Roku Overheating? – Multiple Solutions [Updated Guide 2022]

Roku Streaming Stick Overheating? – Here are Methods to Get It Fixed:

I have used Roku to watch all my favorite shows for a very long time. Indeed, i will show you multiple ways to fix problems related to your Roku Streaming Stick if it is overheating.

I love how easy it is to use and how convenient it makes my life. Furthermore, there are a lot of streaming apps available. I can watch Netflix directly from my TV.

I glanced at the device as I was deciding what show to watch last week.

Instead of blinking white, the LED was blinking red. When I picked it up, the Roku device was extremely hot. After setting it down, I went online to find a solution.

I found out that this is a common issue with streaming devices and is bound to happen at some point during your usage.

Therefore, I decided to spend more time trying to fix the problem. Here’s what I found.

The easiest way to fix problems related to the overheating issue of Roku  Streaming Stick is to pull the power cord and let it cool down.

You can also try restarting your device, moving it to a cooler location, or using an HDMI extender.


If Roku Streaming Stick is Overheating, Pull the power cord and let it cool.

If you see a red LED or an overheating warning, the first thing you should do is to unplug your device for at least 20 minutes.

Give your device a break if it has been running continuously for a long time.

Gently touch the overheating Roku device to see if it has cooled down. Plug it back in once it has.

If it does not, wait as long as necessary. If you still want to watch something while it cools down and own an iPhone, you can stream it from your phone to your TV.


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Move Your Overheating Roku Steaming Stick To a Cooler Location

Next, you should try moving the Roku to a cooler location. Switch out the power outlet periodically.

It is best to move it away from your TV if it is too close to it. Rokus should not be kept in confined spaces like cabinets, boxes, cupboards, or in direct sunlight, or it will face overheating issues.


Clean The Dust Off Your Device

You can use a soft, clean, and dry piece of cloth or a small brush to clean your device.

Remove the plug from your device first. Use the cloth or brush to remove any unwanted dust or lint.

You can use wet wipes designed for cleaning smartphones, computers, and other electronic devices to remove smudges and fingerprints.


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Restart Your Roku Device 

If unplugging the device didn’t fix the Roku streaming stick overheating problem, restarting the computer would be the next step.

Moreover, before you do that, ensure that you re-plug the device and check its temperature. You can access the secret menu on your Roku device.

Press the following buttons quickly on your remote to find the temperature:

Gently click the Home button five times. Press the Fast forward button and then the Pause button.

Press rewind, pause, and fast forward again to end the process.

The temperature of your Roku device can be seen on the menu. If the temperature is still too high and Roku has started overheating, you should restart the overheating Roku Steaming Stick device.


Use an HDMI Extender

If the temperature is still too high, you should use an HDMI extender. The best part is that you won’t need to spend extra money on the extender. 

Roku’s official website allows you to order it for free. Here is a guide on how to get the free HDMI extender:

Visit the website on your computer or mobile device.

Please enter your name and the address to which the product should be delivered.

Make sure your contact information is correct.

Please enter the serial number of your Roku stick. The serial number can be found on the back of the Roku stick.

To submit the request, click the submit button.

Your free extender will arrive soon!


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Final Comments on How to Fix Roku Overheating

Roku has a temperature-checking system. You might see a message indicating the device’s temperature on the screen.

When the device tells you to maintain the optimal temperature, this happens.

Do not overlook this if you want to prevent overheating damage to your Roku streaming stick or device.

When this happens, it is good to keep the temperature in check and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

As a precaution, keep the device away from any heating element. Smoke and steam can also cause Roku overheating.

While cleaning the Roku device, it is not recommended to use harsh chemicals or solvents. This could damage the device.

If your Roku keeps overheating in spite of doing all of this, then there might be an inherent defect with your device, and you should get it replaced.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is my Roku overheating?

A closed environment, placing your Roku too close to your TV, or a burnt or damaged power outlet are all common causes of your Roku overheating.


What is the Roku secret menu?

It consists of several screens, each for a different purpose. Hard-coded settings can be accessed, or the device can be factory reset.


Should the Roku stick get hot?

Using your device may become warm, but it shouldn’t reach a certain temperature.

However, if the white light on the front turns red or if you get a message saying “Your Roku device is overheating,” it has exceeded the limit.


Should I unplug my Roku when not in use?

It would be very best if you unplug your Roku only when it is overheating. It happens when you run it more than you should.


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