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How to Make a Mirror TV – How to mirror Samsung TV?


mirror tv samsung

How to Mirror TV? Samsung TV Mirroring


A styling enthusiast is always in search of an icon to add to his living room. So, in case if you are one of them, then you must be familiar with a mirror tv. A smart mirror tv is not just television. It is referred to as a piece of functional art capable of completing the whole outlook of your barren and dull living room. However, like everything out there, you also have to get the entire know-how about the mirroring tv before you start playing on to it.

And by getting into our step-by-step guide on picture frame tv, we assure you that you will get all your questions answered. Starting from how this technology works and how to make a mirror TV, our guide will reach its end. So just stick to the concept and go on reading the whole context with depth. In the end, you will be out there with all of your queries related to mirroring tv programming answered.

To make the thing easy to grasp for you, we have adopted a step-by-step approach. So let the game begin and see what we have got for you.

Creating a mirror TV is easier and straightforward than it looks. All you need is to follow super simple and proper guidance and have sufficient tools. First of all, let’s look at the tools you will use to make a picture frame TV.


Parts and tools you are going to need in making a mirroring TV

  • Frame sticks
  • Table saw
  • Chop saw
  • A good quality Wood Glue
  • Rubber shims
  • Z bar hanger
  • Screws (minimum six)
  • Long clamps
  • Router table
  • IR repeater
  • Dielectric mirror
  • Flat-screen LCD tv


mirroring tv


Mirroring TV


What a dielectric mirror actually is?

Basically, a dielectric mirror is the type of typical glass that has a high transparency effect. With a dielectric mirror, you will experience the least color distortion. You can see right through the glass and get the most precise view. And this is the reason that a dielectric mirror is used in making a tv in a mirror. When the tv is placed behind it, you will be able to see the mirror image will absolute zero distortion.

Some tips to follow if you want to get the best results with your mirror TV


Tip 1: Try to get one of the best possible Tv in the market

 When you go out to choose a TV for making a mirror Tv, then always try to opt for a slim TV. Since thinness of a TV is the essential part when framing it. However, only top Tv brands like Samsung are making the thinnest TVs possible. From our side, it is recommended to get you a Samsung mirror Tv for the best possible results.   

Some of the best recommendations in mirror TV Samsung from our side are as follows

  • 43 Samsung Q60T: 38.2 x 22.2 x 2.3
  • 55 Samsung Q90T: 48.7 x 28.1 x 1.4
  • 75 Samsung Q90T:66.3 x 38 x 1.4

Getting a tv from this range means your TV will get a proper fit in the available frame, and you don’t have to spend additional hours on building the backside of your structure. All thanks to the remarkable thinness of these Mirror TV models by Samsung. However, you can follow the guide mentioned below to mirror your Samsung TV.


Tip 2: Go for the right and best quality mirror in the market

Actually, forgoing this unique technology, you cannot work with an ordinary mirror. Instead, you have to get a dielectric mirror to get excellent results. A dielectric mirror has the ability to reduce the color distortion to zero and deliver the picture evenly as it is for real. However, when the tv gets off, what will happen then? You will be amazed upon knowing that once you turn the TV button off, your screen will disappear.

Keep in your mind that you never have to go for a double film mirror. The sole reason for avoiding it is that the two-way film mirror is 5% transparent, and almost all of the light is lost through the mirror. And yes, with the passage of time, the film will begin to peel off. And we are sure that you want your mirroring tv to be a long-term investment, so be careful while choosing the dielectric mirror.

What should be the size of the mirror for your picture frame tv?

In this case, the first step is to take the proper dimensions of your mirror tv screen; after that, go for the suitable size. The mirror should be exactly of the same size as the screen, and the most suitable thickness is 1/8.


Tip 3: For the frame of your smart mirror tv

tv in mirror

TV in Mirror

Now is the turn for the backbone of your project, i.e., frame. The frame should be made neatly and should be fully dimensional.

Use a proper frame molding with a width of almost 2.5, and don’t forget to look for the height. Make sure that the frame is dimensional enough to hide the bezels of your tv completely. By doing so, you will get well-finished results with your picture frame tv.

Now we will start the original game, i.e., steps to adopt for creating a smart-looking mirroring tv for your living room. Follow this guide with accuracy, and then congratulate yourself on creating an attractive yet unique tv mirror at the least possible expense.

How to make a mirror Tv – A step-by-step approach:


Step 1: Creating the front frame of your smart mirror tv:


Cutting and molding

The first or opening step of this project is to cut out the molding you have and give it a shape of a frame. You have to make sure that the structure you are creating is dimensional enough to cover your TV’s bezels completely. Plus, don’t forget to leave the place for the dielectric mirror placement.


Proper measurement taking

For starting this accurately, get the proper measurements. You have to take the measures of all four sides separately in order to avoid any possible mishaps.


Drawing a visual diagram

Now you have to draw a visual diagram of your tv with all the dimensions mentioned on it. This will help you out in the near future and will reduce the error ratio. After that, you will jump towards the cutting of frame material for routing.


Cutting the frame material

Measure and cut the sticks in accordance with the measurements taken earlier. This size should be approximately 4 inches larger than the mirror you have got for your tv in the mirror. At this step is a wise person trying to cut double long sticks because you need the rest to make the back of your mirroring tv. 


Cut saw the front to fix the mirror and Tv bezels.

Now you have to make sure that you are cutting the frame and making the accurate space for the Tv bezels to fit in. And don’t forget to factor in the room for your dielectric mirror.

It is recommended to take a fine-tooth saw for cutting the frame; it will make sure to leave you out there with the best possible results.


Making the front of the frame: Mirror Samsung TV

Now is the time for the sticks together, the loners ones to the shorter ones. After gluing the parts together, try to use the long clams to keep them together. Hold them together until the glue dries. This will be the front part of your mirror tv frame. And for the back, we will recommend you utilize the exact measurements taken because all TVs usually don’t have the same front and back measurements.


Step 2: Making the back of the frame of the stylish looking mirror tv

Once you are done with the front of the frame, now is the time to turn towards the back of the structure that will completely hide the TV’s sides.

Measure the tv excess

As you have chosen the flat profile tv so it will have a flat front. You need to place it into the front frame and place it on the flat table to measure the backside correctly. Once you get the backward dimensions, you will know how broad and extensive your back frame should be. (You can also use the previously taken data).

Time to trim the material to hide the back excess of mirroring tv

In accordance with the dimensions of your tv, now you have to trim the material. Cut four more sticks, two long and two short. (If you have the previously cut piece, you can use those as well).

Glue the cut-down pieces together.

By repeating the exact steps you have followed for the front frame, now is the time to glue the back edge. Place all of the wooden slabs in accordance with the back of the TV and glue them together. Use the clamps to keep them in place until the glue dries. This will end up making a more substantial and long-lasting bond.

Step 3: Attach the Tv ad to fix both frames. 

Now comes the foremost step in which you have to place your tv inside the frames and proceed towards making an iconic mirroring tv. 

Hold tv in place

The very first thing of all you have to do here is to get your hands on the z-bar hangers. If you have the aluminum Z-bars present, then you can complete your work in minutes with them. But if you own smaller Z-bars, increase their number and get your job done with great precision.

Another option is to use the corner braces instead of the Z-bars. This idea will be working if your tv is a thicker model.


Additional corner support

You also have an opportunity to add additional corner support to strengthen the integrity of your TV and make your project a money-worth project overall. By doing so, your TV will never get out of its fixed place.

Step 4: Connection of the IR system

Connect the IR system after you have mounted your TV. You have to place the eye in front of the frame to do the remote work. The remote will work even when the remote has been covered if you have set the IR system accurately.

Step 5: Turn your mirror TV on, and now is the time to adjust the main settings.


Power up your TV

Once you are done with the mounting adjustment period, you have to turn your TV on by switching it into a safe socket. Make sure that the TV is mounted effectively and there are no chances of falling. And yes, place the cords neatly (it’s better to consult an electrician to make your work neat and long-lasting). We are pretty, very sure that you will be amazed upon the very first look at your mirroring tv. 


Make adjustments with the Z-bars of your Tv in the mirror

In order to make sure that the TV is well centered with the dielectric mirror, you might have to make some changes with the Z bars. After that, you will be out there with complete outer adjustments.

Now is the time to look for the internal adjustments to your TV. First of all, you have t turn off the ECO mode and turn the backlights up. By increasing the brightness and turning all of the backlights on, you will get the best possible alluring results with your newly adjusted picture frame tv.

In short, you have to follow the following three steps and get your mirroring tv with the best possible outlook.

Turn OFF the ECO mode

Maximize the brightness

Turn on all of the backlights


How to mount a mirror tv?

First of all, you have to string the HDMI and power cords back towards the wall and then go for a fine and smooth wall mount. (You may need an electrician to make the possible adjustments with the cables). We would say that get your hands on an ultra-slim typical or standard wall mount for your mirroring tv. This will make sure to keep the frame close to the wall.

Ensure that whatever you are using for mounting does not leave any noticeable gap between the wall and the frame. This gap will compromise the overall aesthetics of your picture frame tv.


Can we go for the wall mounts? What is the best-recommended wall mounts for the tv in the mirror?

Absolutely yes, you can mount your mirroring tv using a stand wall mount and still get satisfactory results. This will come out of the ultra-flat mounting. However, from our side, it is recommended to get the ultra slim wall mounts so that it doesn’t feel protruding out from the wall.

Here are some of the top recommended wall mounts for your ideal smart mirror tv


10 to 24 TV sets- flat wall mounts

40 to 80 Tv sets- flat ultra slim wall mounts

30 to 50 Tv sets- tilting wall mounts


Is sound affected once you lock your Tv in the frame for creating a smart-looking mirror tv?

No, not exactly. If you are getting a Samsung tv for your DIY project, then the sound quality is never compromised because Samsung TVs have back-fitted speakers. In short, your Samsung mirror tv will never give out a blurred or buffered sound.


Is picture quality compromised once you place the TV behind the mirror to create a mirroring TV?

If you are using the right equipment and following the proper instructions, your smart tv or its picture will never get compromised. Always try to get your good hands on a good quality dielectric mirror that is promising to deliver the perk image with zero distortion.

However, if you get a double film mirror, it may make the quality of the image blurred and will give you unsatisfactory results. Also, after some time, the film starts to come off, making the mirror blurred and completely blocking the view.


Conclusion: How to Make a Mirror TV

Let’s bring this to an end with the hope that we remained successful in helping you out in creating a notice-worthy and unique picture frame TV. Plus, we aspire that you got every single point mentioned about how to make a mirror tv. We actually tried our best to answer every single query about this DIY project in this extensive article. Now what’s on you is to read every step and perform the actions step by step.

Always try to take the dimensions accurately and make a visual diagram to make your work error-free and accessible. And yes, getting the equipment is the most important step. You have to keep every single point under consideration. Like always, go for a dielectric mirror with the least transparency. And cut the wooden slabs according to the exact front and back dimensions of your tv.

Upon following every instruction, we are sure that you will get the desired results and will always get compliments on your creativity from your guests.


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