GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV and Setup Guide [2022]

Are you trying to find GE Universal remote codes for Sony TVs? You can configure a universal remote if the remote doesn’t work or has been lost. GE remote controls can also be used as remotes for Sony TV devices if they are programmed correctly using universal remote codes. There are 5 digit, 4 digit and 3 digit GE universal remote codes for Sony TV that are available to remote brands.


GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV


ge universal remote codes for sony tv
GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV


Is your universal remote brand limited to 4 digit codes? To program the remote control, select any of the available remote codes below and follow the programming instructions.

  • 5162
  • 3888
  • 1731
  • 1891
  • 1949
  • 1107
  • 1549
  • 2216
  • 2842
  • 6331
  • 4010


Here are the GE remote codes for the Haier TVs


List of GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony Bravia TVs

The following list of universal codes will be useful for programming the GE universal remote control for Sony Bravia TV using the manual code method.

  • 1901
  • 5321
  • 2741
  • 1071
  • 5811
  • 4981


GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony DVD Player

GE universal remote codes can be used to control Sony DVD players as well. Here are the remote codes that work with all universal remote brands.

  • 3995
  • 0725
  • 2985
  • 4275
  • 2305
  • 3825
  • 0715
  • 0535
  • 3055
  • 2865
  • 0905
  • 0895
  • 2165
  • 3685
  • 4165
  • 0365


GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony BluRay Player

Using universal remotes, you can control multiple home entertainment devices at once. Sony Blu-ray player universal remote codes for all major remote brands can be found here.

  • 4165
  • 2305
  • 4275


GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony Receiver

If programmed correctly, you can also use the Sony Receiver universal remote with your existing CABLE or SAT remote. To program a remote control, remote codes consist of 3 digits, 4 digits, & 5 digits. 

  • 67841


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Learn how to program a GE universal remote control to a Sony TV

The Sony TV universal remote can be programmed with the codes found in the Sony remote programming guide. Here is how to do it:

1). Tap and hold the “SETUP” key on the universal remote until the red light on the remote starts to illuminate. Let go of the “SETUP” button. You will still see the illuminated red light.

Note: There should be a small red led or a power switch next to the red light on your universal remote.

2). Select the device type you wish to control with the universal remote by tapping and releasing the device key. Once the red light has illuminated, it remains lit. 

In the event that the specific device key is not available in your remote for the device type, you can use any device key on your remote. 

3). You can enter the universal remote codes for the remote by using the numeric keys on the remote. These codes can be selected from here. After entering the fourth digit of the code, the red light will go out.

4). Look at the device with the remote control to see if it is recognizing the device. Make sure the device responds to your commands by testing the keys on the remote. If the remote button does not operate the device, repeat step 1 and use another remote code.

5). Extend the process to other devices.



This article explains how to set up GE Universal remote codes for Sony TV and other Sony devices. Just make sure that the universal codes work and that you follow the programming instructions. After you program a universal remote control, you can use it to control your devices.


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