SIM not provisioned MM#2 Error: Here Are Instant 4 Fixes

Methods to Fix: SIM not provisioned MM#2 Error

It is common for people to experience the SIM not provisioned MM#2 issue after purchasing a new phone or switching to a new SIM card. Only when you select the emergency call option will you see the Sim not provisioned mm#2 error. If you experience this error on your phone, you will not be able to contact anyone other than 911. Your phone and other features will still work as usual despite this. However, if you follow the methods below, you can easily fix the SIM not provisioned mm2 issue.

The main reason your sim is not provisioned MM#2 is because it has not been activated or suspended by your service provider. This error may appear if you have just purchased a new sim card and need to activate it. There is a possibility that your SIM will experience this error if it was working fine before and then suddenly stopped working. There are two possible scenarios. First, the SIM card may be dead and, therefore, inactive (if it is too old). The sim card may have been deactivated if your service provider transferred your number to a new one. In any case, your SIM card will always be inactive and without a network, no matter what.


Fixes for ‘Sim Not Provisioned MM2’ error

Often referred to as a SIM card, Subscriber Identity Modules are smart cards that contain all the information about the user, including their identity, phone number, location, contacts, personal security key, text messages, and network authorization data. Your smartphone is connected to the network by this small chip. Other than making calls and sending SMS messages, it offers a wide range of other capabilities.

When connecting smartphones to carriers, the Sim not provisioned mm#2 error message appears. SIM cards that are not fully activated will also display this error message. In case your old SIM shows the error ‘SIM not provisioned MM2,’ consider the following methods. 


There are four main solutions for resolving ‘SIM not provisioned MM2’ errors.

Reboot your Smartphone

The SIM not provisioned MM2 error message should be resolved by restarting your smartphone. The error will be fixed if it is caused by network congestion. Thus, restarting your phone is recommended before trying other methods. If you restart your device, the error SIM not provisioned mm#2 will no longer appear.

Reinstall the SIM card

Re-insert the SIM card if restarting your device does not fix the problem. Putting the SIM card in incorrectly can lead to insertion errors. Make sure the SIM card slot and SIM shape are properly checked while removing the SIM card. In the event of damage to the SIM card slot, it must be replaced. Check for errors on another Android phone if the SIM card and slot are properly positioned. In the event that the error message appears on another Android phone as well, you must replace the SIM card.

Make sure the SIM is activated

It usually takes 24-48 hours for a newly registered SIM card to be activated. It may take some time for the SIM not provisioned mm#2 error message to appear after a new SIM card has been installed. To find out about your activation process, you can contact the telecom services. To find out about the SIM card details, you will need to verify your identity.

Reach your carrier or network provider

SIM not provisioned mm#2 errors persist despite SIM activation, so it is necessary to speak with the network provider. A network provider may be able to resolve some activation server issues. Network providers will resolve all of your SIM not provisioned MM2 and related issues.
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