PS4 Controller Flashing Blue Light? – Why Is Your PS4 Blinking Blue?

There is nothing to worry about if you just noticed a blinking or flashing blue light on your PS4 controller. However, many PlayStation users have reported experiencing this continuous flashing light. Why is the PS4 controller flashing blue light “PS4 blue light of death” and how can it be fixed?


A blinking or flashing blue light indicates that your PS4 controller is trying to sync with the console. Nevertheless, if the problem persists, there might be a problem syncing any two devices, such as a controller and a charger or a controller and console.

Here are some causes and solutions to “PS4 controller flashing blue light” problem. Keep reading!


Causes of PS4 controller blinking or flashing blue light?


ps4 controller flashing blue
PS4 Controller Flashing or Blinking Blue Light? “Blue Light of Death”


Several factors may contribute to this problem, according to Sony, and the company is actively investigating the issue. 

“We are aware that some PlayStation 4 systems have been experiencing problems in the US. As we monitor for any further reports, we believe that these are isolated incidents that represent a small percentage of the total units shipped to consumers.”  

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“We appreciate your patience while we investigate,” reads the troubleshooting page of the company. 

It is possible for your PS4 controller to have a blinking or flashing blue light for several reasons. Moreover, here are some of the most common causes: 

  1. It is likely that the software installed is incompatible or contains a bug. 
  1. The PS4 controller may randomly shutdown and flash the blue light of death if your hard drive is improperly installed or the screws are loose.  
  1. The console you are connecting to may not have a compatible device. 
  1. A power supply issue may be the cause of “PS4 controller flashing blue light” problem.


What can be done about the ‘flashing blue light of death’ on PS4 controller?

There are a few easy fixes you can try before you go to a repair shop to fix the “PS4 controller flashing blue light” issue.


1) Reset the PS4 controller

Resetting your controller is the easiest fix for PS4 controller flashing blue light. A little hole and four screws can be found at the back of your controller. You need to long-press this hole to restart the controller.

It is possible to push it in with a toothpick or a pin. Be sure to hold it for five seconds or more so that it will reset successfully. Resynchronize the controller.


2) Pair the PS4 controller via Bluetooth

By holding the PS button and sharing the button down, the controller will boot in Bluetooth mode. The PS button on the controller must be held simultaneously with the Share button.

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Use Bluetooth pairing to pair the controller with the console again.


2) Troubleshoot any software problems

Safe Mode can be used to troubleshoot a problem. The PS4 must be turned off by holding the power button. When Safe Mode appears, release the power button. You’ll hear a beep when you boot into Safe Mode.  

Press the PS button on your controller to enter the default settings can be restored by selecting ‘restore default settings’ or ‘rebuild database’ from the options. 

If it is not possible to retrieve the data from the Cloud, you should only use this method.


4) Update the firmware on your TV

The firmware on your TV may also need to be updated. You can easily update it via your TV’s settings.


5) Test your hard drive and make sure that it is functioning properly

Depending on your knowledge of technology, you can also check that the hard drive is properly seated. Moreover, if there is loose hardware, devices may not connect or boot correctly. 

Make sure the PlayStation is turned off before releasing the power button. Then, remove the hard drive cover once all cables have been disconnected. Finally, verify that the hard drive is aligned correctly. 

If necessary, the hard drive slot can be unscrewed and realigned. 


6) Make sure the power supply is working

Once the PlayStation is turned off, hold down the power button and disconnect all cables. Look for damaged cables and wires. Do they look worn or damaged? 

Another option is to reconnect all cables. Otherwise, try replacing the cables. 

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Is professional assistance required for PS4 controller flashing blue light?

After trying all the solutions for PS4 controller flashing blue light, if the “blue light of death” problem persists, take your PlayStation and controller to a repair shop and have them checked professionally. In addition, always go to an authorized and reputable repair shop after doing your research.  

You should avoid tinkering with electronics if you are unfamiliar with them. Indeed, it is best to leave hardware repairs to professionals. 

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