Ring Chime Not Working? – Multiple Methods To Get It Fixed

If your Ring chime is not working, this article is likely to assist you in solving the problem. Despite being a Tech Expert as a side hustle, I order a lot of Smart Home Technology online. My Ring Chime notifies me when a delivery guy is at the door since I’m often dialed in while I work.

It has been a while since I had a problem with my ring chime not working. As a result, delivery agents either failed to deliver my packages since they thought I wasn’t home or left them on the doorstep, attracting all kinds of unsavory porch pirates.

I caught the problem early, so no packages were lost, but this is unacceptable. So I went online to figure out exactly why my Ring Chime was not working and how to fix it, so I don’t have to worry about missing deliveries anymore.

If the Ring Chime is not working, you should first check whether the Ring Chime is compatible with your device. Next, you should make sure the Ring Chime is supplied with enough power to work properly. Resetting the Ring Chime, if that is not what is going wrong, should get it working again if that’s not the problem.


How to fix the Ring Chime Not Working Problem?


It is imperative to determine the compatibility of your Ring Chimes.

If you decide to purchase a chime for your smart doorbell, be aware that not all chimes will work. It is imperative that you initially determine whether your Ring Doorbell will work with it. 

It is important to ensure that your Ring Chime (whether it is electric or mechanical) does not have any internal damage that may have occurred over time.

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Ensure that power is being received by your Ring Chime.


The next step after verifying that your Ring Chime and doorbell are compatible is to make sure it receives power. The Ring Chime is not be working when there is no power, or if there is no proper power.

Make sure your chimes receive at least 8-24 V AC power at fifty or sixty Hz in order to work seamlessly with your doorbell. 

You can check the voltage that your circuit is receiving by using a voltmeter or multimeter. If the transformer does not meet your requirements, you can get a Ring Doorbell Transformer.

With the included installation tools, you’ll be able to optimize your Ring Doorbell Pro’s power consumption.


This ring chime is currently offline.


Make sure your Ring Chime is not offline as this could be the cause of it not working. Be sure that your home Wi-Fi network and a working plug point are both connected. 

If the Wi-Fi router at your home suddenly stops working, then you may also experience this problem. Troubleshooting your Wi-Fi can be done using the following methods.

  • Physical hindrances should be minimized; the space between your router and Chime should be free.
  • Upgrade your router to one with built-in amplifiers if it is outdated.
  • To free up the dock for the 2.4 GHz network, switch other devices to the 5 GHz network.

Using the Ring App, you can reconfigure your router if you’ve recently changed the password or switched routers. 

If there has been a power outage in your area, it is likely that your Chime will also be offline during the outage. Reboot your Chime after the power outage is resolved if that is the case. You can do this manually if it doesn’t happen automatically, but if it doesn’t, read on for instructions.


Make sure your Ring App settings are correct.


Check that your Ring doorbell is configured with the Ring chime. Your Ring Chime will not be working if there is a mismatch between the app settings and your doorbell settings.

Verifying Ring app settings is as simple as following these steps.

  • Choose your doorbell from the Ring App, then go to Device Settings, followed by General Settings.
  • You must turn on ‘Ring my in-home doorbell’ before selecting the doorbell chime type.
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The ring chime not working issue can be resolved by resetting the power on the device.


To fix the Ring chime not working issue, simply reboot the device if you don’t see the Ring logo. By doing this, you will be able to reset the device’s power supply and switch the power slots if necessary.

There is only one thing you need to do.

  • Make sure your Ring Chime is unplugged.
  • Reconnect it back in after waiting for a couple of seconds.
  • The notification light will start flickering as soon as you turn it on. You’ve successfully rebooted your device when the flickering stops. 


You can fix the Ring Chime not working issue by factory reset it.


If you are facing a dire situation, resetting most electronic devices is a pretty good option.

When you tap the reset button, the device will automatically reboot. Within a minute or two, you should be able to see a noticeable improvement, and here is how you can do it.

  • It is of the utmost importance to make sure that the Ring Chime is receiving enough power from the plug.
  • If you look at the side of the object, you can see a pinhole that is visible on the surface.
  • For approximately twenty seconds, put in a paperclip and hold down the reset button.
  • The light will flash quickly after you release the button.

It is now possible for you to reconfigure your device from scratch since it has been reset. To avoid future problems, hit the reset button if you swap Wi-Fi routers or change the network connection.


Check your Ring Doorbell Wiring if that is causing the Ring Chime not working issue.


It is imperative that wiring is done correctly when replacing your old doorbell with a Ring doorbell. The Ring doorbell and Ring chime must be connected through the transformer for the circuit to work well.

Ensure all the wires within your Ring doorbell are tightly wound and no loose connections are preventing current flow. It is imperative to connect the wires to the ring chime and the doorbell transformer.

Should you not be comfortable handling wires or have not done the wiring yourself, you should contact a professional.


Your Ring Chime is displaying the “Something Went Wrong” error.


During the setup of your device, you may have encountered this message and the Ring Chime is not working. A variety of reasons may explain why you are receiving the “Something Went Wrong” message.

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There is a possibility that your Ring App has become outdated and is no longer working with your Ring Doorbell and you may want to update it. Ensure your Ring App is up-to-date in such a scenario by visiting the App Store or Play Store. 

You could try switching off the Smart Network switch on your Android device and running the app again, just to see if it works.

You might have selected the wrong device name during setup if that doesn’t work for you. Ring Video Doorbell Gen 2 and Ring Video Doorbell 2 are two different products that may seem similar, but they are not the same.

As opposed than the latter, the former does not have a removable battery, whereas the latter does. Prior to beginning the setup process, you should confirm the type and model of your device.


Contact Ring Customer Service if the Ring Chime is still not working.


As a final resort, if all else fails and still the Ring Chime is not working, then you must try contacting customer service. 

On the Official Ring website, you can find telephone numbers for customer service representatives from various countries. The specified working hours should give you the opportunity to reach them.


Conclusion: Ring Chime Not Working [FIXED]


The following are some tips about how to fix the Ring chime not working issue now that we’ve reached the end of the article.

You might need to replace your Ring chime if the notification light does not illuminate after plugging it back in. 

You must also turn off the circuit breaker before checking the wiring between the doorbell and the transformer. In any other case, there is a tremendous safety risk involved.

You can try checking your Ring app settings if you are unable to resolve the issue with the prescribed method. The Ring app can be opened by selecting Settings → In-home chime settings → Automatic chime detection → Confirm.

You may need to adjust these in-app settings according to your Ring doorbell’s make and model.




What can I do to make my ring chime back online?


The device should be unplugged for ten to thirty seconds and re-plugged. When the light in front stops flashing, your ring chime has been successfully reconnected.


What is the correct method for resetting my ring chime pro?


You’ll know the factory reset is complete when the light starts flashing quickly after you press and hold the reset button for about 20 seconds.


What is the cause of the flashing of my Ring Chime?


From the Ring device being set up correctly to the Ring being reset successfully to the doorbell being pressed, there are many reasons why this happens.


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