How to Program Universal Remote with Set-Top Box

Set-Top Box: Universal Remote

While a universal remote may not be an alien concept, setting up a universal remote might program a universal remote with a set-top box. Do not worry! The Samsung Smart Control Remote to Control Your Set-Top Box in 4K SUHD TV is one such Universal Remote that allows you to easily connect the gadget you wish to govern the time-saving remote with. You can use your universal remote to manipulate an HDMI port on the One Connect and switch on the set-top box. Moreover, you can also use SamsungOne Remote as a Universal Remote by following the instructions below.

However, remember. If the external tool does not reply after being programmed, register it again with its model’s uses and its variety. Moreover 


How to Program Universal Remote with Set-Top Box

How to Program Universal Remote with Set Top Box

How to Setup Universal Remote With Set-Top Box: SAMSUNG

So how to program a universal remote with a set-top box? To commence the usage of your universal remote with your set-top box, here’s a guideline on how to program universal remote with the set-top box. However, you can use SamsungOne Remote as a Universal Remote by following the guide below.

On the Samsung Universal Remote, hold and select the option of SOURCE. (You can use these steps mentioned here for any brand of universal remote and set-top box, not only Samsung, but we are giving guidelines on how to fix universal remote for the set-top box using an example of Samsung universal remotes.)

  • Use the facility of navigation and click on ‘Universal Remote Setup’, which is located at the right of the menu.
  • Once you do the above step, the On-display screen setup will show. Select OK and commence towards setting up a remote for a set-top box.
  • Be certain to not have not anything blockading the Infrared Receiver of the Set Top Box. Select OK.
  • Use the navigation pad to choose the Set-top box option.
  • Now, a screen display shall appear, questioning how you have got the Set-top box connected. Select ‘TV’ if the TV has been straightly attached to your Set-Top box. Alternatively, select ‘Home Theater System’ if the Set-top Box is attached through a Home Theater System. Now, enter the universal code of your set-top box brand, which you shall get from the list of universal codes often mentioned in your programming manual.
  • Click on the textual content box in order to open an inbuilt keyboard that is virtual. Enter your brand and model-specific code. Now, choose ‘Done’ and click to continue.
  • The list should display the available brands. Use the touchpad to pick out your provider, after which you select and hold.
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Do remember that providers are based totally on the code entered. Select the option of ‘Brand Not Listed’ if you fail to find your desired brand.


How to Program Universal Remote with Set-Top Box

  • Select the enter the mode that your Set Top Box is connected in. Samsung best suggest that you use the HDMI 1 mode.
  • Test the codes to be input as per your Set-Top Box brand. Press on ‘CH+’ or on ‘CH-’. 
  • If the channel does alter, then click on the ‘Yes’ option as you proceed towards the succeeding step. However, if the button does no longer respond or does not function as you had expected it to blink, then try another code and repeat the same process, which we have given you an explanation on.

Congratulations! You have now learned how to fix a universal remote for a set-top box. The setup is now complete! Alternatively, you may use different options and methods to set up the remote for a set-top box. If you wish to, you can hold and select ‘Exit’ and exit the Universal Remote Setup.

Surprisingly, the Samsung Universal Remote has a feature of New Setup. The New Setup feature begins, from the start, to input the functions of every other device to the universal remote.

We hope you have followed our steps and learned how to set up a universal remote for a set-top box.


Program Remote for Set Top Box

Did you know? You can also set up a remote for a set-top box even if it is not a universal remote if you own a Samsung! Have you learned how you can program the Samsung Remote as a universal remote? Can you do it for the New Series TV? Yes, it is possible!


How to use your SamsungOne Remote to function as a  Universal Remote?

You can use your One Remote to control other gadgets by using Universal Remote’s choice on your TV! Follow the beneath steps to apply the Universal Remote mode. Indeed, its simple to use SamsungOne Remote as a Universal Remote by following the steps below.

  • Using your remote, pick the option of ‘Home.’
  • Scroll left and chose ‘Source.’
  • Scroll up and select the option, ‘Universal Remote.’
  • Consequentially, press the option ‘New Device.’
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Choose the device which you wish to connect your remote to. It could be your Blu-ray player, or your Set-Top Box, in this case; additionally, select the brand of your Set-Top Box. Correspondingly, choose the ‘HDMI/AV’ port, that your Set Top Box is attached to.

You may be requested to finish a check to test if your device is now well-connected. Your SamsungOne Remote will efficiently register your Set Top Box onto your SamsungOne Remote! Congratulations! As a result, now you can use SamsungOne Remote as a Universal Remote.


Program Remote for Set Top Box: Using Exact Remote Control for STB + TV

An issue that we witness in almost all homes is the loss of a remote control. Perhaps even, the buttons of a remote get ruined and that does ruin our television watching experience, drastically. Moreover, having many remotes often get you confused as to which one is to be used for which, and thus you end up programming the wrong remote to the wrong device, thereby spoiling the functions of both. Technical experts have discovered an intelligent solution to this dilemma and presented us with universal remotes. Moreover, one can use this category of remote and control numerous categories of gadgets.


Set-Top Box: Universal Remote

Many scientists have attempted to solve the issue and presented to us a sleek Universal remote. One can easily control their set-top box without any fuss. The universal remote has large buttons to easily allow you to control the STB. However, remember, that prior to your attempt as you set up a remote with a set-top box; while you purchase any universal remote, do be certain that it shall function with both, your set-top box and television! Once you have done the setup, the universal remote controls are simple to be used. Additionally, one can use them from any convenient position! They are assured to function on all brands.


Program Universal Remote with Set Top Box: Pre-Programmed Universal Remote

For the universal remotes which come pre-programmed, you can quickly learn how to fix universal remote with a set-top box if you follow the steps we have listed here:

  • Hold your universal remote and point it at your Set-Top Box.
  • Press the keycode assigned for your brand till your device automatically turns off. Voila! Fix universal remote with a set-top box, done!
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A universal remote is simple to program if you use the ‘AUTO SEARCH’ function. A universal remote can easily function on every brand in its memory until it finds the suitable or compatible one.

This is the new age of the twenty-first century, in which the usage of the usual faraway manage for a smart seems entirely nonsensical. Modern TV or current lifestyle greater than merely adjusting the extent and converting channels; opt for sophisticated navigation with the help of universal remotes to program both your TV and DVD together. Nevertheless, for plenty of motives and after the invasion of contact buttons for smart TVs and voice controls, the acquainted push-button faraway is the maximum dependable.


Buying Online: Universal Remotes

Technology has leaped in the 21st century, thereby amplifying your comfort zone. So now, if you misplace your remote control, or it ceases to function, then you do not have to again purchase a remote for your individual gadgets. Universal remotes which are compatible with innumerable television brands, are widely available. As we know, universal remotes are not brand-centric and thus one can use them to function upon different categories of TVs. Indubitably, universal remote controls are handy to not only function on TV’s, but on STB’s, DVD players and various streaming devices, as well!

Since you shall be purchasing universal remotes for your Set-Top Box, it is best to go for a durable brand and a reputed brand. It is undoubtedly better if your universal remote is of the same brand as your set Top Box and TV. However, any durable ubiquitous remote brand will allow you to set up a remote with Set-Top Box easily.


Considerations for A New Remote Control

You can see mobile applications exist, which one can use as a remote. Now, remotes are smaller, sleeker, and more compact than the previous models. Additionally, certain models of remotes come touch screens in as well! Moreover, universal remotes come with a larger number of programming buttons for your convenience as well. Moreover, you can program Universal Remote With Set-Top by following the instructions mentioned above.

However, please be sure to purchase durable and compact remote controls. Therefore, we advise you to go for the Samsung (LED, LCD) TV remote control. They also offer a good warranty on all their products. 



So, do we believe that less is more? Yes? Then, we should purchase a universal remote as it will be easier. Additionally, we shall be able to program TV and our set-top boxes simultaneously, together.


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