Samsung Washer U6 Code Error? – Simple and Instant Fixes

No Samsung washer user manual mentions the U6 error code and it is hard to find information about it. Why? There is a reason for that, and it is because the code does not exist. UB is the actual error code, but Samsung washer displays make it easy to interpret as U6. There is no need to worry, though. No matter what Samsung washer error code you’re facing, either it’s U6 or UB, you’ve come to the best place.

An unbalanced load is indicated by Samsung washing machine error code U6 (or UB, instead). Samsung washer error code U6 can be caused by three things. First of all, an uneven surface or incorrectly adjusted legs can make the washer unbalanced. Laundry loads that are undersized or oversized can also result in an unbalanced load. Last but not least, faulty shock absorbers or suspension rods may also be to blame.

We will explore the likely causes and possible solutions of this issue in the following sections.


What Does The U6 Code On A Samsung Washer Mean?

When your Samsung washer displays the U6 error code (or ‘UB’), it means that an imbalanced load is present. This results in the drum being unable to spin at high speeds safely.


Having a balanced load in your washer is essential.

For Samsung washing machines to function properly, they must always have a balanced load of laundry inside. It is important to distribute the weight evenly inside the drum so that all the items you load tumble freely.

Thus, even during the spin cycle, when the drum is turning the fastest, the washer can maintain equilibrium at all times.

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Other Samsung washer U6 error code signs to watch for are listed below.

There are likely to be other symptoms associated with the Ub error code when your Samsung washer displays it. It is likely that you will notice that the machine does not spin at high speeds. The reason for this is that it is doing its best to balance the load inside the drum.

Higher speeds, however, will cause the drum to shake and move erratically. When it spins and swings, it might even hit the washer’s inside panels.

There’s no doubt that the Samsung washer U6 or UB error code needs to be rectified as quickly as possible, or it could lead to further damage.


A probable cause and a potential solution for Samsung U6 Error Code.

You may have an imbalanced load on your Samsung washer that prevents the drum from maintaining equilibrium.


It is imperative to know how and where the washer is placed.

A Samsung washer with an imbalanced load should be inspected as a whole when troubleshooting. You should place your washing machine on a level part of your floor when setting it up. As a result, the machine will have plenty of stability and balance provided by the floor.

Furthermore, the machine’s legs need to be adjusted properly as well. With Samsung washing machines, you can adjust the legs to fit your needs and ensure that they are perfectly level.

In this case, the washing machine fails because it is placed on an uneven surface. As a result, the laundry load inside the drum will become unbalanced, triggering the error code.

A further possibility is that the washer’s adjustable legs were incorrectly positioned during setup.

For the purpose of resolving this issue, you will need to purchase a spirit level. You can use this tool to find a flat spot for your washer in your laundry room. You can ensure that the washer is balanced by adjusting its adjustable legs to the level.


Loads that are undersized or oversized.

You must place your washer in a balanced and perfectly level manner, as well as maintain the same conditions inside. Approximately 23 percent of the drum’s capacity must also be filled with laundry loads.

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The laundry inside the drum can tumble freely as it turns at that load size. This will result in the weight of the items being distributed evenly.

The washer will become unbalanced if you overload it with too many or oversized items. Due to the weight of the items not being able to spread evenly, this happens. The drum of the washer will turn erratically with too much weight concentrated on one side, potentially causing damage.

Even though it might seem counterintuitive, a small load can also throw the washing machine off balance. An undersized load won’t be able to spread the weight evenly inside the machine.

Make sure your load is sized properly by adding or removing laundry items from the washer. A load that is less than one third of the washer’s capacity, for example, is undersized. Adding a handful of towels to the load will help balance the drum’s weight.

Oversized loads are those that take up more than two thirds of the washer’s capacity. Divide some items into smaller loads by taking out some of them.

Taking either of these steps will prevent the error code from being triggered even at high speeds.


Shock absorbers or suspension rods.

As long as it is supported, the drum inside your Samsung washer will remain balanced. Suspension rods handle this task in Samsung’s top-loading washers. Shock absorbers, however, are used in front-loading machines.

The drum can spin at high speeds without experiencing any problems when these parts are in good condition.

If any suspension rods or shock absorbers malfunction, the drum (and the load inside) will become unbalanced. Many years of use will cause these components to wear and tear excessively.

To fix this issue, you will need to replace the affected parts, regardless of how many of them there are. As a result of the process, the following steps are involved.

  • You can access the suspension rods and shock absorbers by removing the washer’s
  • Unthread the mounting bolts on the affected parts and remove them.
  • The replacement part is installed and secured with bolts in the same manner as the original.

When replacing suspension rods or shock absorbers, the washer drum does not need to be removed. Rather than working around the drum, you will be working around it. Because of that, this repair is fairly straightforward.

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What Are The Steps To Clear Samsung Error Code U6?

In order to fix the Samsung washer U6 error code, you must first resolve the underlying issue. You can accomplish this by following the troubleshooting steps described above. 

Once you have resolved the problem, follow these steps to reset your Samsung washer.


What Is The FASTEST And Effortless Way To Reset A Samsung Washer?

You can easily reset a Samsung washer by following these steps. The steps are as follows:

  • The initial step is to turn off the power to your Samsung washer. If your wall socket has a dedicated circuit breaker, switch it off by removing the plug.
  • If the washer does not receive power, you must leave it alone for one to five minutes. Leaving the washer on for as long as possible will allow it to discharge any stored electricity.
  • After that time has passed, you can restart your washing machine.

Resetting a Samsung washing machine requires only those steps.


What is the methodology for entering diagnostic mode?

You can also access a diagnostic mode on Samsung washing machines. If there are any active error codes, this mode will show them to you. Follow these steps to do so:

  • The initial step is to turn on the washer.
  • Keep your finger on the Soil Level and Delay Start When the machine chimes and several zeros appear on the display, stop.
  • Upon pressing the Soil Level button, you will be able to see a ‘D’ appear on the screen. This indicates that you are in diagnostic mode.
  • If there are any active error codes (if any), you can scroll through them by turning the dial. As soon as you return to the letter ‘D’ again, you’ve completed the task.

There may be different steps to follow depending on the Samsung washer model you have. If your model has a user manual, you can confirm the steps.


What Should I Do After Fixing the U6 Error Code On A Samsung Washer?

Test and ensure your Samsung washer is working properly in addition to troubleshooting and fixing it. Running a complete wash program from beginning to end is the most thorough approach. If you do so, you can ensure that all of the washer’s functions work properly.

To save time, you can choose the shortest wash program on your Samsung washer. The Quick Wash cycle, for example, only takes 15 minutes to complete, and it demonstrates whether the load inside the drum remains balanced.


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