MeTV On DirecTV – Here is How To Get It Instantly [2022]

How to Get MeTV On DirecTV?

If you miss your favorite shows or wish to watch them again, it can be frustrating to learn that DIRECTV doesn’t offer them as direct streaming channels. Moreover, if you are looking for a guide on how to get Metv on DirecTV, this is the article for you.

The show “I Love Lucy” recently appeared in my YouTube suggestions, and I couldn’t stop watching it. 

The full episodes weren’t available on YouTube, so I turned to the internet. 

It was there that I learned about MeTV, but unfortunately, it wasn’t available with my DIRECTV subscription. 

The search for what I was seeking online was finally fruitful for me after I spent a considerable amount of time looking.

DIRECTV subscribers can access MeTV in three different ways, according to my research. 

MeTV on DIRECTV is not currently available, but its content can be accessed via free OTA, Hulu subscriptions, or the MeTV website based on your location.


Why should I watch MeTV?

Memorable Entertainment Television, or MeTV, airs all the best and old classic shows from the 1950s through the 2000s. 

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During the 1980s, it aired popular shows like Star Trek, Happy Days, and Mama’s Family. 

In 2010, MeTV opened its network to the whole country. 

All the classics will be brought to the present for viewers to enjoy without missing out on anything. 

Approximately 96% of US households have access to MeTV at present, making it one of the most popular choices.


Can I watch MeTV on DIRECTV?

Due to its nature as a sub-channel, MeTV shall not be broadcast as a national channel. 

This means I would need to answer the question both no and yes. 

DIRECTV no longer lists MeTV among its main channels since it stopped adding subchannels. 

On DIRECTV, MeTV can also be accessed through several other methods. 

As with OTA platforms, MeTV is broadcast only on Channel -1 if the local station has the network available. 

You may not be able to access the content on your local TV station if DIRECTV is not considered a must-have channel by your local TV station.


What channel can you find MeTV on DIRECTV?

You may be able to access MeTV on DIRECTV on a different channel depending on where you live in the US and where you live. 

If you live in Los Angeles, for example, you can watch MeTV on channel 20 but if you live in Seattle, you can watch it on channel 12. 

It is available on the local channel KAZA (channel 54-1) for Los Angeles residents, while the residents of New York City can find it on channel 33. 

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So on and so forth, the numbers vary according to where you live. 

If you want to know which channel broadcasts your MeTV stream, you can always ask another DIRECTV user in your area who has a MeTV subscription.


How can I get MeTV on DIRECTV?

As well as offering many features, DIRECTV is also affordable. 

However, the best thing about MeTV is that it’s free and available over the air in almost all states, so there’s no extra cost. 

To get to that part, you can take three different routes. First, choose from the following list based on your affordability and availability.


Get MeTV on DirecTV using OTA based on your location

A DIRECTV subscription and free OTA service are the two most important requirements to make this option work. 

You can use any OTA service available to you based on where you live, as long as MeTV services are available to you. 

When you add MeTV to your OTA subscription, you will also be able to watch it on DIRECTV.


Watch MeTV on DirecTV via Hulu App

Hulu’s streaming app on your DirecTV is another option for accessing MeTV. 

On Hulu, a video streaming service that provides on-demand video content, you are able to watch high-quality video content. 

On the MeTV website, you can find a list of available platforms, but this free service is provided by Hulu; you must already be a subscriber to Hulu to access this service. 

If you haven’t already signed up for MeTV, you can always do so to watch your favorite shows.

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Live streaming is available on the official MeTV website

All your oldies favourite shows can be accessed through the official MeTV website. 

If you are a new user, you can sign up for a free account, and you will be able to access the streaming service on demand for free. 

Your favorite shows can be scheduled for airing on the website using a reminder option. You can star in your favorite shows. 



As a subchannel, MeTV isn’t accessible directly through DIRECTV, but if it had been a national network, it would have been available. 

Due to the fact that this is not possible, shortcuts like those mentioned above have to be used. 

For recent updates on MeTV becoming available in more areas or locations, subscribe to the MeTV newsletter. 

You can always reach out to your network provider if its services are not available at your location.



Is MeTV available on any platform?

The Hulu platform supports MeTV streaming.

Is MeTV available on AT&T TV?

Subscribers to AT&T U-verse are able to access MeTV through its streaming platform.

Can you watch MeTV on your phone?

Mobile devices and tablets supporting the MeTV app can be used to watch MeTV.

Is there a MeTV channel on YouTube TV?

There is a MeTV YouTube channel that you can subscribe to on YouTube, and the channel is available on the site.


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