Samsung TV HDMI Ports – Everything You Need To Know

HDMI enables high-quality audio and video transmission between source and display. When purchasing a TV system, take into account the HDMI ports on Samsung TVs. Having browsed the market and decided to purchase a Samsung TV, you wonder whether it has HDMI ports? What is the amount of HDMI ports Samsung smart TV will have? Are you getting the latest HDMI version? Is Samsung TV equipped with the latest HDMI ports?

The I/O panel of all Samsung TVs that have been introduced in the past couple of months has HDMI ports on it. Based on the model year and series of Samsung TV, the HDMI standard may vary.

A Samsung TV has multiple HDMI ports that can be used for different purposes. So if you want to learn more about how and when to use each one of them, keep reading.


Do you ever wonder how many HDMI ports there are on a Samsung TV?

There are two HDMI ports on every Samsung TV: one standard and one ARC (Audio Return Channel). Moreover, there are some Samsung TVs that come with multiple HDMI ports that are standard. These connections are situated on the underside of the TV in the One Connect Box.

It does not matter which Samsung TV you choose, you will have these HDMI ports on it. However, depending on your choice of TV series, you will use a different HDMI standard. In order to get the best viewing experience, you should choose a version with high-quality audio and video.


How do HDMI cables work with Samsung TVs?

Due to HDMI’s backward compatibility, you don’t have to worry about HDMI versions mismatching between your TV and source. If your TV and source device support an HDMI cable that is not too old, consider buying one on Amazon.

HDMI cables that are overpriced will be of no use compared to those that are reasonably priced. HDMI cables are commonly sold using this trick.

Cables that conform to the same version of the HDMI standard have the same capabilities. However, buying a $100 HDMI 1.3 cable won’t make it better than buying a $50 HDMI 1.3 cable. Consider investing in a medium-priced HDMI cable if you want to get the best value for your money.


Is there a significant difference between HDMI ARC and HDMI?

The HDMI ARC port accepts the same cable as standard HDMI, but it transmits audio signals as well as video signals. Audio from a TV can be directed to specific speakers or soundbars using HDMI ARC without the use of separate cables.

By using HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel), fewer cables will be connected to your TV and home theater system. The same speakers are used regardless of which device you are using as a source when you use ARC. The audio can be controlled directly from the remote of your TV.

HDMI ARC cannot be used without external speakers, but it can still be used as an ordinary HDMI connection without them. However, an external ARC-enabled speaker must be connected to the TV using HDMI cables that support version 1.4 or higher.


Audio formats can be played back in a variety of ways.

It is important to note that HDMI (ARC) ports on Samsung TVs support the following audio formats.

  • A PCM signal (2-channel).
  • 1 channel DTS Digital Surround (available on pre-2018 TVs).
  • 1 channel (Dolby Digital).


What are the steps to set up HDMI (ARC) ports on a Samsung TV or speaker?

A HDMI (ARC) connection between your TV and a speaker can be set up using the guide below.

  • An HDMI cable should be connected to the TV’s HDMI IN (ARC).
  • Ensure that the HDMI OUT port on the speaker is plugged into the other end of the cable.
  • Check if the speakers received the audio signal correctly by turning them on.

The TV (Anynet+ HDMI-CEC) settings do not need to be changed for Samsung home cinema systems or soundbars. Additionally, an HDMI ARC connection can be set up for a home theater system that is not Samsung.


Is There A Method To Find Out Exactly What HDMI Ports Should I Use On My Samsung TV?

In order to play back 4K/60Hz + HDR content, users must connect to the HDMI IN 1 port. In addition, audio can be output via HDMI IN (ARC) to external speakers or home theater systems. HDMI (HDCP) is used when streaming data must be protected.

If the HDMI cable supports version 2.0 or higher, then all HDMI ports supporting version 2.0 or higher will be capable of streaming 4K UHD video streams.


On your Samsung TV, you can use additional ports aside from HDMI.

You can also use some of the other ports found on Samsung TVs when using these tips.

  • Set-top boxes are connected via HDMI (STB). Using this feature, you can watch cable TV on your smart TV instead of other content.
  • Digital Video Input (DVI) is what HDMI (HDMI) is for. The old DVI standard cannot be used to connect an old PC to a TV via HDMI. Using headphones with your PC will allow you to hear the content on your TV screen.
  • The HDMI Mobile High-definition Link (MHL) is the HDMI Mobile High-definition Link. Through HDMI, this device streams content from mobile devices to TVs. In many cases, it is not possible to achieve the same result wirelessly as it is with wired connections.


Is TV eARC a good idea and how does it work?

With eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel), the quality of audio transmission over HDMI cables can be even higher than it is with HDMI ARC. Moreover, the output device receives uncompressed audio directly from the source.

In order to use eARC, a Samsung smart TV must have the (Anynet+ HDMI-CEC) function enabled. The HDMI-eARC mode can be enabled by following these steps.

  • From the Sound menu, you will find an option called Expert Settings.
  • Use the remote control to navigate to HDMI-ARC Mode and press Enter.

However, it is stated in Samsung Support that eARC supports all high-bitrate (up to 192 kHz), 23-bit audio formats that are commercially available, including compressed 5.1 as well as uncompressed 5.1. Only 5.1 channels can be compressed with HDMI ARC.


In order to determine whether my HDMI port supports 4K, what’s the most reliable way to do so?

It is common for TV manufacturers to label the HDMI ports on their televisions. There are typically labels on HDMI ports that support 4K UHD playback, including 10-bit, UHD, and [email protected] or [email protected], for instance. HDMI IN is the #1 port for playing 4K content on Samsung TVs.

You should check the manual that came with your Samsung TV if the labels on the HDMI ports are different or missing. However, on the internet, there is a lot of information available regarding which TV port will provide you with the best viewing experience.

Check the manufacturer’s website for 4K streaming specifications if your TV supports them.


Final thoughts: Samsung TV HDMI Ports

TV content can be watched and listened to more conveniently with HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). Modern TV systems, including Samsung, have HDMI ports of different types. 

HDMI 2.1 supports 8K resolutions at a refresh rate of 60Hz and 4K resolutions at a refresh rate of 120Hz. Due to this, the boundaries of what is technically feasible are pushed even further.

Regardless of which Samsung TV you buy, you will have a good experience using HDMI to watch your favorite content. Your brand new TV will not leave you unsatisfied if you purchase it here today.



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