users, however, have been reporting a recent problem with their smart TVs. Specifically, they are turning on, but the screen does not display any pictures when they do so.

It is apparent that when they turn on the LG TV, the screen turns black and there is nothing to be seen on it (LG TV black screen of death). On their TVs, for instance, they only see a blank screen and when they use the remote control, it does not work either. It has been confirmed that there are three main causes for this problem, which are:

  1. Failure of the power supply: When the TV has insufficient power, it is unable to display a large number of pictures on the screen. In addition, it frequently shuts down, or keeps the brightness so low that you are unable to see anything on your screen.
  2. There are glitches in the software : When the picture settings or the input configuration on the smart TV have not been configured, the LG TV will have sound but no picture.
  3. It is possible that the display of the smart TV has been damaged, and as a result of this, it is not possible for you to see any pictures on the screen.
  4. Loose Cables: When the HDMI cable is not properly connected to the TV and the additional device. As a result, the output will not be displayed and the screen will become blank.
  5. It could be a software issue: If your smart TV firmware is out of date, the picture is not displayed on the screen. It is important to note that if your smart TV is not compatible with the source, the picture will not be displayed.


Fixing LG TV black screen of death

The ‘LG TV black screen of death’ is one of the most common problems LG TV owners encounter. In any case, there are a few simple steps you can take to fix the LG TV black screen of death issue and get your LG TV working normally again.


Method 1: Perform a power cycle on the TV

The majority of users have been able to resolve the ‘LG TV black screen of death’ issue by power cycling the TV. In order to perform a power cycle, the device is disconnected from its power source for a short period of time.

To begin with, you will need to unplug the power supply cable from the outlet, and then wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in. You will need to connect the power cord to an electric outlet in order to turn on the smart TV.


Method 2: Adjust the picture mode and the backlighting.

After you change the picture mode and backlight settings, you should notice some changes. If, however, your smart TV has the wrong contrast and brightness settings, you will view a dark screen even when you are indoors.

It happens because the backlight gets overheated, causing the screen to go black. Follow these instructions to change the picture mode and backlight setting on LG TV:

  1. On the remote control, press the “Home” button to start.
  2. Select the “Settings” menu on the remote control and go to “All Settings”.
  3. Then click on “Picture Settings”.
  4. Select “Standard” as the Picture mode.
  5. After that, decrease the backlight from ten to thirty.
  6. In order to finish, set the brightness to fifty.


Method 3: Connect all your cables properly and plug them in.

It is very important that the cables used to connect the smart TV to the additional devices are connected properly. Additionally, these cables should not be broken or damaged in any way.

Before connecting the HDMI cable, make sure it is connected properly. In order to achieve this, you will need to reinsert the cable into the smart TV as well as into additional devices.

Furthermore, if there are any signs of physical damage or scratches on the cable, you should seek professional assistance. Ideally, you should replace the cable with a new one.


Method 4: Deactivate standby mode

Your LG TV’s black screen of death can be caused by your smart TV being in standby mode. Neither a bug nor a glitch with smart TVs can cause this. In spite of this, it is a feature that prevents a lot of screen related problems.

When the smart TV is not in use, the standby mode automatically turns it off. If you are watching TV, then you should refrain from using the remote for a long time during that period. The mode will be activated automatically. As a result, the TV screen will be blank.

Select the Sleep Timer from the Settings menu. Be sure that it is turned off. At this point, the screen will not turn off unless you choose to do so.


Method 5: Reset to Factory Settings

The process of factory resetting involves removing all user ids, passwords, linked accounts, and restoring the device to its factory default settings. As a result, if your LG TV has sound but no picture, you should perform a factory reset.

The steps to factory reset your LG TV are as follows:

  1. From the main menu, click on Settings.
  2. Select All Settings and then General from the dropdown menu.

3. From here, you are given the option of resetting the settings.
4. The process of resetting will begin after you click on the OK button.

I would say it should take you about ten minutes to complete the factory reset once it has been completed. Once that has finished, you will need to configure your smart TV. We have prepared the best LG smart TV setup guide for you. If you follow the guide, you will be able to set up the TV without too much difficulty.


Method 6: You need to contact LG to arrange a repair.

Please let me know if you still see a black screen of death on your LG Smart TV after trying the steps above.. That means your problem is with the hardware of your TV. In this case, contact LG to have the smart TV repaired.

You can have your damaged LCD panel replaced by the LG customer care center if it is damaged. An LG TV with no picture but with sound will be diagnosed by the technicians.


Have you experienced the LG TV Black Screen of Death?

You may see ‘LG TV black screen of death’, even after turning it on. This is usually caused by a loose cable or wire, which is the most common cause of the problem. There is however a simple solution to this problem, and that is to make sure that everything is properly plugged in.

In order to see if the problem will go away, you can also try turning off the TV for a little while and then turning it back on again. Alternatively, you may need to contact LG to get your television repaired if that does not work.



1. If there is no picture on the LG but there is sound, what does that mean?

Answer: It seems that the smart TV is turning on, but the screen is too dark for you to see anything. This can happen when the sound HDMI cables are loose and the smart TV has a hardware issue.


2. How do LG TVs get black screens of death?

Answer: The causes of a black screen of death on a LG television include powering issues, software glitches, hardware glitches, incorrect input sources, loose HDMI input cables, etc.


3. What should I do when the screen on my LG TV goes black?

Answer: When the screen of your LG TV goes black, unplug the power cord for at least 30 seconds. As a result, you should be able to disable the standby mode on your TV after performing this action.


4. Why does your TV turn on but the screen is black?

Answer: The reason behind this is that your smart TV’s backlight is overheating. This prevents further damage to the display of the smart TV. As a result, the black screen of death has been disabled. Please give your smart TV some time to rest and try again in five hours.


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