How To Fix TV With Sound But No Picture? [5 Ways]

TV models can have varying issues that cause the tv sound but no picture. It is sometimes not known what will cause an error to appear in smart devices, as it may be related to technology, manufacturing, or even a minor problem.

Watching your favorite show while being interrupted is a bad experience, no matter what the problem is. Is there anything you can do when you suddenly lose signal or your TV screen goes black?

Upon first glance, you would likely suspect that the TV is no longer connected to its power source. You can still hear what is being viewed even though you cannot see it.

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Despite the fact that there are a lot of reasons why you might experience this, the good news is that most of them can be fixed easily with simple hacks, whereas those that require a technician would need to be solved by a certified technician.

Five methods are outlined in this article for tv sound but no picture how to fix.

Causes of Blank or Black TV Screen

tv sound but no pictureYou may see a blank picture on your TV screen for a number of reasons.

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Power supply board failure

Most often, a fault in the TV’s power supply board is responsible for a blank screen. T-con boards, as well as other internal components, are usually found alongside the power supply board.

Test your TV with an independent power source to see if it’s a power supply issue. Using the power outlet fixes the problem, not the TV.

Backlight Error

Due to the use of a backlight, LCD TVs suffer from this issue. You may be unable to see any content on the screen if the backlight is malfunctioning.

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TV Panel Issue

tv sound but no pictureA damaged TV panel will automatically result in a blank screen. There are, however, two solutions to this issue: either you purchase a new TV or you purchase a new screen.

Bad Connections

The TV screen can go blank for a variety of reasons, including bad connections or bad wiring. You should check the cables to make sure the TV is hooked up correctly, as well as the power source.

Sleep Timer

Your TV will go to sleep automatically once the sleeping time is reached if the sleep timer is active. It’s good to know that your TV setup menu allows you to disable the timer.

Capacitor Issue

The television will not be able to display images or power on if the capacitor is bad.

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Try these five hacks if your tv turns on but no picture

tv sound but no pictureWe’ve compiled our top five tips for fixing blank screens on TVs below:

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1. Factory Reset

Utilize the RESET option on the TV to perform the factory reset. Reset your TV as follows:

  • Get your pin
  • On the back or side of your TV, look for a small pinhole
  • Pins should be inserted into holes
  • For 30 – 60 seconds, hold the button

A TV’s remote control or TV app may also allow you to reset it. You can power off and on the TV by releasing the hold. It would have automatically been reset. You should try resetting the TV and checking if it now works.

2. Disable power saver mode

To find out if your TV is in power-saving mode, look in the TV settings. As long as the sound is playing, your screen will automatically turn off if power saving has been enabled. As a result, if your television offers this feature, we recommend that you disable the Power Saver or Energy Saver modes so that you will not encounter interruptions while watching.

3. Replace the HDMI cable

It may be necessary to change the HDMI cable of the TV if your TV goes blank due to hdmi sound but no picture on tv. HDMI cables are inexpensive and can be bought online and in local stores.

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4. Replacement of the TV power board

When none of the hacks above don’t work, you might need to replace your TV power board. It is possible to replace the power board on your TV yourself or have it repaired by a technician.

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You can fix it yourself by following these steps:

  • Protect the TV screen with a soft cloth or towel
  • Check that your TV’s screwdriver is the correct size
  • Use a screw holder or a container
  • Remove the back of the TV by laying it downward and unscrewing the screws
  • Five fuses are located on the TV.
  • Replace a blown or burned fuse
  • Remove the power board by unscrewing the screw
  • Replace the old one with the new one by screwing it in
  • Wires and cables must be reconnected
  • Remove the TV’s back cover
  • Check if the issue has been resolved by turning on the TV

5. Verify the TV installation

One of the easiest hacks is this one. To check if your TV is properly installed and free of loose cables, check its power and installation connections. Make sure all cables are connected to the correct ports as follows:

  • Unplug and turn off the TV.
  • Plug it back in after waiting 15-30 minutes
  • Hold down the power button for a few seconds
  • Release the power button to turn it off
  • Watch the television

It should fix the problem of tv sound but no picture and bring the TV back to life.

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Your tv sound but no picture can be fixed if you follow these steps. You should, however, consult a technician or contact the customer support of your TV brand if the issue persists.

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