How To Connect Skullcandy Bluetooth Headphones To iPhone – 2022

Are you having trouble getting Skullcandy earbuds or headphones to work? With the right knowledge, the setup process for your earbuds is straightforward. Trying to figure out how to connect Skullcandy Bluetooth headphones to iPhone? Well here is how to do it.

When you connect Skullcandy headphones or earbuds to devices such as your iPhone, your headphones or earbuds use Bluetooth. Activate Bluetooth on the iPhone by going to the “Settings” menu, then going to “Bluetooth.” From the list of “OTHER DEVICES,” choose the Skullcandy device, and then it should pair up with your iPhone. 


How to Connect Skullcandy Earbuds or Bluetooth Headphones To iPhone?

Skullcandy’s compatibility with iPhones might worry you if you have never used their products before. As long as a device can use Bluetooth, Skullcandy earbuds and headphones work with it. Today, almost all iPhone models come with this feature, so you can easily use headphones!


Instructions for pairing Skullcandy earbuds or headphones with your iPhone

It can be a bit confusing to pair Skullcandy wireless earbuds for the first time if you have never used them before. Below are some steps which will guide you through the process:

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1. Put the Skullcandy earbuds in pairing mode

When holding down the power or Bluetooth buttons, the earbuds can be activated. Skullcandy earbuds may also have other buttons, in addition to the button on the side that activates this function. A Skullcandy logo may be on the button.

As soon as you turn on the earbuds, you’ll see the LEDs start blinking, which indicates that they are ready to pair. You will be able to move on to the next step once the earbuds start searching for your iPhone.


2. Connect Skullcandy Headphones With the iPhone’s Bluetooth

Then turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone because the earbuds won’t pair unless the smart device is also equipped with Bluetooth.

From the smart device, navigate to “Settings”. From the “Bluetooth” section, enable Bluetooth. Skullcandy earbuds are available under the “MORE DEVICES” section. You will often see the model number and name of the earbuds here.

As soon as you locate your wireless earbuds, you can tap them to connect. You will hear a verification sound as soon as the earbuds have been paired with your device. Once paired, the LED may also stop flashing, depending on the model.


How to troubleshoot Skullcandy earbuds

This step is not necessary if the earbuds pair successfully. In case they do not respond, you will have to shut down everything and try again once you have done that. Make sure the Skullcandy earbuds are off, and that the iPhone is not using its Bluetooth.


Make sure you start over from step one after everything has reset. Usually, resetting the devices resolves most issues.

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Here’s how to pair Skullcandy headphones with your iPhone.

Skullcandy headphones are very similar to Skullcandy earbuds in terms of pairing to your iPhone. The following instructions explain how to get started:

1. On the Skullcandy Headphones, activate Pairing Mode:

Press the power button to turn on the headphones after that  you need to hold the pairing button for about five seconds. When the LED light begins to flash, your headphones are ready to connect to your iPhone.


2. Pairing the Skullcandy Bluetooth headphones with the iPhone:

The next step is to make sure your iPhone has Bluetooth enabled then from the “Settings” menu, choose the “Bluetooth” option. Skullcandy’s wireless headphones will appear under “MORE DEVICES” with their model number. 

Simply tap the name of the headphones to access them. When your headphones pair with your device, a beep should be heard or the LED light should stop blinking. It’s now time to start enjoying your music.


How to troubleshoot Skullcandy headphones to work with iPhone

Try turning off Bluetooth for a few minutes and then reconnecting the headphones to your iPhone if you have trouble connecting them. Restart Bluetooth while also turning off the headphones. The power button on the headphones can be used to accomplish this.

When everything has been connected, press this button after a few seconds. If one of the devices does not work, the headphones and iPhone cannot pair. The Bluetooth feature usually needs to be restarted to resolve the problem.


Why Skullcandy Bluetooth Earbuds or Headphones Won’t Pair With Your iPhone

Your wireless earbuds or headphones may need to pair with your phone a few times. The first time you pair them, they should pair automatically after that.

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Make sure the devices are close together if they don’t pair. Large distances can sometimes cause problems during setup. Approximately five feet apart is the distance you should move them after you’ve finished setting them up.


Wrapping Up:

Using the Bluetooth menu on your iPhone, you can easily connect Skullcandy earbuds or headphones. To ensure your devices are visible on your phone, make sure they are in pairing mode first. You should be able to pair them automatically the next time you use them.


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