Samsung Washer UE Code Error? There Are Several Ways To Fix It

At the start of the washing cycle, Samsung washing machines start the cycle as usual. Nevertheless, when it comes to spinning, it issues the Samsung washer UE code error message. It implies that you have overloaded the drum or, conversely, that you have overfilled it.

You need to understand all the reasons why the Samsung washer UE code error appears before you can eliminate it.



There is a UE code that appears on the Samsung washer display if there is an imbalance in the drum. There is a lot of overlap between the Samsung washer UE code and the Samsung washer E4. As far as I know, this washer is typical of washers produced up to the year 2007.

The Samsung washer UE code error usually appears around the third, seventh, or ninth minute. The washing machine can, however, issue the fault at any time after spinning begins.



The reason for the appearance of the code on the display is as follows:

  • The drum is overloaded.
  • The laundry size is too small.
  • After getting wet, different fabrics have different weights when being washed. During spinning, it causes too much load on the drum.
  • Add clothes that are too small and too large at the same time. There is a strong twisting of the laundry and an imbalance in the drum as a result.
  • The control module suffered a one-time failure.
  • An uneven surface is used to place Samsung’s washer.
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When the Samsung washer display shows the UE code error, what should you do? Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Open the washing machine door and manually arrange the items if there is an imbalance.
  2. Remove some items from an overloaded drum and reassemble it.
  3. Under-load the drum with laundry before doing the next trick. Squeeze out a little water from a few towels after they have been moistened with water. Place wet towels in the drum of the washer after opening the door. Restart the laundry spinning after this.
  4. The machine should be turned off and the cord must be removed if the control module malfunctions temporarily. The washing machine should be restarted after a few minutes.
  5. The washing machine should be leveled in a horizontal position if it is tilted. This will ensure an even distribution of laundry.


How can fault codes be eliminated when the door is locked?

It is possible to drain the water from the washing machine by using a special filter located at the bottom.

After the test run, if the washer still shows the error after the above methods have not worked, then there is a serious problem. This is a situation that needs to be handled by a professional.



The Samsung machine display needs to be reset by a specialist if the following applies:

  1. On the scoreboard, the drum does not spin or rotates only in one direction. A problem has occurred with the control card. There may be a problem with the relay on the board or with the processor on the control module. Replace the board to solve the problem.
  2. When the washing machine starts, the drum does not rotate, and the UE code is displayed. This indicates that the drive belt has been torn or stretched. The element needs to be replaced.
  3. The washing machine makes loud noises during spin gaining, but does not spin the laundry. Possibly there is something wrong with the seal or bearing of the stuffing box. Replace these elements with new
  4. While washing, rinsing or spinning, the washing machine reports an error. This is due to a faulty TACHO sensor, which needs to be replaced.
  5. The drum can be scrolled easily by the user. However, the selected program doesn’t cause the appliance to spin. This has caused the engine brushes to wear out, requiring replacement.
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When the cause of the code is determined, it is easier to fix the device’s function and remove the fault. It is usually necessary to call a specialist to repair the malfunction in most cases.


How do I find out what the UE symbol on my Samsung washer means?

If you receive a UE code error message on a Samsung washer, it means the machine is unbalanced. When the washing machine cannot distribute laundry evenly, it accumulates along the drum walls. There are a lot of mechanical problems that can cause it, like deteriorated carbon brushes, damaged tachometers, damaged belt drives, or destroyed bearings. A failure of the control board is also possible.


When it comes to Samsung washing machines, what does UE stand for?

Samsung washing machines display UE when there is an imbalance. The bearing assembly, tacho generator, belt, and electric motor brushes are also provoking factors, in addition to uneven weight and overload/underload of the drum. It is possible for the error to be caused by a damaged mainboard in some instances.


If my Samsung washer displays an error UE code, what should I do?

It is recommended that you redistribute the laundry in order to resolve the UE error. As a last resort, if that does not help, you can check the basic elements of the mechanism. Replacement may be necessary for the Hall sensor, worn brushes, or belt. Ensure that the oil seals are not leaking, which could lead to the bearing breaking. Inspect the control module to make sure it is not damaged.

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