How to program SofaBaton Universal Remote?

SofaBaton Universal Remote has compatibility with 5,00,000 appliances from 6000 brands. At the same time, The SofaBaton Universal Remote could be paired with a maximum of 15 appliances. The connectivity of the component is performed on Bluetooth, RF(Radiofrequency) & Wifi. Besides it, It provides a facility of Sofa Baton’s app(Android and IOS). You can easily choose or switch among variant components with the help of scrolling by an appeared list on the screen at the remote’s Top. Below is a detailed guide on how to program and setup SofaBaton Universal Remote?

how to program sofabaton universal remote?

SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote Control 

The U1 variant of the SofaBaton remote possesses a feature known as “macros” that can do various actions by using one button. For instance, you can establish a macro that will turn on the stereo and TV and maintain the volume at a particular level. Sometimes repetitively doing the task seems time-consuming to you. But, by making use of Macro, you can save a lot of time. The connection is made using 3 modes: Traditional IR learning mode, IR Matching mode, IR learning mode. If you are using IR learning mode, It will let you manually program its U1 variant but only need the original remote requirement.

The Sofabaton will let you provide an add-on feature using the previous remote by using the sofabaton universal remote. With the Smartphone App and OLED display’s advanced features, it can control up to 15 devices such as DVD, Smart TV, Projector, and STB. With the help of IR remote control, it can maximum support a device range of 50 devices.

SofaBaton universal remote possess all the codes and other information in a cloud in an easy way. By the help of the mobile app, you can manage all the operations remotely. Every individual remote button is customizable. The programming is performed with the use of RF technology. If any code is not available with the cloud, then other buttons are provided on the controller, and you can make an addition of it by yourself, making use of the IR system.

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  1. To program and setup sofabaton universal remote, switch on the remote after installation of the app. Afterwards, It will ask to hold on for some time, and after 3 seconds, you will notice pairing a pair on the screen. Then, it will pair with your app.
  2. Then, you have to select your country. You can do the remote setting for turning on while you raise it; choose the brightness according to your preference.
  3. With the help of the restore factory setting, you can go back and add devices such as some devices that will be preloaded in TiVo, TV Roku Apple TV that can be added with the help of the IR option.
  4. There are matching modes, so you go to and put in a brand, or you can search through the available sections.
  5. Point the remote towards the device and then test whether it is working properly with various commands.
  6. Then, click the sofabaton universal remote’s power button. When it works in a good manner, The button will get the codes to operate.
  7. Give proper naming to the device and choose between variant icons.


SofaBaton R2 Universal Remote Control: 

Sofabaton R2 remote is a universal infrared enabled variant of remote control, a combination of existing features and frequently used the button to make your operations easy. It operates with 13 DIY buttons by making use of IR technology.IR technology makes it easy to volume up/down and power on/off with other variant operations.

With the remote control feature,16 buttons work under Roku and could be directly applicable after delivery. You have to take care that remote control infrared is at the proper position in front of the device you want to control. The buttons of this portion do not possess any programming capacity. For required, those required but missing button on it,13 random buttons(volume +/-,power, mute, A and B custom buttons) are position on the upper half of the setup sofabaton universal remote that permits IR to learn technology for programming the devices remote control such as blu-ray, Tv, receiver, soundbar for satisfying daily requirements.

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The Sabaton remote will allow you to do various buttons programming from the previous remotes on variant devices(blue ray, TV, receiver, soundbar) using IR learning technology. It will work well for variant Roku players except for Roku TV and Roku sticks. It possesses all App key shortcuts(Hulu, Netflix, Sling, Amazon). The extra keys are pre-programmed to operate buttons of Volume up/down, Power on/off, mute.


How to Program Sofabaton R2 Universal Remote

To program Sofabaton Universal Remote you have to click the desired button on the Sofabaton R2 remote; then, the red LED would blink rapidly. Ahead to the head direction (one inch apart) places the SofaBaton R2 remote from the real remote control. Click on the button you want to constantly learn on the original remote until the green LED light blinks 3 times. It reveals SofaBaton R2 has successfully programmed the working of that button from the original remote control. You have to repeat this step for the other buttons. When you have done programming of the Sofabaton remote, test all the operations by clicking on it. Otherwise, you have to follow the below steps.

Programming the R2 remote

  1. Put both batteries into the box of the battery. These batteries would be available with the package of R2.
  2. Click on the “on/off” red button and mute button. Then, hold it for merely 3 minutes. Afterwards, release the button when the Red LED turn on. It indicates that it will start learning.
  3. Click on the Sofabaton remote’s desired button; the red LED will show light in it. Put Sofabaton remote at a distance of 1 inch from the real remote control. Click continuously on the button which you want to learn until the green LED light blink 3 times. Which will show that Sofabaton has got the working of the button from the original remote control.
  4. Repeat step 3 for other buttons too.
  5. The SofaBaton R2 remote would automatically exit from the learning mode for up to 30 seconds. You can also click on the ‘mute’ & Red’on/off’ button at the same time for exiting learning mode.
  6. Now, for testing the remote working by pressing the button on it to see whether they are working according to their expectations. If not, then try the above steps.
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Sofabaton universal remote controls are easy for programming, such as a 2-minute setup. After programming, The buttons of the Sofabaton remote will function in a great manner. Such as showing great performance with TV and soundbar. One of the best features that it has is the availability of battery with sofabaton remote. These remote are very light weighted, and they will work in a good manner from a distant palace. There might be some difficulty if you are not tech-savvy.


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