PS4 Turns On By Itself? – Here Are Best Methods To Fix It [2022]

PS4 Turns On By Itself or Randomly Turns On? Check Out These Latest Methods To Fix It In No Time

Many PS4 gamers complained that their consoles were activated, while others reported that they were not activated at all. However, when it turns on, the disc is automatically ejected or the system enters safe mode/rest mode. Moreover, there are reports that the PS4 console will start working even with a disconnected controller. Does the PS4 turn on by itself or randomly turns on for you or do you have an idea why this happens? A number of reasons may be responsible for this: software updates, hardware malfunctions, faulty power connections, and faulty ports. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got your back. Here is how we can fix PS4 turns on by itself or randomly turns on in more details. However, if your PlayStation turns on by itself, we have provided some of the best methods of 2022 to get it fixed.


How about finding out what a PS4 is?

PlayStation 4 is a video game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Additionally, Sony announced in February 2013 that PlayStation 4 would succeed PlayStation 3. It will be released in Europe, South America, Australia, and North America on 15 November 2013, and Japan on 22 February 2014. Xbox One, Wii U, and Microsoft’s Switch are all eighth-generation systems.


What is the PS4 capable of?

PlayStation 4 consoles are wonderful for gamers who don’t need the complexities of PC gaming. By using a controller, you can control every aspect of the experience instead of using a mouse and keyboard. The software installs quickly and lets you watch TV shows and movies.


The PS4 plays a special role in the gaming industry

There’s no doubt about it, Xbox One is the most powerful game console in the living room. Moreover, it can constantly produce games with higher resolutions than current Xbox One games. Additionally, built-in storage upgrades and other features make it more appealing to gamers.


In the event that your PS4 turns on by itself, what should you do?

If your PS4 randomly turns on there might be number of reasons for that. Often, the problem can be solved with a simple update. Simply run the update. If you have a lot of data, restoring the database is a well-known solution. We discussed this earlier. There are several options you can try.


playstation turns on by itself
PlayStation Turns On By Itself


Fixing “PS4 turns on by itself “Automatically Problem with Power Connecting

  • If you hold down the power button for seven seconds, you can shut down the PS4.
  • It will emit two beeps when it is off.
  • Plug the power cable of your PlayStation 4 console into an electrical outlet.
  • Look at the power cords or ports to see if there is a problem. Replace the cords if necessary.
  • To avoid overloading the PS4’s power outlet, avoid connecting several devices.


Turn off automatic updates

The PlayStation 4 can enable updates to be downloaded and installed at night if the auto-updates are enabled. To disable them, follow these instructions:

  •  On the home screen, select the Settings icon.
  •  Select System from the bottom of the screen.
  •  Select the Automated Downloads option.
  •  It is recommended to uncheck the box for System Software Update Files.

Since application update files only update while PlayStation 4 is in use, you do not have to uncheck them. If you do, your PS4 will no longer receive system updates.


Search for alternatives to WIFI

In some cases, WIFI cannot provide a reliable Internet connection, and there can be fluctuations in the network connection.

WIFI connectivity is commonly disrupted by network short circuits and external disruptions. In such cases, Ethernet cables are the best choice.

At the back of your console is an Ethernet cable power connector. LAN connections can also be made between the router and PS4.

If the WIFI connection works, don’t entirely rely on it.


Install the latest firmware for your PS4

  • On the home screen, select the Settings icon.
  • Select System Software Update by clicking the X button.
  • An update will be notified to you when it becomes available. 
  • When the latest version has been installed, you will receive a notification.


Troubleshooting hardware problems to fix “PS4 turns on by itself” issue

  • Turning off your PlayStation 4 is as simple as holding down the power button for seven seconds. Two beeps will be heard.
  • The power line should be turned off at the power outlet. In addition, all connected cords should also be removed.
  • Remove the shiny cover of the hard drive next.
  • A properly connected hard drive is essential. Replace it with a new one by opening it up.


Create a new database

Reconstructing the PS4 database is one of the most effective ways to fix practically any minor system failure. Savings are not destroyed during this process, but it may take a few minutes to hours for the database to be rebuilt, depending on the size of the drive.

  • Rebuild the database only after your PS4 has been completely turned off.
  • From the screen function, select Power, and then select Turn off PS4.
  • Once the second beep has been heard, the PS4 will automatically enter safe mode.
  • Use a USB port to connect your DS4 controller.
  • Choose “Rebuild Database” by clicking the “PlayStation” button on your controller. Your PS4 will now be activated instantly.

That should fix the problem that the PS4 turns on by itself or randomly turns on. Moreover, some games you purchased can be erased due to reconstruction data. If you do this, you can restore it via Settings > Account Management > License Restore > Button.


Safe Mode Should Be Used For System Updates

You may have a problem due to an incomplete update. In addition, a safe mode reinstallation can be done in such a case.

  • At least 400 Megabytes of free space should exist on your USB drive.
  • In that folder, create a folder called PS4.
  • Within it, create a subdirectory called UPDATE.
  • The latest update should be downloaded and added to the USB drive’s UPDATE folder.
  • Connect your console’s USB to your PS4 after turning it off.
  • With your power button pressed for 7 seconds, start your computer in safe mode.
  • Following the instructions will allow you to upgrade the system software in safe mode.
  • You should be able to do it without any hassle if you follow the instructions mentioned below.


Ensure that the PS4 has been reset

  • Connect the power wire from the PS4’s back to the main outlet and disconnect it when the console is turned off.
  • To ensure no charge is left, press the power button 4-5 times.
  • After 10 minutes, reconnect the power cable.
  • Once the second beep is heard, keep the PS4 power button pressed.
  • The PS4 controller should be connected to a USB cord.
  • Using the X button, select “Initialize PS4”.


APU issues must be prohibited

It is also possible that the faster processor unit may cause your PS4 to automatically turn on. It is possible for your PS4 console’s APU to be disconnected from the motherboard. Sony is the only one who can repair it, and only a replacement is available.

A common cause of the APU coming loose from the motherboard is overheating of the console.

  • You can avoid the “PS4 turns on by itself” issue by following these step-by-step instructions.
  • Ensure proper circulation of air around the console.
  • You can cool the system with an auxiliary fan or air conditioner if there is anything blocking the airflow.
  • A fan or air conditioner can be used to cool the System.
  • Avoid excessive use of the console.
  • Overuse can also lead to this problem.


The nightly updates should be turned off

The PS4 will automatically turn on if the night update mode is enabled. Other than that, the PS4 will update and install software. Follow these instructions in order to disable the automatic downloading function:

  • From the Home screen, click on the Settings icon.
  • System is the option to choose.
  • Select the Automatic Downloads option and disable it.


Analyze other connected devices

Several devices can be connected with multi-connectors. Moreover, your PS4 may be switching on and off because of it. Connecting it directly will solve the problem.

Alternatively, if a PS4 console has weak internal connectivity, removing USB devices can cause the console to shut off if they are attached to the front port.


How Can You Deal With the Situation if There Is No Workable Solution?

You might be able to fix the problem quickly if these methods did not work for you. This type of problem can be explained in several ways, as mentioned at the beginning. This section explains why this can happen and how to fix it.

  • Do not leave your PlayStation 4 in the rest mode after you turn it off. Still PS4 turns on by itself or randomly turns on automatically even when it is in rest mode.
  • In addition to PlayStation 4, even though there is no wake timer on Windows machines, they activated at the press of a button after we left them in sleep mode.
  • The PlayStation 4 eject button has a rubber foot; you must determine if the button interferes.
  • A rubber foot can absorb heat and start touching the eject button. In this case, the rubber foot can be removed or reduced.
  • The controller or console button has never triggered this issue on our end, but there is the potential to search your controller and PlayStation 4.
  • You may accidentally press a button repeatedly, your PS4 may turn on by itself, or it may also detect any gooey dirt attached to a button.


Frequently Asked Questions – How Do I Fix It When The PS4 Turns On By Itself?

  1. When does your PlayStation 4 start to fail?

Second clue: your video card might be failing if you see graphics artifacts when playing a game or it is overheating. Overheated components may be repaired by changing thermal paste and cleaning.


  1. What is causing my PS4 fan to stop?

Check whether the fan spins freely by spinning it. In addition, broken bearings are common in defective fans. When you rotate it, it can have problems if it does not spin freely.


  1. How Long Does a PS4 Last?

Sony was widely believed to soon forget the PlayStation 4 and its large community with the launch of PlayStation 5. Fortunately, this won’t be the case because Sony announced yesterday that its existing PlayStation 4 console will last until 2024.


  1. Blue Light of Death PlayStation 4: What is it?

What is the Blue Death Light on the PS4? This is a general error characterized by a pulsating blue light. However, it usually doesn’t produce any video or audio when this happens. You’ll also see the PS4 turn on and off.


  1. What are the chances of repairing a corrupt PS4 hard drive?

It has been proven by many users that rebuilding a corrupt PS4 database is the most efficient way to fix the issue. However, the reconstruction process looks at the drive and creates a new database containing all of the data. Moreover, the “Rebuild Database” option can be accessed in Safe Mode. In addition, your device must be switched off and then booted into Safe Mode.


In conclusion

There is a pretty common problem that occurs when the PS4 turns on by itself or randomly turns on. Moreover, many possible reasons can cause “PS4 randomly turns on” issue. In order to pinpoint the cause of your PS4 console’s malfunction, you need to test each solution one by one.

Indeed, the purpose of this article is to teach you how to solve or PS4 turns on by itself or PS4 randomly turns on problem the most complete and effective way possible.


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