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Honhaipr Device: Introduction

Have you recently come across the name Honhaipr and wondered what this device is called Honhaipr? It’s time to learn about the device and how to deal with excessive data use. Data consumption is definitely a concern for you, especially if you are on a limited data plan. Other factors can increase the rate at which data is consumed. However, this Hon Hai device is pretty much useful, it can be used with a PS4 as explained later in this article.

Different carriers have devised different strategies for reducing data usage. For example, AT&T has come up with a different way of reducing data usage. There may be several devices connected to your AT&T router that you are unaware of if you are an AT&T subscriber. Fortunately, these devices have names. What does Honhaipr mean, and what can you do if you find a device named Honhaipr on your WiFi system?


A ‘HonHaiPr’ device is just a device that can connect to Wi-Fi, but was accidentally identified as ‘HonHaiPr’ rather than its correct name. The only way to see this is if Foxconn manufactured your device.


hon hai device
Hon Hai Device


What is a Honhaipr Device?

HonHaiPr stands for Hon Hai Precision Industry Inc., a company more famously known as Foxconn Technology Group.

A device that can connect to Wi-Fi has a manufacturer ID and a device ID, so Wi-Fi networks and routers can identify it.

Honoraipr devices are regular Wi-Fi devices that are actually other devices but have been misidentified.

The Wi-Fi network might have applied their manufacturer ID as a name to the device, and when you check what devices are connected to your network, you see the Honhaipr device.


Honhaipr Device: Meaning

Here are some devices that can be connected to your router and WiFi connection. When you see Honhaipr in your network settings, either the device is malfunctioning or using a lot of data.

Most of the time, the Honhaipr device consumes a considerable amount of data, which can cause an overage on your bandwidth. Thus, you must know what the device is and how to control data consumption in real-time. It’s hard to explain what an Honhaipr device is. The main reason for this is that different devices rely on different routers and settings. Such settings can be found inside the menu of the connected device.

What devices does Hon Hai Precision make?

The Hon Hai Precision Industry Inc company makes mobile phones, computers, servers, TVs and many other devices, and it also can work along with PS4. Components such as connectors, cable assemblies, enclosures, flat-panel displays, game consoles, and motherboards are also available. In addition, Hon Hai offers design engineering and mechanical tooling services.


How to Fix Honhaipr Device huge data consumption?

Consumption timings should be checked.

Just like other carriers, AT&T has modules that help you determine when your data consumption is high. Such spikes can also be managed in real-time. Be aware of the data spikes and observe the patterns. This information will make it easy to determine which device is overusing the data and which device is displaying as Honhaipr in the network settings.


More devices should be disconnected.

In order to narrow down your options and have a slim chance of knowing which device appears as Honhaipr on your network settings, you need to disconnect more devices. It’s an old-fashioned method, but it’s easy to use. It’s one of the best methods for people who are not tech-savvy but still want to diagnose and fix their problems on their own.

The trick in this regard is to disconnect each of the devices to see the device named Honhairpr on the network settings easily. If you discover which device is saved as Honhaipr, you can easily block it and save a lot of data.


Check the Media Access Control address.

Each device connected to your device has a unique MAC address, which is usually used to connect to Bluetooth or WiFi. The MAC address is used for wireless communication. This number is different for every device, so it is easy to determine the MAC address for the specific device that is named Honhaipr in the router. If you notice which MAC address is connected, you can easily cross-match the address with the device. It will certainly assist you in identifying where your data is going.

It is actually one of the easiest ways to find out which device is named Honhaipr without having to disconnect all the devices. The only challenge here is finding out how to check the MAC addresses of all connected devices. It can be tricky, and you may need to take your time if you are not tech-savvy. Make a list of all the MAC addresses on all the devices that are connected, and cross-check with the Honhaipr devices.


Most likely, it’s the PS4

A common trick, but it may not be the issue at hand for you. Many people have reported that their PS4s have been marked as Huawei devices, especially on the AT&T routers. It should only work as a hit and not as a guarantee that the PS4 is named Honhaipr on the wireless network. Start with PS4 and verify that it is not the device causing the problem.


Devices from Sony

Also, some users claim that most Sony devices can be shown as Honhaipr. Indeed, the fact that Sony devices are more likely to be shown as Honhaipr doesn’t mean that this is always the case. I just wanted to make the point that Sony devices are more likely to be shown this way. Start by checking Sony devices and, if possible, all gaming devices from Sony.


Are there unknown devices connected to my router?

Unauthorized users and hackers can easily connect devices to your router at home and in the office. Data and money can be lost as a result of these criminal acts. Fortunately, you can use a few tips to determine which unknown devices are connected to the router. Follow these steps.

Start by going to the IP address of the router-most IP addresses are or, and then proceed to the administrative interface.

To log in to the administrative interface, use the administrator login information, including the username and password. Moreover, refer to the router’s manual for the default credentials.

Click the Status option, and then the Local Network, and finally, the DHCP clients table will appear. Moreover, the table will identify and list all devices connected to the router. This will include the device name, IP address, and MAC address. With some routers, you can go to the Attached Devices section and view a list of all connected devices.

You now know how to check devices named Honhaipr in your network settings. However, if you have a limited data plan, you should limit your internet usage on these devices. Moreover, you should also be able to detect unauthorized devices connected to your Internet system that hackers and criminals can use to fish data from other devices.


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