PS4 Controller Orange Light – What Does It Mean and How Can It Be Fixed?

Thanks to the different colors that flash on the PS4 DS4 controllers, console gaming has never been more exciting! It is important to understand that all PS4 controller light colors have a particular meaning; however, the PS4 controller orange light is a little distracting.

So, why does the PS4 controller orange light appears?

In some cases, the orange light on the PS4 controller is caused by faulty hardware or firmware. Another possible cause is a problem with the controller’s connectivity with the console. In addition, the PS4 controller can flash orange when it is in rest mode.

Is your PS4 controller flashing or blinking an orange or yellow light? What does it indicate? As it blinks many different colors, this can be confusing to deal with.

When the PS4 is in rest mode, you may see a flashing or blinking orange light on the controller. Additionally, your PS4 console may be having trouble connecting to your controller. This is not a cause for concern. Let’s look at what each color represents and how to fix the problem.

We’ll tell you what PS4 controller orange lights mean, why they appear, and how they can be fixed if you keep reading!

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Is the orange light on a PS4 controller blinking or flashing?

PS4 Controller Orange Light

You can interpret the PS4 controller orange/yellow light in two different ways, depending on whether it’s unblinking or flashing/blinking. When the PS4 light is not blinking, the console is in rest mode or is being charged.

The PS4 controller orange light indicates the controller has only been plugged in to charge.

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Colors on PS4 controllers represent different things

There might be an issue with the colors on your PS4. The colors could also correspond to the different players in the game.

It means that the PS4 controller is malfunctioning if the red light is flashing/blinking. PS4 controllers orange lights indicate that the console is in rest mode. In contrast, white lights indicate that your PS4 is not connected or has a low battery when your PS4 controller is blinking or flashing yellow.


  • Blue for Player/user 1
  • Red for Player/user 2
  • Green for Player/user 3
  • Pink for Player/user 4

What does PS4 controller orange light indicate?

There may be two different meanings for PS4 orange/yellow lights, depending on whether they are unblinking or blinking. The unblinking light indicates that your PS4 is in rest mode or that it is off while charging.

When the PS4 controller’s orange light blinks, it means the controller was only plugged in to charge.

Is there a way to fix the PS4 controller orange light?

There could be an issue if your PS4 controller is flashing/blinking orange once or more often than that. This step-by-step guide will show you how to fix the PS4 controller orange light problem.

  1. First, disassemble your PS4 and clean its interior. Check that the PS button is in great condition.
  2. Plug in your controller through the USB port. Perform a hard reset of the PS4 controller to see if it works.
  3. You should check your batteries and USB port to get to the bottom of the issue.
  4. The conductive film is the issue if the batteries and USB ports work fine. Changing the film will resolve the problem.

The orange light on the PS4 controller keeps flashing/blinking. Is there another way to fix this?

PS4 controller orange light can be fixed in several ways. Using these methods, you do not have to buy another USB to determine if the problem is with the USB.

Power A cables that are licensed and specific for the PS4 controller might be required.

1. Install a new DualShock 4 cable

  • It is possible to use a charging cable for your Android device or to purchase a dualSock4 cable to replace your controller’s charging cable.
  • Next, plug the DualShock 4 cable into the computer.
  • The PS4 controller will turn on blue or orange light when it has begun to charge, and the problem was with the cable.

This is one of the most common problems encountered because USB cables are easily broken. Replace the USB cable to solve this issue.

2. Reset your PlayStation 4

  • The PS4 controller’s back button needs to be held down. You will hear two beeps after pressing it for a few seconds. Additionally, you can also use the quick start menu.
  • Unplug your PlayStation 4.
  • Reconnect it after a few moments. Finally, turn the PS4 back on.
  • Now, connect your USB charging cable and controller to the PS4.
  • Select PS4 from the DualShock 4 controller’s buttons.

Your grandparents’ old trick of turning it off and on again saved the day.

3. Set the controller on the PlayStation 4 to factory settings:

  • It has a reset button on controller.
  • You can use an opened pin or SIM card opener to press the reset button.
  • Make sure you hold it for couple of seconds.
  • Turn your DualShock 4 controller on and connect it to your PS4 to check if it works.

You can reset it the same way you would reset your PlayStation 4. Both have software issues, and a reset can be helpful in restoring them to factory settings. Let’s hope that resolves the issue.

Note: If you reset your PS4 console, all data will be erased, so make sure it’s saved before you start.

4. Enter safe mode on the PS4.

  • Switch off your PS4 console.
  • For a couple of seconds, hold down the reset button on the DualShock controller until two beeps are heard.
  • Connect the DualShock controller to the computer using the USB cable.
  • Then, turn it on using the PS4 button.

By doing so, the PS4 will return to its safe mode. You can also read PS4 Stuck in Safe Mode

NOTE: If you have a malfunctioning USB port or cable, this procedure won’t help you bypass controller and console software problems on PS4.

Learn how to fix PS4 turns on by itself in our article.

5. Disconnect other connected devices from your PS4 controller.

Install the Remote Play App if your controller doesn’t work. It will allow you to temporarily manage your PS4. To disconnect and reconnect the PS4 controller, remove it from Bluetooth devices first.

If you are using Mac OS, Windows, or PS vista, we recommend downloading the app on an Android or IOS device and avoid Mac OS, Windows, or PS vista. For Android users, we suggest downloading Remote Play on iOS devices.

Click here for instructions.

  • Log into your account with Remote Play once it is installed.

You must use the same account to log in to your PS4 console and to sign in to your account on your computer.

  • You’ll now see the ‘start’ button on the app. Click it and wait until the app connects to the console.
  • Select your DualShock controller in the settings > devices > Bluetooth devices menu by using the touch D-pad.
  • From the options menu, select Forget Device > OK.
  • On the controller, click PS and Share. You should see a blue light flashing on your PS4. The controller should now be paired.


What does the orange light on my PS4 controller mean?

The orange light on a PS4 controller indicates that the controller is charging.

How long does it take for the orange light to turn off on my PS4 controller?

The time it takes for the orange light to turn off on a PS4 controller will vary depending on the battery level of the controller and how long it has been charging. Typically it should take around 2 hours to fully charge a controller.

Can I still use my PS4 controller while the orange light is on?

Yes, you can still use your PS4 controller while it is charging and the orange light is on.

Why is my PS4 controller not charging?

There are a few potential reasons why your PS4 controller may not be charging. The charging cable may be damaged, the USB port on the controller may be damaged, or the battery may be too low to charge.

Can I charge my PS4 controller with a USB wall adapter?

Yes, you can charge your PS4 controller with a USB wall adapter as long as the adapter provides enough power to charge the controller.

Final Verdict: PS4 Controller Orange Light – Solved

PS4 controller orange light appears to be a confusing issue due to the fact that it may flash different colors, and each color may indicate an average or abnormal result.

Nevertheless, this article hopefully has been able to educate you on what colors mean and how to fix the issue.

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