Jackbox On Roku? Here Is How To Get It Easily [2022]

Jackbox On Roku – How To Get It?

In order to keep all my streaming platforms in one place, I bought a Roku TV. However, Roku’s interface is also very appealing to me, but I wanted to get Jackbox games on Roku, so I searched for a few possible solutions. Using our detailed guide below, you can easily get Jackbox on Roku.

Indeed, playing party games with friends during a weekend get-together was on our agenda. 

The gamer/tech guy in the group, I quickly set everything up, but I realized Jackbox Games wasn’t available on the Roku Channel Store (channels are apps).

As a result, I spent some time online researching in order not to disappoint the group.

After some head scratching and browsing articles, support guides, and user forums, I found what I was looking for. 

Moreover, there is a way to play Jackbox Games on Roku, but it’s not quite as straightforward as it seems, and you may need to use another device in addition to the Roku.

Streaming devices and gaming consoles that support Jackbox Games are required to run Jackbox on Roku TV, as Jackbox is not listed in the Roku App Store.

Additionally, many articles state that you can play using an Android emulator on your Roku TV, but this is simply not the case. 

Screen mirroring is, however, possible on Android phones and tablets. Indeed, Jackbox Games can be run on various platforms like Roku, according to detailed instructions.


Jackbox Games: What are they?

The Jackbox Games series is a series of party games developed and published by Telltale Publishing and Jackbox Games.

Aimed primarily at households and groups, the games are all rated T or below and most are also family-friendly.

In addition, current games include ‘The Wheel of Enormous Proportions’ where a mysterious, all-knowing wheel plays trivia and chance from a mountaintop in the sky. Take part in the ‘Split The Room’ game and answer some of the most craziest ‘What if’ questions. Moreover, ‘The Poll Mine’ is a game which involves players dividing into two teams, answering survey questions secretly, then guessing the results. Some games support eight players.


Can I play Jackbox games on Roku?

No, this is not possible. The following are some ways to overcome this and play Jackbox games on a Roku TV.

However, there is no way to directly play Jackbox Games on Roku devices until the ‘Channel Store’ is integrated with Jackbox Games.


What platforms do Jackbox games support?

Jackbox Games are compatible with a wide range of devices, operating systems, and consoles. 

Playable on PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems, Jackbox Games are also available for the following consoles and devices:

Retailers online

  • App Store (iOS and Mac)
  • Epic Games Store (Windows/Mac)
  • Steam (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  • Fanatical (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  • Humble Games (Windows, Mac, and Linux)


Consoles that are supported

  • Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Xbox X Series
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox One
  • Sony PS5 (Compatible with PS4 as well)
  • Xbox Series S
  • Sony PS3


Devices that are supported

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire Stick 4K
  • Apple iPad Pro


Indeed, you should make sure your device is compatible before purchasing a game or party pack since some games may not work across all devices.

Scroll down the Jackbox website and choose any game to see which devices are compatible.


Your Roku TV can be connected to your Chromecast using a Chromecast

Indeed, you can run Jackbox Games on your Roku TV in this easy and cheap way.

With HDMI ports on the back, Roku TV can be used on any modern TV, including non-smart TVs.

However, if you own a Roku TV, connect the HDMI cable of your Chromecast to the HDMI port.

Your Roku’s remote control will allow you to change the input source on your display if necessary.

You can now play your Jackbox Games on a big screen using your PC, laptop, or other supported device.


With an Apple TV or Fire Stick, you can play Jackbox games on your Roku TV

Roku TV’s HDMI port can be used instead of the Chromecast method discussed above to connect an Amazon Firestick or Apple TV.

In addition, with both Firestick and Apple TV having their own app stores, you can download Jackbox Games via the Amazon or Apple App stores.

In order to play the game, however, you will need an additional smartphone or tablet.


Playing Jackbox games on your Roku TV with a console

Rather than buying anything else, make use of your current or last generation game console.

Play the Jackbox game on your Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo game console and connect it to your Roku TV via HDMI.

You will also have more options than with a streaming device since these games support controllers and keyboards (Only Playstation and Xbox).

All major game consoles, including those mentioned above, support Jackbox games. 

Due to its inability to connect with an external display, this method does not work for the Nintendo Switch Lite.


Emulate Android on your computer by installing an emulator

I found that almost every article I read about Jackbox Games on Roku TV mentioned a trick for playing them. 

Due to the fact that Roku is a closed-source platform, and emulating or even installing Android would require a great deal of expertise, I can safely say that this is not possible.

As far as I know, the steps above are the easiest and safest methods for running Jackbox games on Roku.

The games can be streamed directly to your TV from your Android phone via screen mirroring.


Jackbox on Roku TV: Final Thoughts

All you need is a device that supports Jackbox Games, such as a streaming device or a gaming console.

The game can be mirrored on your TV or cast to a streaming device if your phone or tablet is an Android or iOS device.

If you do not have any of the devices mentioned above, you should consider a Chromecast or similar streaming device.

Those looking for a more versatile gaming experience should consider the Xbox or PS5.


FAQs – Jackbox Games on Roku

Does Roku allow apps to be installed?

The ‘Roku Channel Store’ is where apps can be downloaded. Moreover, the store has almost all the popular streaming apps, although it is more limited than its peers.

Does Roku use an app store?

As part of its proprietary channel store, Roku offers its own content.

Do you have access to free Jackbox games?

In a technical sense, no. There are often free versions of these games available on Steam, Epic, and other online game stores. However, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that once you have purchased a game, you cannot undo it. The invite code can be used by all other players.

Does Roku support Steam games?

For now, Steam games can only be played on a Roku TV by casting your display from a laptop/PC or Android device running the game. In addition, it was not yet possible to install Steam Link on Roku devices at the time of this writing. Steam games can be played directly on your smartphone or smart TV using screen casting software.


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