What channel is NFL Network on DIRECTV? – Updated 2022

The NFL is a true reflection of American culture. We are founded on the principles of Liberty, Equality, and Justice. Baseball has been integral to our democracy for decades, but now football has become more popular as more people are inclined toward it. Moreover, the NFL is enjoying unprecedented success in terms of attendance, revenue, and TV ratings, with no sign of slowing down. By marketing extensively to non-traditional sports fans, the NFL has become an integral part of popular culture. NFL players have become icons. However, you can watch the NFL Network channel on DIRECTV using the guide and table below to find the channel number.

Players, executives, coaches, and franchises are free to pursue their fortunes. In their prime, players create a market for themselves. Coaches are promoted according to their success. In addition, franchises have the option to leave if they are unsatisfied with their city. Coaches are fired for underperforming, regardless of their status. This is a very American concept. Indeed, success and failure go together. A person can go from rags to riches and vice versa; it all depends on the fruits of their labor.


How to Get NFL Network on DIRECTV?

A sport close to American values needs channels that can provide us with exclusive content from the NFL world. Numerous channels broadcast NFL matches nationwide. HOWEVER, the NFL Network stands out from all of them due to its exclusive content.

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DIRECTV offers extensive coverage in the US as a satellite provider. The company has more than 16 million subscribers. Various channel lineups are available with programming from popular genres.

CenturyLink’s state-of-the-art infrastructure offers DSL and fiber internet services. CenturyLink Customer Service is well-equipped and trained to handle all of your inquiries about the service. Several exciting bundles and promotions are available. CenturyLink internet can be bundled with DIRECTV. Bundling CenturyLink Internet with a CenturyLink phone with numerous features and unlimited local and national calling is also available. However, check the below-mentioned tables to find out the channel number of NFL network DIRECTV.


NFL Network on DIRECTV

The National Football League owns NFL Network. American football is the channel’s primary focus. Additionally, it broadcasts all NFL-related documentaries. The channel offers a daily dose of NFL-related content. The network airs many popular shows. Thursday Night Football is a top cable show. More than 13 games are televised in primetime during the NFL season. The channel is also popular for America’s Game. In this documentary, all the Super Bowl Champions share their stories and their history. There are 52 different installments, showing all 52 teams that won the Super Bowl. Each episode focuses on a different team.


How to get NFL Network on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV offers NFL Network. More than 18.4 million households in the US get HD TV services from this satellite TV provider. In contrast to cable and fiber providers, DIRECTV transmits signals through a wireless network. It is available in remote areas. Find out what channel is NFL network HD on DIRECTV by learning a little about DIRECTV.

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Moreover, the plans are affordable, so you can save on your monthly bill without sacrificing entertainment value. In addition, channel lineups cover all popular genres. ENTERTAINMENT™ and PREMIER™ packages all guarantee superior entertainment. On top of that, you get:

  • Channel lineup with all popular genres
  • available for free on-demand
  • in 4K and HDR
  • with a 200-hour Genie® HD DVR
  • In the DIRECTV app, you can watch live TV
  • All premium channels such as HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, EPIX®, etc.

You can now bundle DIRECTV and CenturyLink’s high-speed internet plans. Moreover, CenturyLink offers fiber optic and DSL internet connections. Thanks to the powerful Wi-Fi in the home, the speeds are always consistent.


What channel is NFL Network on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV offers NFL Network. DIRECTV offers all the popular channels related to NFL with exceptional service and top-notch content. You can get NFL Network with your DIRECTV package. Which channel does the NFL network air on DIRECTV?



Channel Number

NFL Network HD




What channel is NFL Network RedZone on DIRECTV?

If you want NFL content on your DIRECTV service, you need NFL RedZone.



Channel Number

NFL RedZone




DIRECTV’s exciting plans and diverse channel lineups make it a must-have service for your home. Bundling DIRECTV and CenturyLink internet can result in additional discounts.


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