GE Universal Remote Codes for Sharp TV and Programming Guide

Getting a Sharp TV remote that doesn’t work or is damaged is a thing of the past. You can use an GE universal remote instead of your Sharp original remote if you have one. We need to put sharp tv code into the remote control when programming the GE remote. A universal remote cannot operate a TV without universal remote codes. There is, however, a section of this article that includes GE Universal Remote Codes for Sharp TVs.


GE Universal Remote codes for Sharp TVs


ge universal remote codes for sharp tv


According to the code list version of universal remote, select the correct code according to the remote model and type. This page lists the latest GE remote codes for Sharp TVs. Any of the codes can be selected and setup by following the program instructions.

  • 0006
  • 0226
  • 0004
  • 0122
  • 0095
  • 0079
  • 0009
  • 0020
  • 0123
  • 0063
  • 0266


List of GE Remote Codes for Sharp Roku TV


It comes pre-programmed with some brands and you can also program and operate major brands of devices with the GE universal remote. GE remotes are compatible with Roku TV and don’t require programming. However, here is a list of GE Universal Remote Codes for Sharp Roku TV.

  • 3201
  • 3851


How do I program GE Universal remote to Sharp TVs?

Using the GE Universal remote codes for Sharp TV, a universal remote can be programmed. Various methods exist to program universal remotes for Sharp TVs. GE universal remotes can be programmed using direct code entry. Prior to programming the remote, make sure you carefully follow the step-by-step instructions.

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1). To enable the light indicator, click and hold the “SETUP” key for a few seconds.

2). Press and release the button on the device you are programming. An indicator light will blink and then remain on.

3). Select the 4 digit numeric code from the list of GE Universal Remote codes for Sharp TVs.

Note: A valid code must be entered before the light can be turned off. A flashing indicator light will result from an invalid code.

4). While the device is on, press the on/off key. A device that is turned off does not require programming.

Note: Try using a different remote code listed for your brand if some of the key functions fail to work.


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