Samsung Washer nD Error Code? – Here Is How To Fix It

Samsung washing machines display the nD error code when there are problems draining water. Despite knowing how the error codes are deciphered, we cannot diagnose them correctly without inspecting all nodes thoroughly. Whenever there is something related to the drain, the user should check it. There is no definitive indication of the cause of a malfunction in any washing machine. Nevertheless, this guide will assist you in repairing the Samsung washer nD error code.

In Samsung washers, the level of informativeness of the nD error code is not different from that of other brands. In other words, it suggests a set of internal and external challenges that ought to be resolved. They all have a connection to water drainage in one way or another.

Wringing is almost not associated with Samsung washer nD error code, so it doesn’t appear during this process. The problem is related to a preliminary water drain prior to washing clothes with a wringer or rinsing them. At a certain point during the washing process, the Samsung washer drains the dirty water. The Samsung washer nD error code appears when the appliance detects that it cannot be removed.

Make sure your clothes have pockets before putting them in the washing machine. Small items, such as garbage, can cause severe damage if left behind.

The ND ERROR CODE in a Samsung washer can be identified and fixed.

A Samsung washer that appears to have a nD error is not a cause for panic. The Samsung washer nD error code can appear for a variety of reasons.

  • The pump has broken down.

  • There is a blockage in the sewerage system.

  • A clog has built up in the drain hose of the Samsung washer.

  • There is a clog in the filter of the Samsung washing machine.

  • There is a fault with the wires feeding the pump.

  • A failure of the electronic control unit has occurred.

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The Samsung Washer nD error code means that there is a fault with the pump.

In the event that the Samsung washer displays the nD error, there is a significant likelihood that the drain pump has malfunctioned. A strained buzz or complete silence are signs that there is a problem with this part that controls water draining. Remove the filter from the tank and drain the water manually to eliminate breakdowns. Look for the cover at the bottom of the washer after removing the front cover and finding the drain pump. After removing the pump, disconnect the wires and inspect it carefully.

You should ensure that the Samsung washer is not clogged; clogs can lead to the nD error. You can start the pump in idle mode after inspection. Replace the pump if the appliance does not react.

However, Samsung washing machine drain pumps can cost up to $100, depending on the model.

Samsung Washer nD error code is caused by faulty wires and power modules.

Samsung washer nD error code shows up on the screen, and self-diagnosis shows it’s the drain pump, then there’s something wrong with the other nodes. There is a significant likelihood that power won’t be received by the device.

Please check the device as follows.

  • Restore the Samsung washing machine to its original state using a multimeter in voltmeter mode. The next step is to start the spin program, which usually lasts nine to ten minutes. Voltage should appear on the pump’s connectors as soon as it starts.

There are two reasons why Samsung washing machines lack supply voltage.

  1. As a result, the connecting wires have failed, and the user can easily replace them.

  2. The control board may break and the triac may fail in this situation. The Samsung washer’s control board will be handled by specialists at the service center. There are times when experts can’t fix the Samsung washer nD error code problem, and they only suggest replacing the control board entirely.

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Be prepared to incur unpleasant financial expenses in the last case.

There is a possibility that faulty filters may cause nD error code on Samsung washer.

Samsung washing machines can show the nD error for any number of reasons. The filter is clogged and there is enough debris that the part cannot pass through the dirty water flowing through it. You can resolve the problem quickly by draining the water from the device into a basin. Unscrew the filter and thoroughly clean it to remove contamination. Try running some programs after returning the part. Therefore, the washing machine must be error-free.


There are times when Samsung washing machines display the nD error as a result of a clogged drainage system. Make sure the Samsung washer’s drain hose is in sound condition. The most common reason for no drain is a hose clamped to the washer case or another object.

There is also a chance that the drain hose is bent, making it impassable. So, you should inspect it first and check if it is clogged if everything is in order. For this, disconnect the Samsung washer from the sewer system. If you don’t have a sink, bath or deep bucket, throw the hose into one of those. If the water flows when the device is turned on, then sewerage is the problem.

Clogged drain hoses are usually cleaned with thick wire. The drain hoses of Samsung washers can become clogged with hair coils, thread, and other small objects. The filter also lets through many other things.

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Is it a good idea to check all the nodes on Samsung washing machines?

Has the pump, the wires, the control module, the filter, as well as the drain hose been inspected by you? The sewage system should be addressed if everything is in good working order but the display still displays the error. A steel flexible cable can be inserted into the pipe to eliminate a blockage mechanically. Try starting the washing machine again after cleaning it. You won’t get the drain error again if you do it right.

In the second method, you use particular tools to clean your sewage system. Use a solution of sodium alkali and rinse the sewer pipe with water after 30 minutes. You can start the Samsung washing machine after the alkali roasts organic contamination. Once you have checked for mistakes, make sure you don’t have any. Any other chemical means can also be used to remove blockages.

When my Samsung washer displays error code nD, what does it mean?

A Samsung washer that displays the nD error code does not drain prior to spinning or rinsing. Samsung washer’s pump, hose, or filter may be malfunctioning. Control board or component damage is not excluded: conductive tracks, triacs. A broken wire can sometimes cause an error.

What is the process by which nD work in the Samsung washing machine?

The nD error indicates a drain problem in the washing machine. Dirty water lingers in the drum of the Samsung washer, so it can’t spin and rinse. A blockage in the sewer, filter, or hose is the most common cause of Samsung washer problems. Defective wires, a malfunctioning pump, or a defective main module can also cause problems with Samsung washers.

How to resolve the nD error code on my Samsung washer?

Remove blockages from the drainage system, clean the sewer, and rinse the filter to resolve the Samsung washer nD error code. If the pump needs to be replaced, inspect it and replace it. If that fails to work, inspect the wires with a multimeter and verify the contacts around the pump and the PCB. There is a possibility that the triac on the control module needs to be re-solder.

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