What Channel is The Weather Channel on DIRECTV? – Updated 2022

In today’s world, entertainment has no boundaries. TV entertainment is easier to access than ever before. Thanks to technological advancements. Additionally, it is possible to access these avenues in various ways? You have cable TV, subscription VOD streaming platforms, and satellite TV services, right? All are competing for audiences. More choices can also make it more challenging to choose the exemplary service for your home. Nothing to complain about? It’s good to have competition. However, keep reading this article if you are searching for channel number for “What channel The Weather Channel airs on DirecTV”.

Streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu have become household favorites in recent years, but cable TV is still very much alive. Is it easy for urban and suburban residents to access a wireline service? Furthermore, cable TV makes it easy for them to access in-home entertainment via a wired connection, while wired internet makes it easier to cut the cord if desired. Can satellite technology save the day for communities without access to high-speed wired internet or cable TV? One such alternative is AT&T’s top-ranking DIRECTV service, which is available coast to coast. It is available everywhere under the Southern sky.


DIRECTV Transforms Your Experience of TV

We’re sure you’ll soon discover all DIRECTV offers as a new subscriber. Are you starting with the impressive channel lineup, the most salient characteristic of the service? The starter plan has one of the highest channel counts available in the market.

Whether you select ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE™ or PREMIER™, you get a balanced mix of popular cable networks with DIRECTV? From romantic soap operas to family programming to action thrillers and horror hits, the DIRECTV channel lineup gives you access to the crème de la crème of local broadcast networks and cable networks. ENTERTAINMENT covers the basics, CHOICE caters to families with varied interests, ULTIMATE is the best for movie lovers, and PREMIER has all the TV you love.

You’ll also enjoy a brand-new way to watch TV. However, be ready to take advantage of not only the extensive channel lineup but also fun features such as the Genie HD DVR, which can be used as the centrepiece of your in-home cinema, and the DIRECTV app, which doesn’t even require internet for you to watch your favourite titles and a “virtually unlimited” number of on-demand titles on top of your DIRECTV channel package.

The Weather Channel on DIRECTV

It’s not all entertainment with DIRECTV. You’ll find a number of popular infotainment networks. The Weather Channel is one of them!

In 1982, the Weather Channel was launched by the Weather Group, LLC? a subsidiary of Allen Media. Weatherscan, Justice Central, and Entertainment Studios Networks are sister channels of The Weather Channel.

With its weather-related programming delivered in a fun and entertaining manner, The Weather Channel maintains its popularity. Indeed, you don’t have to be boring and bland to learn about the weather, do you? Do you want weather forecasts, analyses, documentaries, and live studio shows? Get an early update on the local weather and wherever you might be travelling that day. If you want to keep up with all things weather, The Weather Channel is a must.

Due to its popularity, the network is carried by most U.S. cable systems and satellite TV services. Indeed, The Weather Channel is also available on IPTV services like AT&T TV and streaming platforms like fuboTV. It is not surprising that the network reaches over 79 million pay-TV households in the United States.

However, tuning into The Weather Channel on DIRECTV stands out due to the service’s revolutionary features.


What Channel Number is The Weather Channel on DIRECTV?

The DIRECTV on-screen channel guide is a great tool that helps you organize your TV watching process and do so much more, but it can take some time to master the new interface. Until you are adept at navigating your way through the program guide, here is the answer to your question, “What channel number is The Weather Channel on DIRECTV?”

The Weather Channel can be found on DIRECTV channel number 362! Cable channel numbers on DIRECTV do not change with your location? Only local broadcast networks are broadcast on different channel numbers in different regions.

If you subscribe to DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT, you won’t have access to The Weather Channel? However, The Weather Channel is included in the lineup for CHOICE and higher. In addition, DIRECTV offers another popular weather channel, i.e. AccuWeather Network.


What to Watch on The Weather Channel on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV’s Weather Channel isn’t your typical weather forecast TV network that provides audience members with statistics. Moreover, it’s more of an infotainment channel that adds to your knowledge in a fun way! Does the popular weather network usually broadcast weather news, documentaries, analyses, live studio shows, and entertainment specials? In addition to weather forecasts.

Are you a regular network user, or is it more of a recent discovery for you? Below are a few highlights from the current Weather Channel programming:



AMHQ is the perfect show to help you prepare for the day. It focuses on providing daily weather updates with the best graphics and excellent meteorological expertise to help you prepare for the weather in the best way. The show airs between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. Eastern Time on weekdays.

American Super/Natural

I highly recommend this book if you’re a fan of science and love hearing terrifying stories about scientific miracles and meteorological elements. This series focuses on the supernatural aspects of science and history. What’s even better? Narrating experiences is a privilege reserved for those who have lived through them!


Weather Center Live

Keep up with the latest weather forecast and insightful weather observations throughout the day. Weather Center Live airs from 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on weekdays.


Top Ten

Does this show depict the immense force of meteorological elements? The weather has a significant impact on our lives every day. Moreover, follow the best and worst weather and all the in-between colours with Top Ten! You will see how extreme weather conditions caused by mega cyclones or devastating firestorms can impact human lives standing in their way.


Wrapping it up

We hope you will not miss out on tomorrow’s weather update by having The Weather Channel number handy. The DIRECTV app also lets you watch The Weather Channel while on the go, so you are never out of the loop.

If you have ENTERTAINMENT and would like to add The Weather Channel to your DIRECTV package, you can always contact DIRECTV Customer Service and request an upgrade to CHOICE.


Frequently Asked Questions


What channel is The Weather Channel on DIRECTV in San Antonio, Texas?

San Antonio, Texas, residents can watch the Weather Channel on DIRECTV channel 362.


What channel is The Weather Channel on DIRECTV in Orlando, Florida?

In Orlando, Florida, you can watch The Weather Channel on DIRECTV channel 362.



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