One For All Remote Programming – [2022 Updated Guide]

The purpose of this post is to show you instructions on how to program One for All Universal Remote Codes. You can program your one for all remote using the instructions mentioned below and see if it works. A new “SETUP” button replaces the “one for all remote magic button.” Some remotes have the “MAGIC” button instead of the “SETUP” button. Both buttons perform the same function.
one for all universal remote programming instructions
One for All universal remote programming instructions

How to Program One for All Universal Remote Codes Instructions :

Listed below is a discussion of the three ways that you can program your one for all universal remote. Firstly, you program one for all remote by using the one for all universal remote user manual instructions. To program One for All remote, we recommend the one for all remote code search. Thirdly, in order to program it we recommend one for all universal remote setup methods as mentioned below.


  1. Program One for All Universal Remote through “ MANUAL  METHOD INSTRUCTIONS”:

The “how to setup One for All remote manually” procedure will automatically start searching for the code when you follow this procedure.

1st Step: Start by turning the device on.

2nd Step: Holding the “SETUP” button for one second will bring up the setup screen. It will turn on the light when pressed.

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3rd Step: Press the button with the device in it. Select which device you want to program.

4th Step: Enter the code “9-9-2”. A red light will blink twice.

5th Step: Keep holding the “POWER” button and the “CHANNEL +” button simultaneously until the device turns “OFF”. Repetition of the process will result in device turn “OFF”.

6th Step: Save your device’s setup code by pressing the “SETUP” button.

7th Step: Turn on your device and verify your code has been saved correctly.

The other methods we suggest below may work better for you if this works better for you.


2. Program One for All Remote Through “Search Code Method”:

Programming the “one for all remote” using code search method, you must enter the codes from your user manual to setup the remote control. If this code is incorrect, it displays the correct code if it is not correct. Rather than “one for all remote magic button”, “SETUP” is used here.

1st Step: Turn your device which you wish to program “ON”.

2nd Step: Keep the remote facing the device you’re programming.

3rd Step: Press “SETUP” on the remote. When the “RED” light blinks twice, the device is ready for programming.

4th Step: The next step involves entering the “Codes” you obtained from the “One for All Remote Code Table.”.

5th Step: After some time, your device will turn off.

Using the “one for all remote code search method”, you can program your one for all remote. Should your one for all remote fail to setup, then you can use our next method.

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3. Setup One for All Universal Remote Through “Instruction Booklet”:

1st Step: Power on your device.

2nd Step: Keep pressing the “SETUP” button until the “RED” light flashes.

3rd Step: Input the “CODE” from the “INSTRUCTION BOOKLET”. The “RED” LED indicator will flash if the code is correct.

4th Step: Keep holding the “POWER” button till your gadget is turned off.


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