JLAB Bluetooth Headphones Won’t Connect? – Here’s How To Fix 2022

JLAB Bluetooth headphones won’t connect? Here’s how you can fix them

Unlike other brands, JLAB Audio has configured their products differently. The process isn’t complicated once you’ve set it up for the first time. A couple of their headphones provide high quality audio over Bluetooth. In addition, if your JLAB Bluetooth headphones won’t connect, follow this guide to fix it.

JLAB Neon, JLAB Go Air, and JLAB JBuddies are among the most popular models. This guide will show you how to pair some of these headphones with Bluetooth devices at home and while traveling.


The best way to pair JLAB Bluetooth headphones which won’t connect

The pairing process for most JLAB headphones differs from other headphones. The pairing mode can usually be activated by holding the pairing button for a few seconds. Connect your device to the headphones by searching for them on your device and clicking connect.

As long as both devices are in close proximity and Bluetooth is turned on, the devices will automatically pair when you pair them for the first time. This section details how to pair some of the most common headphones from JLAB.


How to pair the JLAB Neon

JLAB Neon is one of the top-selling products from the company for a good reason. It’s stylish, offers good audio quality, and features many appealing features. One button controls the volume of audio, pauses, plays, and skips tracks.

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As well as accepting or rejecting calls, you can use it. The design features two colors.

The headphones should pair after about 15 seconds of pressing the power button as this causes the LED lights to turn blue and blink quickly as it searches for Bluetooth devices.

Activate Bluetooth on your PC, mobile phone, or car radio to make your device discoverable. The JLAB Neon should appear on your device. Connecting to JLAB Neon is as easy as clicking connect from your device.

 Streaming audio begins when the blinking blue light stops and the connection is established. You will never have to repeat the pairing process again since the devices will automatically pair whenever they are within range.


How to pair JLAB JBuddies Studio

From JLAB, you can choose between a variety of JBuddies models. A kid’s version is available, as well as a wired and wireless version. With one that has a microphone, gamers can converse while listening to music.

Easy control and built-in volume regulators ensure the best audio quality. Turn on Bluetooth in your home, car, or office before connecting your device. Ensure that the devices are discoverable before turning on pairing in JBuddies.

Hold both buttons on the rear of each headphone to turn on pairing on JBuddies. You should see a white light flash for seven seconds or so. The blinking light indicates that the headphones are ready to pair with other devices.

JBuddies can be paired with your phone, computer, or car radio by searching for them and clicking pair. Once they’re paired, you can begin playing them. If you make this first connection, it will be easier for you to make more connections in the future.


How to pair JLAB and JBUD Air

The Air series from JLAB is the most sophisticated on the market. The headphones have more advanced features to produce better sound quality and make them easier to use.

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As with the JLAB Neon, the headphones connect via Bluetooth. Then, hold the power button for about a dozen seconds after your device has been turned off. You can connect the device when the blue light starts blinking.

Connect your JLAB headphones to your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth. It is likely that your device contains a setting that allows you to disable the Bluetooth function.

The JLAB JBUD Air can be paired by clicking on it, and then audio will start playing. When the devices are within close proximity, you should be able to automatically pair them following the initial pairing.


How to troubleshoot JLAB Bluetooth headphones won’t connect Problems

A 12-second press on the power button initiates pairing with most JLAB headphones. Rather than repeating the pairing process over and over, this one will only require one time. JLAB headphones, however, do not always automatically pair.

There will be a problem with either the JLAB headphones or the connecting device if that happens, and you can troubleshoot that.

Switching off the headphones and turning off Bluetooth from the connected device is the easiest way to troubleshoot the issue. After restarting the connection, you should wait about 30 seconds before pairing the two devices. You can try this simple trick to fix any simple software glitch that may be interfering with the connection.

Having trouble finding your headphones on your connecting device? In order to ensure that your headphones can locate your device, make sure it can be found. If the JLAB Bluetooth headphones still won’t connect, try another device.

Using another device will help you determine whether the problem is with your JLAB headphones or your connecting device.


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Is it possible that the JLAB headphones will connect, but the sound won’t be perfect?


You can maximize the performance of your headphones by using JLAB’s Burn In Tool. For more information on this tool and how it can enhance your listening experience, visit the JLAB website.

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For best results, replace the silicone tip of your earbuds if you have them. With these earbuds, you can choose different silicone tips to suit your needs in terms of isolation. You should check your connection device if your audio quality does not improve.

Turn up the volume and adjust the equalizer on your device if necessary. If your audio device has equalizer settings that provide poor quality sound, you may not be able to get the sound quality you want.


Is the JLAB App Available?

JLAB Epic Air users can download the JLAB App. If you have the Epic Air earbuds, you can connect and have all the control you need.

The app offers many options for customizing the settings for your earbuds, including volume levels and equalizer settings. If you are experiencing issues saving your custom settings, try reinstalling the app.


Wrapping Up:

There are a wide variety of JLAB products available. JLAB headphones have been designed to provide a perfect fit, high-quality audio, simple controls, and simple pairing with any Bluetooth-enabled device. You can nevertheless use the above guide to learn how to fix the JLAB bluetooth headphones that won’t connect.

The process for pairing most JLAB headphones is the same, even though they differ from other Bluetooth headphones. The device can be paired by pressing the button until it starts flashing. When you pair the devices, the blinking light will slow down, and you’ll be able to play audio.

A detailed user manual is included with each pair of headphones, which includes instructions on how to pair them. To learn more, you should consult the manual.


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