How to Program Universal Remote with IPTV

The IPTV set-top box lets those who have standard TV sets watch advanced transmissions without purchasing another TV! For this, you can adequately use a universal remote to control your IPTV along with the different electronics that constitute a home theatre—for example, a VD player. Before utilizing the universal remote to control your IPTV set-top box, one must program and setup a universal remote with their IPTV Set-top box.

How to Program Universal Remote with IPTV

How to Program Universal Remote with IPTV

How to Setup Universal Remote with IPTV

We have attempted to quickly explain the steps on how to set up a remote for IPTV.

  • Firstly, switch on the set-top box by tapping the ‘POWER’ key.
  • Secondly, select the remote function that is marked as ‘CODE SEARCH.’ This is located on the universal remote itself. Continue this for eight seconds.
  • Consequently, position the universal remote aiming at your IPTV set-top box. Now, tap the 
  • ‘AUX’ key on the remote. However, if your universal remote does not display any ‘CODE SEARCH’ access, then press the ‘AUX’ button for about eight seconds.
  • Then, tap the ‘CHANNEL +’ button. Hold the key until the set-top box stops responding.
  • Subsequently, tap on the ‘#,’ or the ‘MUTE’ key, which is on the universal remote, and conserve the respective code. The button which you select shall differ depending upon the model and brand of the universal remote.

Likewise, you can now examine the universal remote with your IPTV MINI TV or set-top box, whichever you possess. 


Program Remote for IPTV: Detailed Analysis

Now we shall explain, in detail, the methods on how to fix universal remote for IPTV.

  • Select the CABLE mode.
  • Select the [MACRO] option and press the [OK/SEL] button simultaneously for a few seconds. The gadget shall activate for forty seconds. Accordingly, perform the following steps while the light is still on.
  • Now, hold onto the [CH5] key of the universal remote and erase particular parts of the gadget. The IPTV set-top box drive shall blink twice, thus ensuring that you have erased its memory.


Setup Remote for IPTV: Programming Volume Control

The processing functions for volume are built-in in your remotes to control the individual Device mode you select. These can be: ‘CBL: TV DVD: TV. ‘

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If you wish to save the Cable volume in CBL mode, please follow the consequent instructions.

  • Firstly, tap the [OK/SEL] button and [CBL] key simultaneously for four seconds. Now, the device shall switch on for forty seconds. Commence the next step while the light remains lit.
  • Firstly, hold onto the remote’s [VOL5] key. The IPTV’s LED shall now blink. After that, firmly tap its [CBL] key. Then, the gadget’s light shall blink twice to confirm the arrangement.

However, remember. If you wish to arrange a CBL gadget with the TV’s volume, then just substituting [CBL] instead of [TV] in the last proceeding.


How to Fix Universal Remote for IPTV: Channel Control

The controls for channels are customized to move to the particular gadget mode. First of all, your device’s LED shall blink consecutively to confirm that the previously registered code is now erased from its system. Now, you have been able to bring your IPTV and the universal remote to its ‘LEARNING MODE.’

  1. Firstly, hold the button, be it DVD, CBL, or TV, that you wish to modify. Notice that the ‘INPUT’ appears simultaneously for four seconds such that the gadget’s LED enlightens.
  2. Now, position the universal remote to aim at your device.
  3. Correspondingly, press the function which you require to duplicate onto your universal remote
  4. Now, tap the ‘MUTE’ option on the (simpler) remote such that your universal remote’s LED blinks consecutively. However, do remember that LED would repeatedly blink if you had a problem in its Learning Mode.
  5. Now, you have taught your IPTV essential functions onto the universal remote. Besides, please capture the processes and codes that have been grasped. To do this, please press the ‘INPUT’ and ‘TV’ keys simultaneously. Continue this until the LED of the gadget blinks consecutively. 


How to Program Remote for IPTV: Erasing Memory

  1. Firstly, please press the ‘SETUP’ option and hold for four seconds. Continue pressing such that the IPTV’s LED light turns on.
  2. Correspondingly, press the ‘CODE’ option. However, if any parts do not work as they should, you must again redo the procedures that we have mentioned above. Then, continue using the ‘AUTO SEARCH’ method.
  3. Now, press a ‘SAVE’ option and incorporate the respective code. As you do this, your gadget LED shall squint twice to affirm that you have saved the code.


IPTV Universal Remote: Three-Digit Code

With the Auto-Search method, you can quickly discover the universal remote codes that shall function on your IPTV. Here’s how.

  1. Firstly, press the selected device function button—for example, TV or DVD. Now, select the ‘OK/SEL’ key simultaneously for around five seconds. As you do this, the gadget LED shall activate for forty seconds. Commence the actions given below when the LED light is still on.
  2. Now, press the ‘INFO’ button. The gadget LED shall flicker several times, demonstrating the number of every digit for the code. Each digit is isolated by one second LED being off. For example, three flickers on one squint at that drift, eight squints demonstrate the universal remote code, ‘138.’
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Remember that ten blinks demonstrate the number ‘0’.


How to Setup Universal Remote with IPTV: Programming a Second

Television to the DVD Button/ Second TV to the DVD Button

Your IPTV may have various devices such as the MINI TV and the set-top box. So, if you follow the steps we list here, you can set up your universal remote to function with many of your IPTV devices.

  1. Press the ‘DVD’ button and the [OK/SEL] button simultaneously for 3 seconds. The DVD drive lights shall activate for thirty seconds. Do the next step while the LED is on.
  2. Press the [TV] button.
  3. Drift the universal remote around the IPTV. Now, please incorporate the three-digit particular to your TV. You shall get this in the TV codes inventory of IPTV universal remote codes. Now, save the three-digit code by pressing the ‘DVD’ button. Press and hold the respective key for five seconds until the Gadget’s LED shall flicker once and stay on.

Additionally, continue pressing the key and then press the universal code allocated to your device, which you shall find in the codes list. Press both the device key and the number key to save the code, while your IPTV set-top box’s LED shall blink twice to affirm that the code is reserved. Consequentially, drift your universal remote at your IPTV.

Press the ‘POWER’ button. If it strikes, it has been programmed with your IPTV set-top box or Mini Tv. However, if on the off chance that it doesn’t Turn off, utilize the ‘CODE SEARCH’ method. Redo the above steps for all your gadgets.


Program Remote for IPTV: Manual Programming

You can program the universal remote if you incorporate a three-digit code that adjusts to specific brands and electronics models. The three-digit code numbers are recorded in the code inventory area of your IPTV guideline and universal remote guideline. Follow the steps here.

  1. Activate the gear that you need the universal remote to work on: your IPTV Set-top box, MiniTV or DVD.
  2. Press the ‘TV’ / ‘DVD’ button and the [OK/SEL] button simultaneously for three seconds. The gadget, which needs to be programmed, shall switch on, demonstrating that it is prepared to be programmed. The LED shall stay on for thirty seconds. Perform the following steps while the LED is on.
  3. Drift the universal remote close to the gadget as you incorporate the three-digit code programming number for your brand from codes’ inventory. 


How to Program Universal Remote with IPTV: Deleting All Learned Commands

Suppose you may wish to erase the commands of your IPTV MINI TV, TV, or set-top box that you have programmed onto your universal remote. If you want to change your TV to a different brand, please perform the following steps. Indeed, it’s easy to program Universal Remote with IPTV using the methods below.

  • Press the ‘TV’/ ‘DVD’ and ‘INPUT’ options simultaneously for three seconds until the IPTV TV or set-top box’s LED light turns on.
  • Press and hold both the ‘TV’/’DVD’ button of the IPTV whose functions you need to delete from your universal remote, and then press the [PAUSE] button for a minimum of five seconds. The device’5 LED shall flicker twice to affirm the deletion.
  • To leave, press and hold both the ‘TV’/’DVD’ and [INPUT] options simultaneously until the IPTV’s LED blinks twice, affirming the deletion of functions.
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How to Setup Universal Remote for IPTV: Programming the All Off Button

This step is essential to you if you use two IPTV, such as the MiniTv and set-top box. This process is vital because it permits you to program the universal ‘ON/OFF’ button to send up to three ‘ON’/’OFF’ orders with one button press. Moreover, follow the steps below in order to program Universal Remote with IPTV.

  1. Press the ‘CBL’ button.
  2. Consequently, press the ‘ALL OFF’ button and the ‘OK/SEL’ button concordantly and simultaneously for 3 seconds. The ‘CBL’ button shall activate for forty seconds.
  3. Press the TV or DVD button that you need to store in the ‘ALL OFF’ button. Now, press the ‘POWER’ button. Redo these steps for your various IPTV electronics until you have saved and registered all the commands into the ‘ALL OFF’ control of your universal remote.
  4. Press the ‘CH5’ button to save the on/off orders you have held. The ‘CBL’ pad shall blink twice to affirm that the ability to now power your multiple IPTV gadgets at once has now been programmed successfully.


How to Setup Universal Remote for IPTV: Programming for Progressed Functions

Suppose your universal remote model has custom-programmable macro-options accessible. In that case, you can modify them to go about as a favorite Channel button in the ‘Link’ mode. This method permits you to program up to five 2-digit channels, four 3-digit channels, or three 4-digit channels that one can get to only with pressing one button! Doesn’t this immediately make your IPTV viewing experience much better?! Let us learn how. Moreover, follow the below instructions in order to program Universal Remote with IPTV.

  • Firstly, tap the ‘CBL’ key as you enter CBL capacity.
  • Press the ‘MACRO’ button and ‘OK/SEL’ button continually for 3 seconds. 
  • The ‘CBL’ button shall activate for thirty seconds.
  • Incorporate the 2, 3, or 4-digit code for the channel you need customizing first (for instance,007) utilizing the number pad.
  • Then, instantly press the ‘STOP’ button and input the next channel’s code (for example, 050) and immediately press the ‘STOP’ button.
  • Similarly, for the next track, continue in this manner, and the ‘CBL’ button shall blink once for each channel incorporated.
  • Press the ‘CH5’ catch to store the channels that you chose, in the light of which the ‘CBL’ button shall flicker twice to affirm the storage of functions. Correspondingly, to get to the customized channels, press the ‘MACRO’ button once.
  • This function shall bring the principal channel; press again, and it shall obtain the second channel. 
  • Congratulations, you are done with the setup remote for IPTV.


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