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Suppose you have recently purchased a universal remote control, and you want to have the remote codes for operating the Home Theater audio. In that case, we have home audio remote codes for Onkyo, Daewoo, Cambridge, Integra, Koss, Sony, Venturer, Panasonic home theatres which would work for programming and controlling the Home Theaters. The below home theaters audio codes e.g. rcr414bhe remote codes would be suitable with most universal remotes.


rcr414bhe home theaters audio remote codes

rcr414bhe home theaters audio remote codes

4 Digit Remote Codes for Home Theaters:

Below is the list of 4 digit Home Theater audio codes for managing home theatres’ operations in a remote manner.











Apex Digital







Cambridge Soundworks

































3 Digit Remote Control Codes for Home Theaters: 


Below is the list of 3 digit Home Theater audio codes for managing home theatres’ operations in a remote manner.





225,092,161, 082,269

















RCA Home Theater Universal Remote Codes


If you are trying to manage RCA home theater operations with rcr414bhe Home Theater remote control codes, below are the home audio codes for operating your RCA. If one code fails to work, keep on trying the other codes from the same list until you find the applicable code. The most popular Home Theater codes for RCA Home Theater are listed below.









Please try to use the below remote codes with the unit switch on for testing if the unit would power off.




5 digit remote control codes for RCA home theaters

31254, 64257, 18192, 18704, 51472, 51216, 19216, 18448, 18960, 51728



How to Program a Universal Remote:

Below are the steps for programming a universal remote for Home theater:

  • First of all, do testing of the Home theater in an audio mode by using 1254 taken as a setup code.
  • Now click on the “Setup” and put 5 digit code of 51988.
  • After some time, The remote would transfer an IR signal.
  • Having a hold of the 5 digit code would change the signal for repeating and slow down the volume.
  • There are 3 main methods for setting up and configuring the universal remote: Keycode, Manual setup, and Programming by Universal Remote Code Search.


Programming RCA Home Theater Universal Remote with Auto Search Method

The home audio remote codes are put under Remote’s scanning process in this auto search method. It does scan one code to find the appropriate Home Theater codes, which would work with your Remote for programming the control. Implement the below instructions.

  1. ” Turn on” the smart Device such as the TV which you wish the universal Home Theater remote code for operating.
  2. ” Power on” the remote, click on the device button(TV, CBL, DVD, OK/SEL) for few seconds. The LED light reveals that the gadget is ready for programming.
  3. Then, position the remote in front of the Device and tap on the “Ch-“or “Ch+” button. Remote will indicate the on/off signals. Click on the “up “and “down” keys until the appliance would switch off.
  4. Do verification of code by tapping on the “Power” key. The gadget has to Power on. If it turns on, change the channel to verify that the remote programming is done correctly.
  5. Now, click on the device button to save the code. The Device LED would flash twice for the confirmation of the stored code.


Programming RCA rcr414bhe Home Theater Universal Remote with Manual Method

By using the Keycode, you can easily do programming of rcr414bhe universal Remote. The Keycode would make identification of the equipment model.

  • First of all, switch on the Device.
  • Click on the “TV” button on the “RCA rcr414bhe Home Theater universal remote.”
  • Now, click on the “setup button” and hold it until it reveals the light flash.
  • Now, Put the Keycode or one of the applicable code from list of rcr414bhe Home Theater remote control codes that is mentioned in the instruction booklet.
  • After implementing all these steps, Position the remote in front of the TV and click on the power button & hold it.
  • Let out the “Power button” when the screen turns off.
  • The Device would work effectively with the universal remote control; if the gadget is not working, repeat these steps with other code from the given table.


Programming RCA Home Theater Universal Remote with Code Search

How to program RCA rcr414bhe Home Theater Universal Remote with Universal Remote Codes? However, if you cannot find the Home theatre code that is suitable for a device, you could do the setting of the universal remote with code search mode for the right one. It is a code in the manual that implies the remote into the search mode

  1. Switch on the Device.
  2. Now click on the “Setup” key and hold it.
  3. Put the three digit “9-9-1” code.
  4. Now, keep holding the “Power” button on the remote and click on the channel up button until the Device switch off.
  5. This method might take some time, but it is essential for searching the Keycode or rcr414bhe home theatre code. Once remote into the search mode, you have performed all the steps, your remote would work for all the functions.


Panasonic Theatre system remote

Panasonic Theater Remote is an intuitive and easy application that allows easy operations and control. You could make a customized sound for Panasonic Blu-ray DiscTM Home Theater by using an Android device on a Wi-Fi network. You could see and feel variant Home Theater acoustic impact displayed as animation on your Android gadget. Panasonic is revealing all the retrospective amplifier operations and indicates an analog experience. With the flick or tap of fingers, IR remote functions are accessible.


Key Features:

  • Controlling Panasonic Blu-ray DiscTM Home Theater models with your Android device’s help from home’s any location.
  • Playback operations could be managed by taking the prominent dial feature into practice.
  • Having an experience of acoustic impacts by viewing animations of Sound or Surround Effects.
  • A warm retrospective amplifier design controller could be revealed from three generations.


Set a Panasonic Remote Code

The Panasonic universal remote is the best solution to manage enormous devices from the individual remote control. It simplifies cable, television, and stereo controls by making a master control for all. Before the remote starts working, each Device’s programming should be done using Panasonic remote codes for connecting the Device to the Remote.


Program Each Device With Universal Remote Control

  • Turn off the Power for each Device that you want to program. Make sure that you should use fresh batteries.
  • Click on the “Action” and “Power” buttons simultaneously. For 5 seconds, hold buttons and release them. It would initiate the programming mode.
  • Firstly, click on the device button and put the associated code. For instance, choose “Cable” and then put the code for connecting the remote to the cable box. Click on the “Power” button for testing the cable. It would switch on from the remote if the code is put adequately.
  • Iterate these steps for the stereo system, DVD player, TV, or any other compatible device you want to connect. Turn on the Power for every gadget for testing connection.


Using the Programmed Remote

Majorly, Panasonic remote models possess a button for particular devices and an individual power button. A Power button is also available for the whole system. For turning on the specific Device, make a selection of Devices and click on “Power” for turning on. For instance, Powering on the DVD player need that firstly, you have to click on the “DVD” button for activating the particular connection before clicking on Power. You could use the Power button for the complete system for activating everything. It would switch on the cable, television, and sound. They all have to switch off their work in a proper manner. If you switch off the tv & sound except for cable, you have to turn on the complete system. It would turn off the cable while activating sound and TV.



According to different models and brands of Home Theaters, choose an appropriate digit Home Theater codes for enjoying all the operations in a remote manner. If one code is not suitable for your Device, select another code on the same list, and in case of any difficulty, take the help of the manual.


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