Somfy Remote Programming Guide and User Manual – [2022 Updated]

Somfy Remote Programming Guide:

Somfy creates movement in all of the openings in a home or commercial building in order to build happiness. Make your customers’ lives better by providing them with a reliable, quiet, yet strong window treatment solution. However, below is the guide for programming Somfy remote.


How Does Somfy Remote Programming Works?

Remote controls or wall switches make it easy to operate window coverings. As Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) is omnidirectional, no aiming or pointing is necessary. The radio waves pass through walls like a garage door opener. 

Remote controls, wireless wall switches, table-top controls, timers, and an app are all part of this convenient system.

There’s no need to aim the control at the window covering. The radio signal travels through walls just like a garage door opener.

  1. You can use it up to 65 feet away for easy operation.
  2. Cables are not necessary.
  3. The motorized window coverings can be controlled individually or in groups with one control.
  4. User preferences can be changed with simplified programming.
  5. Single-channel and multi-channel versions are available.
  6. Over 12 million installations have been made worldwide.
  7. Using a rolling code that reduces interference from other radio products.
  8. Simplifies the integration of home automation systems.
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Identify the Somfy RTS remote control options before programming 


Devices that can be controlled remotely with a hand-held device 

Motorized window coverings can be operated by pressing a button or rotating a scroll wheel on a variety of hand-held remote controls. 


Switches with WireFreeTM technology 

Entering a room and controlling motorized window coverings is a breeze with DecoFlex WireFreeTM RTS Wall Switches.


The tabletop is controlled by a remote control 

Users can control their motorized window coverings with the DecoFlex WireFreeTM RTS Table Top Accessory remote.


The receivers 

The receiver allows users to control motorized window shades, incandescent and halogen lights, and other outdoor devices.



By converting IR, RS232, RS485 and WIFI protocols to RTS, motorized window coverings can be controlled by 3rd parties.



Motorized window coverings can be controlled from a distance.



Window coverings that are motorized can be programmed to automatically adjust according to the amount of sunlight received, the temperature recorded, and the direction of wind.


Various options for controlling and programming Somfy Remote

Hand-held remote control for Telis RTS 


UP Button The “my” button acts as a stop button when the window covering moves. There is also the Telesis 1 RTS remote 1810633 that controls Telesis 4. The “my” button brings the window covering to its programed favorite position when stationary. LED DOWN Channel – All 4 lights will light up when the fifth channel is selected. 


  • UP Button.
  • DOWN Button.
  • Channel Selector Button Each of the four lights will turn on when the fifth channel is selected.
  • Channels can be selected by pressing the channel buttons. Selecting a channel will light the LED.
  • This button stops a moving shade and programs an intermediate position.
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The LOWER limit can be changed by sending the shade down to its pre-set level. 

Step 1: The first step is to press both buttons simultaneously until the shade jogs. However, a jog is a brief movement up and down the shade. 

Step 2: Adjust the lower limit to the desired level. 

Step 3: Press / until the shade moves.


Change the upper limit of the shade by sending it to its pre-set upper limit.

1st Step: Push both buttons simultaneously to move the shade. 

2nd Step: Adjust the upper limit to your preference. 

3rd Step: Press / until the shade changes.


A position in the middle 

To move the shade to an intermediate position, press “/”. 

Hold down / until it jogs into the desired position. The intermediate position is now stored.


Note: Press / twice if the shade is actively moving. 

To delete: Move the shade to the intermediate position, then hold / for five seconds. A jog shows that the shade has been deleted.



The following information should be read before you begin:

Step 1-7 must be completed in order to ensure proper shade programming and functionality. Moreover, the motor that is being programmed should be the only one powered (disconnect all other motors). Indeed, this will cause the motor to exit programming mode after two minutes.


Step 1: Connect the power 

Install the motor in the shade. Connect it to a power source (120V, 24V, a 12V transformer, or a 12V battery wand).

Sonesse 30 Wirefree: To wake up the motor head, press the motor programming button. A shade jog and a transmitter command will be enabled.

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Step 2: Choose a channel with the remote. While pressing both buttons, wait for the shade to move. It is now in programming mode. 

Step 3: Check the directions and press the “OR” button. A shade will descend when you press. When the shade changes, press and hold /.

Step 4: Set the upper limits Bring the shade up to the desired level. While holding down both / and , move the shade. You may need to go back to the upper limit if the shade stops when you release the buttons). When the shade reaches the lower limit, stop it. You can adjust it by pressing “OR.”

Step 5: Reduce the shade to the desired level. Press / and / at the same time to move the shade, then release. When you release, the shade will return to its original position.

Step 6: Confirm the settings Press / and hold it until the shade changes. Moving up and down is known as jogging.

Step 7: Press or tap the programming button briefly until the shade jogs. The shade will now work. Check the limits as a precaution.

Step 8: Unplug motors that have multiple channels.


Hold down the motor head programming button until the shade moves to enable sleep mode. Then press the motor head programming button shortly again. The shade will then jog twice. Sleep mode is now active. Press the programming button to turn off sleep mode.


Somfy Remote Control Programming User Manual:



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