How to Mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi – Apple Devices Mirroring Without WiFi

How to Mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi:

Are you looking for a way to Mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi?
Wondering how to Mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi? How to Stream From iPhone to TV without WiFi?
How To Quickly Connect Phone To Smart TV Without WIFI? and how to connect phone to tv with USB or cast phone to tv?
Look no further than this guide. You will get answers to all of the questions related to Mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi. Moreover, instructions on How To Use AirPlay Without WiFi are also mentioned below.
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 How to Mirror iPhone to TV Without WiFi

How to Mirror iPhone to TV Without WiFi?

Does Screen Mirroring Work Without WiFi? The answer is YES. Mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi is possible with the help of Apple TV. Many people have already reported that they have successfully shared their iPhone screen to TV using Apple TV without using any third-party apps, WiFi, or cables. The only requirement is “Apple TV,” which will play an essential part in mirror iPhone to tv without WiFi. We are going to use the AirPlay feature for this.

Apple TV is a set-top box that enables you to mirror your device onto the big screen. To do this, there are two requirements:

1) Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation) and

2) iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with iOS 4.3 or later version.

You do not need to have a jailbreak to mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi.


Pre-requisite: How to Mirror iPhone to TV Without WiFi

1) Make sure that Apple TV and iPhone should be connected to the same WiFi network. Otherwise, Airplay will not work.

2) Turn on “WiFi” in your device’s “Settings” app under “General.” You may also have to turn on Bluetooth in the Settings if you use Bluetooth-enabled speakers/TVs with your Apple TV.

3) Now, open any movie or video on your iPhone that you want to play on a big screen.

To mirror iPhone Screen without WiFi, you need to follow these simple further steps:

1) Tap the “Home” button twice very quickly so that you can see the music control bar appear at the bottom.

2) Tap on the Airplay icon, which you can find in the center of these controls.

3) On the next screen, select Apple TV from the list of available devices.

4) Now, your iPhone screen will be mirrored to the TV.

5) You can also change output resolution from “Best for AirPlay” or to a specific resolution using radio buttons given under “AirPlay.” Use 720p or 1080p resolutions because they have the best result.

That’s it!
You have successfully done Screen Mirroring Without WiFi. Now your device’s screen appears on the big screen. Enjoy your iPhone games, movies, etc., on your TV for free!
So, now you can use Apple TV without any WiFi or Mirror iPhone to TV Without WiFi. You can even make use of iPad or iPod touch devices. Enjoy playing games & watching HD videos on a bigger screen using Apple TV!

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How to Stream From iPhone to TV Without WiFi?

Are you wondering how to stream from iPhone to TV without WiFi? You can stream from iPhone to TV without WiFi or using Bluetooth.

Here are three solutions to stream from iPhone to TV without WiF.

Solution 1: How to Stream iPhone Movies/Music to HDTV Via AirPlay (WiFi)

When we want to enjoy the new iPhone video or listen to music on a big screen like a TV, we first need to connect them with the same WiFi network. And then, you can stream from iPhone to TV without WiFi (audio and video content wirelessly to your HDTV through WiFi connection).

The best way to stream from iPhone to TV without WiFi is using Apple Airplay. This can wirelessly mirror your iPhone or other iDevice screens to the HDTV for watching movies, TV shows, football matches, webcasts, and more.


Here we take a video from YouTube as an example:

Step 1: To stream from iPhone to TV without WiFi, download/install AirServer on both your iPhone and PC/Mac. Just download AirServer from here. Make sure you have iTunes on your computer because this app will automatically add itself into iTunes once you launch the app for the first time. But if not, no worries, you can still download it from its official website. When the installation completes, launch AirServer.

Step 2: After launching the app, make sure your iPhone and computer connect to the same WiFi network. Then click the ” Allow Remote Control On This Computer” button on AirServer running on PC or Mac, select your iPhone (or other devices) in the pop-up shown below, then click ” Ok.”

Step 3: Open YouTube app on your iPhone and play any video you want to stream onto TV. After that, turn back to the AirServer window, and start playing that video from there.

And you can use your computer’s mouse/keyboard to control the video playing process remotely from the iPhone screen. Double-tap on the screen to get rid of the small player interface panel at the lower right corner of the screen.

Make sure the connection of your iPhone and computer to the same WiFi network to ensure a smooth connection of stream from iPhone to TV without WiFi. And when you’re in a public place with no WiFi, it’s impossible to connect two devices to enjoy videos. What can we do?


Solution 2: Stream iPhone Videos/Movies to HDTV Wirelessly via Bluetooth

To stream from iPhone to TV without WiFi is the second option. Suppose you have never paired your iPhone with a Bluetooth device before. In that case, you can try this solution to watch any video from your iPhone on HDTV without connecting two devices with the same WiFi network or using cables. This is an old yet effective way that allows us to share media files between different mobile phones over a short distance through a Bluetooth connection. However, this method has some limitations:

1. iPhone should be paired with the same Bluetooth device before you can do anything. This means for this solution, both your iPhone and computer need has built-in Bluetooth adapter or connected with a 32K Bluetooth dongle.

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2. Some devices like Xbox360, Playstation 3, etc., don’t support video streaming via Bluetooth.

Apple AirPlay is really easy to try out from the above two solutions but has some limitations, especially over a wireless connection. And the second way gives us more freedom to connect our iDevices (including Android) without bothering too much about WiFi network settings. But if you want to use it on Mac/PC, remember that you must install both of them first before anything works well.


Solution 3: Stream iPhone Videos/Movies to HDTV via Chromecast

To stream from iPhone to TV without WiFi is the third option. Google’s Chromecast HDMI streaming dongle is a little different from Apple AirPlay. While the latter only works over a WiFi connection and seeks a screen mirroring effect, Chromecast can be connected with iOS devices and Mac/PC via WiFi or Ethernet. And what it supports is simply casting your Android and Chrome OS devices’ contents (movies, music, pictures, and more) to HDTV for watching directly. As Google’s very own product, Chromecast has been used by millions of active users around the world now. It also allows you to stream any video from Safari browser and Netflix apps on the mobile device easily. What I want to say is, if you don’t have Apple TV, Chromecast looks like the most suitable device for streaming iPhone videos to HDTV or cast phone to Tv.

Step 1: Make sure the connection of both devices to the same WiFi network. Then open the Chrome browser on Mac/PC and visit wizard. You can then set up your new Chromecast easily by following their user-friendly instruction page.
Step 2: Go back to your mobile phone (iPhone), launch the YouTube app, play desired video, switch over to the Chrome web browser, find the same video on the YouTube website, right-click it, choose the ” Cast…” option from the dropdown menu. (essential to cast phone to tv)
All Done!

From now on, you can stream from iPhone to TV without WiFi. You can stream any video or movie from YouTube or Netflix apps straightly onto your big screen TV via Chromecast without WiFi. If the problem is about the video format or device compatibility, I guess all should be fine.


Solution 4: Use Screen Recording App to Mirror iPhone Videos but Requires ROOT Access

For an easy and simple way to stream from iPhone to TV without WiFi, I suggest trying recording apps with a screen capture function. Although not all of them can cast videos onto HDTV, it’s possible for some like AZ-Mirror. It allows you to freely record and playback any video on your phone while streaming on PC or Mac without a WiFi connection.

Using this app, we can stream from iPhone to TV without WiFi and stream our iPhone’s screen contents (including playing local video files) wirelessly via Bluetooth and Chromecast rather than Apple TV. However, there is one issue we should consider: the DRM copy protection on iTunes movies and TV shows prevents us from streaming iTunes videos to other devices for watching.


Mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi:

Step 1: Install AZ-Mirror on your Android device and follow the app’s user guide to enable root access. Then you should make sure your PC/Mac computer is visible by the software. Now open up the AZ-Mirror app, then you will see the ” Your Computer are Ready to Connect ” message at the top; press it.

Step 2: Although you can connect both Bluetooth and Chromecast mode, I suggest trying out first via Bluetooth connection – it should have a more stable effect than WiFi. To do this, tap on the ” Bluetooth Connection ” option, scan for available devices from your Android phone, choose ” Computer ” from the list, and then click the ” Connect Now ” button.

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After a 5-10 seconds pairing process, your PC/Mac computer should successfully connect with the AZ-Mirror app. At this moment, you can play any video, movie, or music on your iPhone then cast it into the TV via Chromecast. However, if the Bluetooth connection doesn’t suit you for some reason (e.g., the network is too slow), please try a WiFi one. It’s pretty easy to set up by using the same method as Bluetooth mode.

These solutions require ROOT access since we need to download special apps onto our Android device(s) to mirror videos from iOS devices to HD. Besides, they also take up a lot of storage space on your phone’s internal memory.
If you feel all these methods to stream from iPhone to TV without WiFi are too troublesome for you, worry not. I have another excellent recommendation. There is no need to turn on the PC/Mac computer or install any apps at all. What you need is just a pair of iOS devices – one for sending, another for receiving. It is essential to cast phone to tv.

How To Use AirPlay Without WiFi

So, how to use Airplay without WiFi? Many people would love to use AirPlay without WiFi, but it’s not possible on iOS devices. There is a way to fake the device into thinking you are on WiFi, though.

It requires a jailbroken device and MyWi (or any other similar app). The problem is even with these apps. It only works if the device you want to mirror (i.e., play ) your screen is also jailbroken/MyWified. This method will not work for iPads that aren’t jailbroken or iPhones that aren’t MyWified.
Below is an easy process to use AirPlay without WiFi using MyWi:
– Jailbreak the iPhone

– Activate MyWi and make sure it’s running (you need to do this because AirPlay needs WiFi, and it is a crucial part to cast phone to tv)
– Turn on WiFi and connect the iPhone you use for screen mirroring with your computer or other device using a USB cable. This is important as AirPlay requires WiFi. If you don’t have an internet connection at all, I’m sure this won’t work, so check back later!

– Open up Safari, go to YouTube, play any video, turn off your WiFi settings by going into Cellular Data or turning off airplane mode. Then click the AirPlay button on youtube.

It should automatically start playing on your MyWified device (if it doesn’t, try restarting youtube or restarting the computer). That’s it!


Use Reflector to Use AirPlay Without WiFi

Another method to use AirPlay without WiFi is Reflector. It acts as a server sending your device’s screen to other devices on the same network. This also works for non-jailbroken devices. However, it requires a computer running Mac OS X or Windows to be on the same network as the receiving device.

Update: A new method has been created by jailbreaking and adding a Cydia package called AirParrot. It streams audio, pictures, and video from any iOS device to any mac, pc, or apple tv that is on the same network!


Last Word: How to Mirror iPhone to TV Without WiFi

Lastly, try out the final solution if you are unsure about any of these ways to mirror iPhone to tv without WiFi. Googling “mirror iPhone to TV without WIFI” brings up many products that are advertised as solutions, many of which do not work at all! For example, they need your computer to be on, and they only work for 30 seconds before disconnecting.


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